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*******www.ccarticles**** . Unique content article writing services. ccarticles provide the articles that cater to UAW Submission
9 Nov 2008
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*******digitalmindfood****/wordflood-article-rewriter-software-review/ How to rewrite articles WordFlood 2.0 article writing software is very unique & powerful. Designed to help rewrite, articles, PLR content avoid Google Duplicate content filter.
23 Nov 2008
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*******howtoproducts-information****/galaxies.html Articles Galaxies: Contains 1500 articles on 47 disparate topics
8 Nov 2008
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how to create free traffic to your website and rank on the top of search engines for free using article marketing. If you are looking to take your business from traditional building methods like hotel meetings, cold calling, chasing friends and family to the internet I can show you how to do it the right way. The internet is not the place to pitch your opportunity or product. There is too much competition and people are truly sick of being pitched. You must stand above the crowd and over value to other struggling network marketers and that is the secret formula my friend. Check out my website to learn more.
16 Nov 2008
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*******www.signupmorereps**** Learning how to write articles will be a vital part in lead generation and building a mlm list. This video will give you many pointers on how to structure your article the right way to get the best results. Get to know Ontarian Hawkins here: *******www****workmarketingleadsexpert**** Free Minset/Personal Development Training Learn How to Bury the Words I Can't Literally *******www.freeyourmindset**** How to Make a Lazy $500-$1,000 on the Weekends *******www.lazyweekendprofits****
18 Nov 2008
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Today, Article One Partners, LLC launched as a new global community to legitimize the validity of patents. Community members – who Article One calls Advisors – have an opportunity to send in previously hard to find evidence of validity for high profile patents. By tapping the unique knowledge and referral networks of our Advisors, this publicly available evidence known as prior art can be discovered. Article One analyzes the prior art to determine whether it can show patents to be legitimized or invalid. If Article One forms an opinion that patents are invalid, Advisors earn up to U.S. $50,000, with $1,000,000 total being offered for launch. Advisors who actively build the community also earn premium compensation in Article One's Profit Sharing Plan of about five percent (5%) of the company's net annual profit. The result is a highly-rewarded community providing a citizen's review of U.S. patents to justify monopoly pricing for true innovation and energize U.S. patent reform. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/aop/34653/
18 Nov 2008
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13 Dec 2009
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******* - How do you use PLR Graphics and PLR Desktop Wallpapers? There are countless ways, but in this video we discover 5 simple ways to use PLR graphics and wallpaper downloads to make money online. Using the exclusive PLR content available on, you can give it away, provide it as an incentive, sell it, or even turn the content into a website traffic machine! Here are some ways you can use PLR articles and wallpapers in your business and how it will increase your web traffic: 1. Add the Wallpapers on your own computer to inspire and motivate you to achieve great things! We all need inspiration and motivation, so why not inspire yourself to action day in and day out? 2. Give away the PLR graphics on your website to attract opt-ins and repeat visitors - everyone loves wallpapers! Or provide them as a bonus for purchasing your products or services 3. Make the PLR wallpapers freely available on your site to encourage repeat visitors. People will return week after week jsut to download your inspirational collection! 4. Need to decorate a report, blog post, web page, or PDF? Use one of the inspiring PLR images! Your material will really stand out! 5. Turn the wallpaper into an inspirational "book" with or without your commentary on the quotes or affirmations. For example, you can use a service like lulu**** to print your book on-demand without carrying an inventory. Bonus tip: Custom brand the wallpapers with your logo, so your visitors and clients will have a reminder of you whenever they're on the computer. What does PLR stand for? Private Label Rights. Which really means that you have the rights to brand the material as your own. Once you gain access to the exclusive club at, you can label the materials as your own and surprise your customers with the highest quality PLR material around! To download top quality PLR articles and wallpapers, go now: *******
17 Apr 2010
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*******Focused2Win**** Discover the secrets to getting amazing click through rates with your articles. Also, grab a little motivation. Make sure to visit the site above.
26 Nov 2008
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28 Nov 2008
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Generate plenty of ideas for your Articles the simple way. *******www***ntentideasfactory**** Generate ideas for articles, ideas for blogs and ideas for videos with new software. Search Google and lots of knowledge sites, video sharing sites and social media sites from one powerful interface.. *******www***ntentideasfactory****
2 Dec 2008
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*******ezinearticles****/?How-to-Get-More-Visitors-to-Your-Website-With-YouTube---The-Fun-and-Simple-Way&id=1651355 Click the link to read one of my first articles. Enjoy : ) Will Martin aka "The Happyman" Want to know 'The Secret' to making at least $10,000 a month? Visit *******GetRichWithWilly**** for free info. "Stay Happy!"
3 Dec 2008
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*******EZwaymlm**** 4 Types of Info-Use As Content for Article & Video Marketing. Content for writing articles & videoes isn't going to be difficult anymore. More tips,opt-in my blog & get a FREE 30-min. consultation FREE. *******
5 Dec 2008
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******* Need more content ideas for article and video marketing campaigns? Never run out of content for article marketing and video marketing. Read a good book. Jot down 10-30 bullet points that you learned. Turn them each into valuable content to share. Want more valuable building tips? Let me show you a step-by-step marketing system today
16 Dec 2008
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*******www.RealMLMTraining**** Joe LoBalsamo 716-871-1211 MLM Articles And Red Hot MLM Leads
19 Dec 2008
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*******www.ijoomla**** – how to add articles in Joomla 1.5 video tutorial
31 Dec 2009
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