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Kate Ashby Goes Shopping At Morrisons, But Kate Ashby Running With The Trolley & Smashes Up The Supermarket & Takes The Manager Away, When Nick Ashby Tells Kate To Put The Manager Back, Everyone Chases Her For Ruining The Supermarket.
17 Dec 2006
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Jon Ashby from CommonFilm**** Interviews director Princeton Holt about his feature film Cookies & Cream. www.onewaytv.blogspot**** www***okiesncreammovie****
6 Nov 2009
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Canons Ashby House is a lovely place to spend your spare time in Brackley Northamptonshire. We want to assist you to find the perfect location, Check out our info *******www.taylorsestateagents******/forsaleoffice/brackley/1356/ We can assist you to find the perfect property
29 Jan 2014
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you come out priory pub scunthorpe and you just miss the bus! so we decided to have a race is it quicker to walk or wait for the next bus?
31 Oct 2011
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Jon Ashby of commonfilm**** reviews Uptown, directed by Brian Ackley. www.uptownfilm****
13 Jun 2009
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This affectionate tribute to the films of acclaimed director Hal Ashby is presented by *******moviesunlimited****. Watch the full program at *******MovieFanFare****, the blog for movie collectors! Hosted by Irv Slifkin (aka Movie Irv), Movies Unlimited Movie Buzz is the regular video podcast produced by the nation's oldest (and moviest!) video retailer.
26 Aug 2009
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Bask University Student, Emily Ashby empties her purse and reveals the ultimate morning-after kit. Website: *******www.hookingupshow**** Hit me up on: Baskbook *******tinyurl****/4xht9a Facebook *******tinyurl****/3lwolw Myspace *******www.myspace****/emilyashbybask
20 Dec 2008
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A Review Of The Fright Fest Film Hunger Directed By Steven Hentges - Staring Lori Heuring & Linden Ashby This Film is a Part of Fright Fest Host Zack “The Mothman” Daggy Theme Music By Calabrese Hunger www.hungermovie**** Coming September 28th, 2010 Midnight Spookshow is a Mothpod Production www.Mothpod**** Brought To You By eMusic With over 3 million DRM-free songs to choose from, eMusic is the #1 site for great independent music! Since eMusic knows that I’m all about spectacular rock, alternative, and pop indie music, they’re letting me pass on to you my Moth Maniacs a fantastic deal. If you head on over to emusic****/moth you can get ANY 35 tracks absolutely free when you sign up for a risk free 14-day trial with eMusic. These MP3s are yours to keep no matter what, even if you cancel your free 2 week trial with eMusic. And since these tracks are DRM free, you can use them on your iPod, Zune, or any other MP3 player. You can even burn them to CD. Great independent music at great prices and where you want to hear it, that’s eMusic! See more about my eMusic promo
18 Nov 2010
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I drop the ABCs on texting etiquette. Any questions? Hit me up on Baskbook *******tinyurl****/4xht9a Facebook *******tinyurl****/3lwolw Myspace *******www.myspace****/emilyashbybask
29 Oct 2008
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I deliver three quick steps to turn your old t-shirt into a new hot number. Baskbook *******tinyurl****/4xht9a Facebook *******tinyurl****/3lwolw Myspace *******www.myspace****/emilyashbybask
28 Oct 2008
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I deliver the definitive groove guide: how to dance. Baskbook *******tinyurl****/4xht9a Facebook *******tinyurl****/3lwolw Myspace *******www.myspace****/emilyashbybask
22 Oct 2008
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Help me figure out how to open this link...please! Here's Dylan's email to me: Dear Emily, Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dylan Winters, we met in July at the first Bask University Orientation session. I doubt you remember me, you were in high demand as I recall. Im sure you realize, just as I did, that college is our first time to truly realize who we are. We separate the lies were told as children from the truths we find in ourselves. I was lucky enough to find truth in myself from my very first days here. Others, well, they have not been so lucky. Only very rarely are we able to speak complete truth, often after long nights drinking, hence the phrase, "In vino, veritas." In wine, truth. Have you found truth, Emily? Have you found your "Veritas?" Maybe you have, you seem comfortable in your own skin. I cannot say the same for your roommate, however. I will tell you my hardest truth: Im in love with Meg. I realize my methods may appear crazy, but let me tell you in complete honesty Im not crazy. Indeed, I am the only one telling the truth, and I intend to show you my truth, my own personal Veritas. I only hope that you can look through this and find an answer for yourself. Megs lies are not only hurting her, but those around her. This Nick guy is only setting himself up for a harder fall when he finds out what his own Veritas is. There will be consequences for lies, I can only hope that theyre exposed sooner rather than later. However, as I found long ago and Im sure Meg is finding out now; truth can be hard to acquire, harder to hold on to, and nearly impossible to show to others. I find it not a little ironic that in Roman mythology Veritas was a goddess. It was believed she hid in a holy well because she was so elusive. Ive taken a drink from that well, Emily, and Im hoping you open this link and drink deeply from it, too. *******www.tinyurl****/baskintruth Perhaps afterwards we can both fully appreciate "In Vino Veritas." Truthfully yours, Dylan Winters *** Hit me up on: Baskbook *******tinyurl****/4xht9a Facebook *******tinyurl****/3lwolw Myspace *******www.myspace****/emilyashbybask
6 Nov 2008
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