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BY SHELLY YANG His interests include travel, wine, and spas. His favorite film is “Love Actually.” Believe it or not, we’re talking about the grandson of North Korea’s Dear Leader. South Korean media claim they’ve uncovered the Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube accounts of Kim Jong-Il’s grandson. The 16-year-old, Kim Han-Sol, is reportedly the son of Kim Jong-Nam, the leader’s exiled oldest son. Photos show the teenager sporting dyed hair, wearing earrings, necklaces and trendy glasses, a far cry from the jumpsuited ruler. (Video source: iFeng) Kim Han-Sol’s Facebook page even had a poll pitting communism against democracy, with the boy saying he preferred democracy. The Guardian says there is obviously a big generational, political and cultural gap between the North Korean dictator and his grandson. “After all, North Korea's Dear Leader is probably not a fan of cross-shaped pendants, syrupy romcoms, or, for that matter, democracy…Kim Han-sol cuts a more modern, gregarious and less lonely figure than his grandfather, whose tastes are rumoured to run more to Hollywood action movies and cognac than Richard Curtis films and spa treatments.” The South Korea newspaper Chosun Ilbo also noticed the boy might have a religious belief -- which is banned in North Korea. “[He] identifies his religion as ‘Christian-other’ on his MySpace profile page … In his Facebook profile photo, Kim Han-sol wears a necklace with a pendant that looks like a crucifix. And on his YouTube channel, he identified himself as ‘Pro-Religious Rights.’ But when he subscribed to AsiaFind… he introduced himself as an agnostic.” But for all their differences, the International Business Times says the boy and his grandfather share the same views on one thing: Americans. “He reportedly engaged in an argument with a Facebook user called NickyAmerican where he expressed his disgust for ‘universally shared’ American characteristics -- such as being fat, stupid and eating cheeseburgers.” AsiaNews reports the Fourth Kim has enrolled at United World College in Bosnia, where he will take a course called "How to rebuild a country after a conflict."
10 Oct 2011
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