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Here's The First Official Country Music Video From Our Artist JFITZ!! SHARE LIKE SUBSCRIBE COMMENT !!!! This is only the beginning :fire::fire::fire: #APE #AllProfitEnt
16 May 2017
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Artist - Ajmal Zahin Song - Hazab Bewafae Lyrics - Wahab Mujeer Compose - Wahab Mujeer Music - Chandar Kishore Mix & Mastering: Zarnigar Mp (Emam Ali) Director - Ramesh & Hameed
18 May 2017
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Swing Kevin Gallmeyer Camera PA Mafe Patino Production Designer Lauren Nester Makeup Artist Alyssa Bono Art PA Rebecca Liptscher Choreography by Irina Khoklova Production Assistants Ge Lu & Basile Sampson Edited by Flying Pygmalion Films Color by Post Pro Gumbo Colorist Alan Louis Gordon Copyright 2017 Ed Hellman/Noah Adams
18 May 2017
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How to play Ace in the Hole - George Strait - Drum cover by Joey McNew (4K) Roland TD30KV. Nashville, TN. Artist: George Strait Album: Beyond the Blue Neon Released: 1989 Genre: Country **Copyright Statement* This video is not intended to infringe any copyright laws in any way. This is for the sole purpose of entertainment; no profit is gained from this. It is the copyrighted property of its respective owner(s)**
18 May 2017
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Does your lover stay peaceful when you go into the room or does he hang up the phone? Is his tablet being used to chat with "his buddies," instead of your family telephone? Assuming this is the case, attempt to get hold of your better half's mobile phone to inspect the call log or else check out the telephone payments. When your partner invests time and energy with his companions would he say he is gone longer than regular and he is sorry for that? Has another buddy or relative as of late showed up in their life? One of the greatest indications of a deceiving spouse is the loss of enthusiasm for the family. In spite of the fact that it is frequently hard to connect uplifting news with a leaving spouse, there is improving information. Switch over fragrances or wearing it all more than regularly can be another indication of deceiving. This attention to detail must be done in light of the fact that your better half might try to demoralize you. The previously mentioned signs are only a couple of the many signs that your partner might be a con artist.
20 May 2017
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If you like this golden-era hip-hop beat, please check out my site. You can find free beats as well as my remixes of popular artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Royce da 5'9 and others. If you would like to work with me, please get in touch. Please subscribe to hear many more hot beats! Thanks DJ Premier type beat boom bap beat Rap beat Hip-hop beat free beat East Coast beat
23 May 2017
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Kim came in from Sarasota, Florida and gave up all control. Not easy for another artist. Kami gave some great makeup tips. I agreed that I loved her natural hair color but wanted to cut it in a way that would be flattering in shape, but fun to style different ways. Joann talks shapewear, which is important. Fun times.
25 May 2017
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A compilation of some really skilled street artists doing tricks.
15 May 2006
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Trickshot,artistic pool videos by pooler...
16 May 2006
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A really good song performed by various artists.
27 Aug 2006
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A very artistic jump into the pool...
14 Sep 2006
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Great, psyco Comic Artist, watch till the end....
8 Oct 2006
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Israeli artists meet with Rav Michael Laitman, PhD to talk about the meaning of life, free choice, and life's basic questions.
28 Dec 2006
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Last show of the late great fire artist, Pepe Delazarosa.
31 Dec 2006
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Card Magic by Chris Brown the Sleight Artist
25 Jan 2007
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Rodin, the genius, the artist, the romantic, speaks for himself and his art in this film that takes his life full circle from the age of 19 to the time of his death at 77. The brilliance of his revolutionary creations is seen outdoors in natural settings and in museums around the world. To view this film is to experience Rodins life, his spirit, and the moood of his work RODIN was probably the greatest sculptor since Michelangelo. Far ahead of his time, he was both a romantic and a classicist, though his contemporaries often thought of him as a radical and revolutionary. His work celebrates the human form and sensuality. Several of the great Rodin museums and collections have been used to illustrate the best work of this 19th-century artist. The Burghers of Calais, The Thinker, The Kiss, and The Gates of Hell are a few of the masterpieces examined in detail. The camera zooms in and out, gracefully gliding over and around each sculpture to show its three-dimensional quality and capture the play of light on the surface. There are few straight lines or angles shown. Much of Rodins work is fluid and sensual, featuring round edges and undulating surfaces. The sculptures have a life of their own, yet their essence has been frozen in time so that they will always elicit an emotional reaction from the viewer. The dramatic narrative moves well and advances the story of the artist. This would be an excellent purchase for most library collections. The appeal is to adults, but artists and students could also enjoy this title. This well-produced program offers great appeal to those who desire to be awash in the artists celebration of beauty and sensuality. *****5-stars, ABC-CLIO Video Rating Guide for Libraries Of interest, Camille Claudel, Rodin's mistress and prot is also featured in this film.
28 Jan 2007
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