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تهران - شليك مستقيم به مردم ،قيام عاشورا, 6 دى 88، 27دسامبر Tehran - Pages: direct to the people, uprising Ashura, 6 Dec 88, 27, - (translated by google)
6 Jan 2010
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Yazid perceived Husayn's refusal to pledge allegiance as a danger to his throne. Hussein RTA wanted to go to Kufa. Husayn RTA in his path toward Kufa encountered the army of Ubayd-Allah ibn Ziyad, the governor of Kufa. At the Battle of Karbala it is recorded that seventy two people were killed. Today, the death of Hussein ibn Ali is commemorated during every Muharram by Shiite Muslims, with the most important of these days being its tenth day, Ashura. Ashura is also commemorated by Sunni Muslims. Husayn's body is buried in Karbala, near the site of his death
5 Jan 2010
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تهران - كندن و لگدمال كردن عكس خامنهاى در روز عاشورا، 6دى88، 27دسامبر Tehran - peel and Khamenei Lgdmal photo the day of Ashura, 6 Dec 88, 27, - (translated by google)
6 Jan 2010
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Listened to this song on Youtube yesterday and thought this was the perfect song for the Kishin, Ashura.
22 Nov 2010
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