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This is How I do some of my work, My Photo manipulation Artwork.
26 Mar 2017
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Classial Music made by CHASMA in STUDIO REICHtag 2017. Artwork: Annika Nilson
31 Mar 2017
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1. Scaffolding can be used to construct permanent structures for both temporary and semi-permanent applications, from workshops to fully-functional buildings 2. Apart from their applications in the construction and renovation contracting industries, they are also used in the construction of platforms for events and other structures 3. A few semi-permanent applications of steel scaffolds or scaffolding structures include -Staircases and Stairways, -Bridges and exterior flooring, -Industrial walkways and bridges, -Exterior Maintenance Access, and -Interior structural support and decor 4. Staircases and Stairways - Scaffolds can be used to construct semi-permanent exterior staircases and stairways to facilitate easy access to buildings with an irregular or abnormal shape or structure 5. Bridges and exterior flooring - Scaffolds are used to construct bridges and platforms for events, and can be used to create these access structures in public and commercial spaces as more than a temporary solution 6. Industrial Walkways and Bridges - Industries require affordable, low-maintenance, stable structures for access and to carry out various processes Special steel scaffolds can provide semi-permanent structures ideal for industrial applications 7. Exterior Maintenance Access - Scaffolds can be used to construct effective, secure, structural solutions for exterior access for regular maintenance and cleaning of commercial and industrial buildings 8. Interior Structural Support and Decor - 9. Scaffoldings can be set up to provide structural support with suspended or mounted interior fittings, 10. It can also be used to improve interior decor and design such as for hanging displays, plants and artwork ii. Because of their exceptional structural complexity, scaffolds can also be used for other applications as well. Visit Oasis Metal in UAE for High Quality Scaffolding Suppliers in UAE i e at http://www oasismetal net ae/
4 Apr 2017
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Στίχοι - Μουσική: Λεωνίδας Σώζος Ενορχήστρωση - προγραμματισμός: Ερμής Βογιατζής Έπαιξαν οι μουσικοί: Τύμπανα: Παντελής Καραγεωργιάδης Μπάσο: Κυπριανός Κιθάρες: Αργύρης Δαντίλης Πλήκτρα: Ερμής Βογιατζής Μπουζούκι: Μίλτος Ηλιού Ηχογράφηση – Μίξη - Mastering: Ερμής Βογιατζής (Real Sound Studio) Φωτογραφία: ΑλέξανδροςΑμπλιανίτης Artwork: Πάνος Τσερπές
9 Apr 2017
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Offering a wonderful pet photography experience for you and your pet! Sit back and relax in the air conditioned studio with a cold drink, or join in on the fun, it is entirely up to you! We provide an exciting and memorable experience that will be as treasured a memory as the beautiful artwork that we will be creating. We don’t just specialise in dog photography, we specialise in all animal photography!
15 Apr 2017
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This is my first attempt at a Video that I Made with my Digital Manipulation Artwork and a month of playing around in After Effects Under the creative direction of Krista Acheson also known as the Original Krista D for one of her bands, Hooha And The Perter Guns, Song Green Mazes. Enjoy Pick up the song here cdbaby hooha and the peter guns or check out her album Janes World at cd baby just look up krista D kristad dot bandcamp dot com theoriginalkristad dot com looselambrecords dot com Or her other projects, She is a Art Music Machine kristaacheson dot com She has 6 projects going on, she is The Arts Krista Acheson MNV Gerri Harden Music Krista D Hooha and the Peter Guns Molly Grue So talented
19 Apr 2017
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The Uniquely Bizarre Artwork of M.C. Escher together with Pink Floyd Music
10 Feb 2007
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Some artwork and in game scenes designed by Blizzard and fans featuring the upcoming StarCraft 2. Note i am only sharing this , i did not make the video.
22 May 2007
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amazing artwork
12 Sep 2007
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Checkout my 3d artwork which I created last month
23 Oct 2007
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Year 7/8 children show their artwork based on the work of Van Gogh
26 Oct 2007
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Peter Max Artwork Peter Max Original Peter Max Sale Original Mona Lisa #8 - Peter Max Art sale on eBay for under the appraisal price. Even if you are not interested in buying, she is a beautiful piece. You don't find these originals anywhere for sale. You can visit ebay at: - OR - just type in for a shortcut!
30 Apr 2009
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A short collection of the totally insane artwork of Melbourne Artist "Atomikboy". Music and film by MuscularTeeth
22 Feb 2008
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How to make sure you choose the right frame for your artwork or painting.
5 Jun 2008
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Diablo III - Artwork Trailer #1
4 Jul 2008
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We see stone everywhere, but, we never Imagined that stone can be so beautiful! And the most unbelievable things is----all these beautiful stone can give out charming flower scent, like Jasmine, Rose, Lily, etc. Our great artist just bring "dead" stone to "vivid life" Don't believe! Please view our online gallery: for more amazing & gorgeous artwork!
20 Jul 2008
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