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Legendary film maker Shakti Samanta passed awayon Friday, 9th April’09 at 5pm at his residence. He was 83 and survived by two sons, Ashim and Sameer. His funeral was held at Santacruz crematorium. Two of his most successful leading ladies Sharmila Tagore and Asha Parekh sympathize with a few other celebrities from the film industry.
15 Apr 2009
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Meghan Asha and Comedian Harrison Greenbaum review the SanDisk Micro SD Player. Do NOT miss the last 5 seconds of this vblog review!
7 May 2009
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Commentary at BPeace's Dancegiving from MSN"s Willie Geist, Wendy Diamond, Fabien Cousteau, Carol Galanty and Meghan Asha.
13 May 2009
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House of Cards Starring: Kathleen Turner, Tommy Lee Jones Director: Michael Lessac (1993) When Ruth Matthews (Kathleen Turner) realizes that her young daughter (Asha Menina) has broken with reality as a result of autism, Ruth teams up with a psychiatrist (Tommy Lee Jones) in an effort to come up with an unconventional approach -- after all conventional treatments fail -- to get through to the young girl. Michael Lessac directs this poignant film, a monumental testament to the depths of a mother's love for her child.
2 Oct 2009
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The Dads welcome Asha Dornfest the genius behind the parenting blog "Parenthacks." Amazing tips. Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Jun 2009
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Movie: Kaala Paani (1958) Singers: Asha Bhonsle, Mohammed Rafi Music Director: S D Burman Lyricist: Majrooh Sultanpuri Starring: Dev Anand, Madhubala For More Visit:
16 Jun 2009
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Film-Nau Do Gyarah(1957) Singers-Kishore Kumar,Asha Bhosle Music Director- S D Burman Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri Starring: devanand,Kalpana Kartik
17 Jun 2009
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Movie: Hum Dono(1961) Singer: Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle Music Director: Jaidev Lyricist: Sahir Ludhiyanvi Starring: Dev Anand, Sadhana For More Visit:
17 Jun 2009
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Traveling Geeks Trip 2009: Meghan Asha interviews a collaboration software taking the internet by storm!
13 Jul 2009
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Traveling Geeks Trip 2009: Meghan Asha interviews's founder, Andraž Tori. Zemanta is a blogger's dream plug-in that semantically provides relevant links, photos, tags, and news stories while you're writing a post.
13 Jul 2009
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Traveling Geeks 2009: Meghan Asha punts with pride! Please watch the end of this video to hear Craig Newmark from last line.
13 Jul 2009
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Traveling Geeks Trip 2009: Meghan Asha interviews's founder, Richard Moross.
16 Jul 2009
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Meghan Asha interviews Jeff Saperstein (an author, teacher, consultant and enabler) on how to get out of that career rut.
22 Jul 2009
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1:05's Meghan Asha and Megan Alagna take to the Park(ing Lot) at the Vespa Media Event.
31 Jul 2009
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Persian Nowruz or Norouz is celebrated at the precise moment that spring arrives. Persian calendar Zoroastrians and Bahais prepare for their New Year, called Norooz, which occurs at the spring equinox. The Zoroastrian faith began in ancient Persia, now Iran. Estimates vary widely, but some claim that only as few as 115,000 Zoroastrians remain, most in India but also in Iran, Europe, and North America. Zoroastrian Persian the Heft-Sheen table is central to the Norooz celebration. Sheen is one of the letters of the alphabet. Items beginning with the letter "sh" or sheen / Shin are traditionally put on the table. This tradition is going on from the King Cyrus great 7500yrs ago. Zoroastrianism teaches that people should do good to help their one God in his cosmic struggle with the power of evil. If you dont want to celebrate it the Islamic way, the heft Seen of garlic, vinegar, and so on. You should ask yourself do you really want to drink gross vinegar and eat garlic in the New Year and other gross stuff. Or should it be celebrated the original Persian/Zoroastrian way? Now you know the true Seven sh (half-sheen) Persian/ Zoroastrian opening table decorations for Nowruz. Zoroastrian has kept in life other Persian tradition and It has not be forgotten. Example; THe Achu Michu Ritual, in which items are placed in a tray called the Sace or Ses, a metallic tray made of stainless Steele or silver. Those accessories are very delicate, and very valuable, they have been passed down the family for many generations. And.... ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪ We visited a Zoroastrian family of Iranian-Americans, the Aiduns, in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Light is a sign of knowledge and wisdom. FARZAD AIDUN (hugging his children): Happy Norooz! Norooz is celebrated at the precise moment that spring arrives. The Prophet Zoroasters message was very universal, centered around the tenets of good thoughts, good words and good deeds. The Haft Shin / Haft Sheen table is central to the Norooz celebration. Sheen is one of the letters of the alphabet. Items beginning with the letter sheen "SH" are traditionally put on the table. (Chanting the Ashem Vohu — prayers). There is a misconception amongst many that, you know, Zoroastrians are fire worshipers. Traditionally, its customary to pray in front of the fire or pray towards a light source. Light is very significant in the Zoroastrian religion, and its a sign of knowledge and wisdom. (to his son): Now look in the mirror We offer the mirror. Its essentially a sign of light. You look in mirror and you get some rosewater, which is very aromatic. You also get to see yourself and how you look at the beginning of the year. (teaching his children at the kitchen table): Good thoughts, good words, good deeds. I believe in one God, Ahura Mazda. My God allows me to think and to choose whats right and wrong. Asha is the law of nature. And as long as you strive to always follow the path of Asha, to make sure that youre considering everything in the universe, you will make this world a better place for future generations to come. ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪₪
18 Oct 2010
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Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction and Mumbai Obstetric & Gynecological Society,has jointly organized "The Ovary Unraveled” from December 11 to 13, 2009 in Mumbai,India. It will be an exciting & wide ranging programme designed to engage all delegates on topics of vital importance related to the ovary.The event will be the perfect occasion for the international experts to share their leading edge knowledge on innovation and technology balanced by critically important insight into their practical application. It will offer perfect opportunity for all attending Gynecologist & Obstetrics at Medical conferences to Meet,hear and learn from International Faculty Dr.Bruno Lunenfeld,Dr.Denny Sakkas,Dr.H.R.Tinneberg,Dr.Jan Gerris,Dr.Jose Remohi,Dr.Liselotte Mettler,Dr.Marco Filicori,Dr.Martina Ribic Pucelj,Dr.Paul Devroey,Dr.Paul Gassner,Dr.Roy Homburg,Dr.Robert Casper,Dr.Robert Norman,Dr.S.L.Tan,Dr. Sadhana Desai,Dr.Abha Majumdar,Dr.Mridubhashini Govindrajan,Dr.Ameet Patki,Dr.Nalini Mahajan,Dr.Asha Rao,Dr.Nandita Palshetkar,Dr.B.N. Chakravarthy,during the workshop and scientific program at event. There will be scientific program,pre and post congress workshops covering vast topics like Repeated IVF failures,Endometriosis,Stimulation Protocols-Review & new strategies,Oocyte,Hands on Laparascopic suturing and Operative hysteroscopy,Advanced Reproductive techniques,Rise & fall of Metformin,Fitness for Fertility,Letrozole in infertility and ART,Recent Advances in ART,Ovarian Pathology,Monitoring Ovarian Function,Antagonist,Oocyte Cryo banking,Unexplained Infertility,Ovulation Induction,Embryology,Cyro Preservation& Vitrification,Oocyte Retrieval,IVF lite,Ovarian Imaging,Ovarian Tumor,Egg donation,Oocyte Donation,GnRH antagonist in IUI,Repeated IVF failures Incharge,Endometriosis,Reproductive Endocrinology,Oocyte Incharge,Reproductive Surgery,Androlgy for the gynecologist and more.
28 Sep 2009
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