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Welcome to "The Wild Wild West," where two of Washington's finest secret service agents, James T. West and Artemus Gordon, use skills, ingenuity and gadgetry to capture some of the most outrageous villains in television history. Robert Conrad portrays the dashing and daring James T. West, able to subdue all challengers, sometimes dozens at a time, with his expert karate and boxing skills. Ross Martin plays the inimitable and charming Artemus Gordon, an actor-turned-agent, trained in several languages and gifted with the ability to use expert makeup techniques to convincingly transform into any number of characters. Together these men battled extraordinary villains with twisted desires for world domination or destruction. Go to www.TheWildWildWestBook**** for a wonderful eBook about this GREAT T.V. SHOW! The eBook chronicles the timeless treasure from the pages of classic television, as "West" graced the airwaves from 1965-1969 with 104 episodes of bizarre villainy, futuristic gadgets and devices, and fantastic stories that charmed and amazed baby-boomers and generations thereafter. Fully loaded with over 350+ color and black white pictures from all four seasons. www.TheWildWildWestBook**** is the one and only place you can get this exceptional quality eBook on "The Wild Wild West!"
5 Jun 2008
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