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WWW.ALANAWEZ.COM Time to ask someone to the prom. Don't freak out. Just follow these simple steps. curtesy o howcast.
18 May 2008
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During the last few weeks I have been talking about Purpose and how it's stronger than your WHY. In my experience your purpose is usually larger than your why. So why ask WHY? Your WHY is great for short term solutions and it allows for you to have time to focus on your purpose. Also it can be a bit confusing when distinguishing that fine line between PURPOSE and WHY. For Example: let's say you are in a network marketing program and your sponsor asks for you to "find your WHY". Anyone can come up with a WHY; "I'm doing this so I can have time with the family", "I'm looking for more gas money", "I'm trying to replace my job"; these are all good short term solutions. Let's say your WHY is about family. You say, "I'm doing this so I can spend more time with the family!" As enthusiastic as you might be with the realization that you can spend time with the family; what really happens is just short term results. This is because you goal is smaller than you think. What about PURPOSE? Going back to the family; I want for you to think why it is you want to spend more time with the family. What is it that makes you cross that blurry fine line into PURPOSE. Take a legal notepad and divide it into three sections. With your mind focused on your WHY. Do the following. Section one: write down all the reasons "why you want to spend time with your family" Section two: write down the why for each reason as to why you want to spend time with the family. Section three: look at your answers in section two. Find the common themes that come to you the most; a good indication to this is that it will bring up an emotional response. Ask a close friend or family member to help you find the common themes. You want a stronger answer. Take a moment to read those answers to someone; see what they noticed in you as you read each one. This exercise may not provide an immediate answer; it will give you a direction to finding the answer that best fits you and who you are. After doing this; my hope is that you see that your WHY is not the answer. Your WHY is the direction you must look in order to find your PURPOSE. Once your PURPOSE is found; then your answer is found. Start with your WHY; finish with your PURPOSE. Tracy Thibault – 831.531.2186 - RichGuyNetwork****
19 May 2008
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Ask a Fat Guy about the new McDonald's burger! - it's LIVE tv, it's Socialive!
20 May 2008
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Most candidates are intimidated to ask for the job because they are afraid of a “no” response. But there are a few ways you can broach the subject without actually saying, “Can I please have the job?” Visit *******www.careerstrides****
29 May 2008
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You will learn various ways to ask for a person's name both formally and informally. You will also learn how to reply to these questions by giving your name. Finally, you have the chance to practice your newly learned skills. Viel Spaß!
30 May 2008
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Anime USA 2007 - #29 Don't Ask Don't Tell
31 May 2008
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Katsucon 2007 - #08 Ask Anime Sensei 1337 Speak
31 May 2008
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you try to tell people about your Network Marketing plan many think you are trying to sell them something. Most people do not like to sold or closed. But what if they asked you to hear about your deal. Much easier and far less rejection. There is a way to get people to come to you. A Free e-book download explains it all. program agel australian mlm best home based business best home business best mlms best network marketing best network marketing companies best network marketing company bestmlm business from home business home internet marketing mlm business opportunities business opportunity business opportunity seekers christian mlm direct selling downline downline builder earn extra income earn money earn money online easy mlm easy money emerald passport extra income financial freedom forced matrix get rich get rich quick good mlm health mlm home based business home based mlm business opportunity home business homebased homebased business how to make money how to make money online income opportunities income opportunity internet business internet business opportunity internet marketing internet mlm leads legitimate business opportunities legitimate online business list of mlm companies make money make money at home make money fast make money from home make money on internet make money on the internet make money online making money making money on the internet making money online mlm mlm advertising mlm australia mlm business mlm business opportunities mlm business opportunity mlm business opportunity network marketing mlm businesses mlm companies mlm company mlm compensation plans mlm consultant mlm consultants mlm directory mlm distributor mlm distributors mlm downline mlm email leads mlm fraud mlm help mlm home based business mlm home business mlm home business opportunity mlm income mlm launch mlm lead mlm lead generation mlm leads mlm list mlm mailing list mlm marketing mlm money mlm network mlm network marketing mlm network marketing opportunity mlm opportunities mlm opportunity mlm pre launch mlm prelaunch mlm products mlm program mlm programs mlm prospecting mlm prospects mlm recruiting mlm residual income mlm review mlm reviews mlm sales mlm scam mlm scams mlm secret mlm secrets mlm software mlm success mlm tips mlm tools mlm training mlm uk mlm website monavie money making opportunities money making opportunity money online multi level multi level marketing multi level marketing companies multi level marketing company multilevel multilevel marketing multilevel marketing companies multilevelmarketing network marketing network marketing business network marketing businesses network marketing companies network marketing company network marketing leads network marketing opportunities network marketing opportunity network marketing success network marketing training network marketing uk networking mlm networkmarketing new business opportunities new mlm new mlm companies new mlm company new mlm opportunity newest mlm noni noni juice online business online business opportunities online business opportunity online mlm online mlm business online network marketing passive income prelaunch residual income second income small business opportunity start an mlm business start mlm business successful mlm successful online mlm business top mlm top mlm business top mlm companies top mlm company top network marketing usana what is mlm work at home work at home business opportunity mlm work from home work from home mlm business work from home mlm business opportunity xooma
7 Jun 2008
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Erik Stafford The Faster Webmaster reminding you to ask you what you want... and showing you a good example of what happens when you do!
8 Jun 2008
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Go ahead, visit and ask him any question you want about online marketing or web video or anything Internet geeky related!
9 Feb 2009
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*******algarvevideoreview**** for more Albufeira beach video reviews By offering smokers free ashtrays the Albufeira beach is kept clean - here's the sign which asks smokers to clean up after themselves.
24 Jun 2008
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From the acclaimed author of Ask a Mexican, this book traces author Gustavo Arellano's life in Orange County, CA.
25 Jun 2008
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[*******DUIFla****] - Tampa Florida DUI DWI Attorney, Lawyer W F Casey Ebsary Jr Criminal Trial Lawyer outlines questions to ask when charged with a DUI. How much does it Cost? Have you been to trial on a Breath Test? Can I save my Drivers License? Can you help in Tampa, Hillsborough, Pasco, or Pinellas Counties? Video Courtesy of [*******DUIFla****]. Call Toll Free 1-877-793-9290 .
28 Jun 2008
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nuptialstv**** So you already have all the typical household items that people tend to give newlyweds, your wedding tab is getting expensive, and you’re not sure how you will pay for the honeymoon you have been planning. All you really want as gifts is cold, hard cash. How do you tell your guests that you want money instead of a juicer? Well, one thing you should never do is put it in the invitation… that’s just tacky. And you’re going to have to accept that some of your guests will want to buy you something specific, mostly because it feels more personal to them. So make sure to register for at least a few items… I mean, you can’t actually have everything you need, right? You can also register for specific things on your honeymoon… if you wanted to take a trip to the volcanoes in Hawaii or go skydiving in Europe, you can have these specific adventures as part of your registry and have your guests pay for them. And it’s okay to just tell your wedding party, your family, and anyone who asks that cash is what you really want as a gift… hopefully, this information will quickly spread to everyone you haven’t told, and you’ll get a nice pile of cash on your wedding day. Just make sure to..............
1 Jul 2008
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Know why Advani asked PM to seek vote of confidence in Parliament
5 Jul 2008
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Dating Tips - *******www.askdanandjennifer****/singles-dating/ I'm a good looking popular guy and have no trouble asking girls out - except for this one girl I've had a crush on since the 8th grade. Please help. I really like her. Ask Your Question in the forums - *******www.askdanandjennifer****/forums/
11 Jul 2008
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