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3:05 Prevent newborn asphyxia by receiving help online from the experts! Protect your bundle of joys newborn lungs with the useful newborn advice youll find at the Pampers Village. You can even get advice from a consulting sleeping doctor for children. Head over to our website and watch this clip to receive more newborn asphyxia prevention information.
19 Oct 2010
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1:55 - Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE), commonly known as birth asphyxia, is a lack of oxygen and blood flow to the baby’s brain near the time of birth. Asphyxia during birth can occur for many reasons. Detroit birth injury attorney Jesse Reiter and his colleagues at American Baby & Child Law Centers take it upon themselves to fight for your family after such a tragedy. 80 percent of the birth injuries we see are due to birth asphyxia, so when you're looking for help from experts who understand both the legal and medical facts, ABC Law Centers is the place to be. If your child experienced a lack of oxygen during birth or did not receive brain cooling treatment in a timely manner, contact our Michigan birth injury attorneys at American Baby & Child Law Centers handling cases in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Toledo, Columbus, Washington DC and more locations, for a free case evaluation. You may be entitled to compensation for negligence or pediatric malpractice. For more information, visit
6 Nov 2012
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03- Scleroderma: On 10/09/1976, I was the head of the medical clinic of the Cardoso Fontes Hospital, and they had a consultant dermatologist there, Dr Ryssia Alvarez Floriao. A lady who had been unable to walk for 8 months was hospitalised. Dr Ryssia carried out three biopsies and send them to Dr Gloria Moraes head of Pathological Anatomy, who gave her medical opinion: terminal phase of scleroderma. Then Dr. Ryssia decided to give a lesson. Every Monday we had a lesson on cases that were not routine. And this was a very rare case. Scleroderma is an autoimmune disease that is not frequent. A very good lesson was given and I learned a lot because I didn't know anything about scleroderma, I knew it from books, but I had never seen a scleroderma patient. When the lesson finished, Dr. Ryssia asked the nurse to take the patient away. I understood, now was the time to say what could be done for the patient. You asked to take the patient away, so she couldnt hear. She said: It is true. There is nothing I can do for this patient. I asked Ryssia: Will you pass this patient to me, so I can apply a technique which is not usual and is called auto-hemotherapy? She laughed and said: You know that I arrived from the USA in May. There I was a resident doctor in a clinic for all the cases of scleroderma from all over the USA. So the clinic was nothing other than a repository of scleroderma patients. There was nothing more that could be done. Then what do you think you can do? I said: Look, I am going home right now to get the two works of Dr. Jesse Teixeira and Dr. Ricardo Veronesi, and you will see that the idea makes sense. I arrived there and I read the main parts of the two works and I asked : "What now Ryssia?". Ah, it has logic, it may work, it is worth trying". So I applied the auto-hemotherapy, but as it was something new, to be done in a hospital, I used a huge dose. I took 20 (twenty) cc of blood and applied 5 (five) cc in each arm (deltoid) and 5 (five) in each buttock, because I had to produce a result, whether it was going to work or not, I had to reach a conclusion. The improvement was amazing. The patient, whose skin had the appearance of an alligators and was very hard, was heading towards a terrible death, that of asphyxia, because she would not be able to breathe anymore. The lungs cannot expand, because the body becomes as if were a wooden block. It seems unbelievable that 30 days later, on 10th October 1976, this patient could walk out of the hospital on foot.
13 Jan 2010
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4:09 Get birth newborn advice -- new born babies deserve nothing less than the help and advice of Americas leading child care experts. Moms and dads can find everything from newborn asphyxia to newborn eyes information on the Pampers Parenting Network. View this clip and visit our website to get birth newborn advice to keep that new born baby healthy and happy!
18 Oct 2010
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3:53 Find newborn bath time advice from the worlds leading experts in child health innovation! Our consulting specialists give tips on preventing newborn asphyxia to parents all across America. Be sure and tune in to Pampers Mommy Cast newborn health video episodes for parenting inspiration and infants health guides. Visit our website for newborn bath time tips today!
18 Oct 2010
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4:08 Get newborn immunization help online from the experts! Pampers Village hosts a huge collection of infants health information resources provided by consulting specialists that offer advice on every topic -- from newborn asphyxia to the treatment and caring of newborn eyes. Watch this video clip and visit the Pampers Village for more newborn immunization tips.
19 Oct 2010
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Asphyxia - My Hatred
6 Sep 2009
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Asphyxia is one of Melbourne's leading circus practitioners Hoopla Queen is a glittering five-minute solo hula hoop extravaganza, suitable for corporate functions, cabaret events, nightclubs, parties and festivals. The performance explores the experiences of a young deaf girl as she grows up. Spinning hoops around every part of her body, Asphyxia flexes herself into a variety of amazing and beautiful shapes. The hoops spin faster and faster around her legs, hips, waist, neck and arms as she performs sign language in time to music. Asphyxia is available for bookings now at festivals, events, clubs, parties and more. Please contact Jessamy Gee:
2 Jul 2010
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Type : CyberGoth / EBM Group : Asphyxia Title : Obliterate my fate Video realized by Méthyne (France)
25 Dec 2010
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this is my first video with lyrics from asphyxia i hope enjoy here facebook page
9 May 2012
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Asphyxia Noir goes deep with Kassem, who is like a WAY better looking Adrien Brody. Watch more of the interview: Deleted Scenes: Twitter Questions: *** Follow Asphyxia Noir on Twitter: I'm here too: *** Thanks for watching my videos. If you feel like you want to help support the show, sign up for a free trial of Netflix. Cause that shit helps.
16 Apr 2013
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blablabla xd
10 Feb 2010
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and again a great track from him! (no, not HIM^^) ... ok because you guys got this wrong a fantastillion times: pic: GIRL, artist: DUDE! :D Get it here (there is no single release yet): AND GUYS, srsly. STOP discussing what kind of music that is IN EVERY FRICKIN VIDEO! NO one of you surely know (well, you think you do, but you dont!) whats the right one, so please STFU and ENJOY it. thx. :)
12 Apr 2013
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Birth asphyxia, or the inability for newborns to breathe has been a serious problem throughout China. The Johnson & Johnson Pediatric Institute, working in conjunction with the Chinese Ministry of Health, began the NRP to help train nurses and other medical professionals throughout China to deal with this life-threatening condition.
5 Nov 2010
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"Kuruse naga ath wihida" a very popular catholic Sinhala hymn that is sung across generations during the Lent and even during other times as well. The reflection is on the seven last sayings of Jesus or Jesus's sayings at the cross. Theologians and doctors who have studied these sayings have said that since the Lord was suffering from asphyxia due to the crusifiction, could only utter small sentences. Yet they were very powerful words. And the number seven is a number of completion in the bibile. So Jesus completed his work on earth. I hope this will be a worthy reflection to the last words of our beloved Lord. May God bless you
23 Apr 2011
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The clip delivering babies simultaneously Part 3 from Village of the Damned (1995) How we doing? Everything all right? We lost the Roberts' baby. God. How? Respiratory failure. Umbilical asphyxia. Where did you take the baby? I saw you take Melanie's baby outside. I took the baby for an autopsy. I didn't want the other mothers to see.
28 Oct 2011
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