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a speech I gave for a school debate about Asylum Seekers
25 Jun 2006
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Tony Fuller from the Kent Refugee Action Network talks about the increase in destitute asylum seekers who can't claim benefits or apply for jobs whilst their asylum application is processed.
1 May 2009
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Watch all the european news on
7 Jun 2007
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Roy Chubby Brown-Asylum Seeker
17 Nov 2012
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A peaceful protest in Swansea on Saturday March 13 to raise awareness of the plight of the women and children held as refugees in privately run detention centres such as Yarls Wood. Asylum seekers have reported being abused and assualted by staff at Yarls Wood and other detention centres run by private companies Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 Apr 2010
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Watch all the european news on
11 Oct 2007
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A group of activists went to GEO's UK headquarters in make a lot of noise about GEO running Campsfield detention centre, just outside Oxford. Campsfield is where the UK government puts refugees and asylum seekers.
25 Feb 2008
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‘IN ONE CITY' The world ‘In One City’! People from most European countries and all continents; speaking over 80 different languages and representing 11% of the total population. This isn’t London; it’s Leeds, population 720,000, and over the last ten years it has become one of the most vibrant and successful cities in the UK. But behind this economic success story, a different picture emerges. During the summer of 2001 Leeds, like several Northern towns and cities, experienced well-documented public disturbances. Reports show that the changes in UK society are causing tensions and divisions that lead to people living parallel lives within and across local areas and communities. They conclude that sustained efforts need to be made to promote community cohesion; to raise awareness and understanding; to break down barriers; and to develop shared values, mutual respect and trust. Since the London bombings took place in 2005, which increased tension within communities, the National Asylum Support Service has placed a further 2,500 asylum seekers in Leeds. Over 25% of the population in Leeds is under 20 years old and it is unclear how they perceive themselves and others; and how this relates to other people living in the city. Do young people from Leeds find shared values? 'IN ONE CITY" is a 50 minute documentary with over 40 young people. Available for a 12+ international audience.
1 Sep 2008
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17.11.2008 Litvinov, Ustecky Kraj, Czech Republic About 500 right-wing extremists tried to go to an area inhabited by Roma (Gypsy) to attack them in the northern Czech town of Litvinov, but were prevented by about 1000 police/riot squad personnel. Riot police have waged a bloody battle with far-right protesters who hurled petrol bombs and stones. Some of the rioters wore masks. In the ensuing riot, lots of law enforcement personnel and 'right-wingers' were injured. The violence broke out at a march by the far-right WORKERS' PARTY, a public holiday in the Czech Republic marking both the 1939 Nazi clamp down on Czechoslovak universities and the 1989 student protest that sparked the Velvet Revolution which ended decades of communist rule in the central European country. The Czech Republic's largely impoverished Roma population has repeatedly complained of endemic racial discrimination. In the midst of the transition to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, the Roma have increasingly become victims of racial discrimination, stereotyping, and violence. Of all the stereotypes of the Roma, the social construct of Gypsy criminality has had the most devastating impact upon the social status of the community. In public discourse concerning the Romani community—whether political or in the media—the issue of alleged Gypsy criminality, is often referred to as a justification for society's treatment of the Roma. Deeply rooted in the past and widely held, this stereo-type invariably shapes public opinion and state action against the Roma. Media in several countries tend to arouse anti-Gypsy hysteria by reporting that the Roma are criminals who exploit the benefits granted to asylum-seekers in the countries to which they are migrating. Related News: CZECH ROMA PROTEST ARSON ATTACK ON BABY 04.05.2009 Rallies were held across the Czech Republic on Sunday in a show of strength by the country's Roma community against extremism, two weeks after an arson attack left a Roma baby fighting for life. A crowd of about 250 people gathered outside a Prague church to pray for the family from the eastern village of Vitkov, whose two-year-old girl has more than 80 percent burns after the Molotov attack on April 19. "I have come to support the family," Monika Hlavacova, a young Roma woman from Prague, told AFP, describing the situation of the 300,000-strong Czech Roma community as "terrible." Similar protests were held in 13 other towns and cities including Usti nad Labem, where neo-Nazis staged a march two weeks ago, and Chomutov, whose town hall seizes benefits from Roma defaulting on rents. When the speaker in Prague said the Roma rallying in Chomutov had been attacked by extremists throwing firecrackers, the crowd chanted: "This is our home too," "Murderers" and "Shame on you." The Prague rally was attended by several politicians including Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg, but their presence failed to silence criticism that the government had been slow to react. "If the family were white, politicians would have acted at once," said Hlavacova. *******www.khaleejtimes****/citytimes/inside.asp?xfile=/data/citytimes/2009/May/citytimes_May34.xml§ion=citytimes *******www.expatica****/es/news/european_news/Czech-Roma-protest-arson-attack-on-baby--_52215.html ******* ******* *******
31 Dec 2009
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY JAYNE HENSON You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy The Australian government is under scrutiny for its refugee policy after a wooden boat full of refugees slammed into the rocky shores of Christmas Island. At least 28 asylum seekers died in that tragic accident. Australia had agreed to take in 500 refugees from Indonesia, but a new report says it’s only accepted 100. The Christmas Island incident is just the latest tragedy impacting those seeking asylum in Australia. (Video: The Australian) Fox News explains why so many refugees are still willing to make the perilous journey. “Because that is where anybody that reaches Australian territory by boat is detained and then processed. What that basically means is that if they can show they will be persecuted then they will likely be taken in by Australia or other countries that are friendly to refugees In the Christian Science Monitor, critics argue the Christmas Island detention center is itself the problem. “Australian rights activists argue that a policy of detaining refugees on remote islands is inhumane and contrary to international humanitarian law. The United Nations’ refugee agency has also criticized the practice, citing the hardship faced by those left in limbo on Christmas Island.” That detention center has been a hot button issue in Australian politics since the country began processing arrivals there two years ago. It’s been called the Pacific Solution -- and has been widely criticized by rights groups like Amnesty International for holding asylum seekers under lock and key while their claims are processed. That brings us back to this specific incident. ABC News Australia explains, other human rights activists have accused the Australian government of being slow to respond to the news of problems aboard the incoming vessel during poor weather – essentially using a policy of deterrence. “We know that we have very efficient surveillance out there and, if indeed, they did know the boat was coming, which is highly likely, why didn’t someone stop it? But Sky News shares the eyewitness account of one observer who explains the challenges and hardships of rescue efforts on that day. “The locals of Christmas Island turned out en masse to help any way they could and not one of us could do a damn thing to help anyone in the water because it was just so dangerous. None of the vessels could get near any of the people. All we could do was just watch and hope that someone might survive.” The BBC reports more than 6,000 asylum seekers reached Australia by boat in 2010 -- saying that could be the highest number in 20 years. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
17 Dec 2010
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BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN You're watching multisource world news analysis from Newsy As many as 150 migrants are missing after a boat capsized off the coast of Lampedusa. An estimated 22,000 migrants have flooded the Italian island amid ongoing unrest in North Africa. Most are from Tunisia – but Italian officials believe this latest migrant boat embarked from Libya. (VIDEO FROM TELESUR) The tragedy is reigniting debate over how to best handle the influx. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been in talks with the Tunisian government. Euronews reports - most of the migrants are simply looking for work in Europe. “Berlusconi was there with his interior minister to talk about the problem and as the Tunisians to do more to prevent people leaving, but with migrants being charged about 1,000 euros each by the smugglers, it could be a difficult issue to solve.” But despite official efforts - ABC Australia says the reality on the ground for would-be migrants is spiraling into a humanitarian crisis. “They are exhausted, strained by a frightening journey across Libya, and now pitifully they are wet too, soaked where they stand by a passing storm. ... In the three days we’ve been here the flow out of Libya has doubled, then doubled again.” “Humanitarian crisis” is an understatement - writes The Guardian’s Simon McMahon - who in no uncertain terms charges Italy with “failing North Africa’s refugees.” “The migrants themselves have complained of being treated as animals. The reaction from Italy's leaders has been … likening the crisis to a ‘human tsunami’... Silvio Berlusconi has offered deportation as the only resolution... This is not a humanitarian response. This is a military-security mission designed to ensure the foreigners are kept separate and sent away as quickly as possible.” Under the Dublin convention of 1990 - asylum seekers must be processed in the country of arrival. A BBC reporter spoke with migrants waiting to be processed - and says - they’re looking for a chance at a new life. “To Europe. All Europe. (Anywhere in Europe?) It doesn't matter. Where there is freedom, democracy, we will go there. We hate the life in Tunisia. We hate to be animals. We want to be normal people, human, nothing else.” According to the New York Times - some of the migrants will be issued six-month temporary residence permits. But France 24 reports - those simply looking for work will likely be sent back home. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
9 Apr 2011
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19 May 2011
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