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Stability Ball Squats are a great exercise for beginners, and people who have postural deviations which prevent them from performing a squat with safe, proper form. Never let your hips jut forward for this motion. Keeping your knees on top of your ankles and in line with your toes relieves undue stress on your patellofemoral joint which is prone to overuse injuries from weight, and cardio training. You can hold dumbbells from the low hang (as pictured) or high hang (at shoulders) position. The stability ball in the video is the Duraball Pro, by far the best stability ball. It will last over a year with heavy, very heavy use and is Highly Recommended.
12 Dec 2008
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What does the Scooter Maven do? We have parts but what else do we do? Today we answer this email we get all the time. Visit for more info and full list of dealers where you can buy this upgrade. Information on scooter and buggy upgrades from MRP that’s the leading wholesale only distributor for the USA of Polini, Malossi, Turbo Kit Spain, Dr. Pulley, Scooter Ninja, Athena, Kevlar belts, Innova tires, CB racing, Italkit, DK, and many more performance parts for scooters, buggies and small displacement ATVs. The best upgrades and performance parts at the best prices. Parts for Scooters including Vespa, Aprilia, Benelli, Malaguti, Andretti, Yamati, Vento, Strada, QJ, Keeway, Kymco, SYM, PGO, Genuine, Diamo, Italjet, Daelim, Sundiro, Jonway, Joyner, Maitian, 150cc and 125cc, QMJ152 and QMJ157, GY6 including the best upgrades for Vento 150cc Phantom R4I, Strada RX150TE, Strada Chrome Edition RX150, Strada RX200HP, Strada 150CE, Primo Terminator 150cc, Primo "Strada" Streaker 150, Avanti Epsilon 150cc, Kinroad XT150T-8, Avanti Beta 150, Roketa Tahiti MC-03, Roketa Fiji MC-04, Verucci Viper 150GTX, Verucci Permier 150GTX SE, Tank Racer 150, RAD-10 150cc, Bemine 150 Touring, Racer 150 all 4 stroke Chinese 49cc scooter parts QMB 139 or QJ139 Strada RX 50, Jalon JL50QT-21, falcon and JL50QT-15, JL50QT-16,Strada RX 50, Jalon JL50QT-21 falcon, JL50QT-15, JL50QT-16, JL50QT-18, Pantera Freedom, Fusion and Retro, Verucci VC50TS-3M, Sunl SL50QT-16, SL50QT-16, SL50QT-18, SL50QT-2, SL50QT-3, Roketa Bahama, Maui, Sicily, Tank, Baotian 50QT-9, Baotian, 50QT-11, Dotera 50QT-11, Jalon JL50QT-18, Sinski XSJ50QT-6, Sinski XSJ50QT-B, Taishan Commuter, Taishan Sport Zhong Hu 50cc 4t and many more.....
12 Jan 2009
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Hollywood Holt needs to ask you 2 very important questions. Please leave your answers in the comment box below.
29 Jan 2009
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The Street Fighter is a video training series that showcases the best reality-based fighting instructors and their techniques hosted by Charles Prosper, The Street Fighting Sifu at
18 Apr 2009
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This video explains Chiropractic, invites people to health care class, done with video camera
18 Apr 2009
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Charles Prosper features fighting expert Norm Bettencourt demonstrate biting as a street fighting tactic to escape and counter a headlock.
13 May 2009
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Charles Prosper features fighting expert Norm Bettencourt demonstrate biting as a street fighting tactic to escape and counter a takedown and what to do when you are on the ground.
14 May 2009
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The Avon authors tell us how they got into writing romance novels!
23 May 2009
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The Avon authors tell us which actors they would cast as the hero in their novels!
22 May 2009
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Avon authors explain why they write Romance!
23 May 2009
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1:44 - Looking for an attorney firm? This site offers legal services like the attorney recruiters and general counsel recruiters. They screen their candidates to give the best applicants to their clients. Their process is great that clients keep on coming.
9 Oct 2009
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The Obama administration’s long-awaited policy towards Sudan is finally out. It spells out a number of important shifts in relations toward the government of Sudan. John Prendergast, founder of the anti-genocide group the Enough Project, breaks down what it all means for U.S. policy and for the people of Sudan.
21 Oct 2009
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Kansas City Housing information about the market, year to date sale statistics, a new weekly program, first ever, comment and enjoy
7 Nov 2009
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1-800-DENTIST tests the "stars" dental IQ. Who answered the question, "What is a prophylaxis?" correctly? Click to find out.
11 Nov 2009
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Fearless Business on Social media experts Brett Petersel of and and Oz Sultan of talk about social media do's and don't's. More can be found at
25 Nov 2009
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Why cry? .. This answer ..!! >> (^_^)
2 Dec 2009
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