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the NIKE ATHLETE campaign commercial featuring Diana Taurasi
21 May 2009
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18 Sep 2012
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The famous match where brock lesnar superplexed big show to the matt
31 Jan 2010
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27 Feb 2010
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Tv9 exclusive with Jwala Gutta and Ashwini - Part 1
22 Oct 2010
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26-year-old Nisha Shetty who has been arrested by the police under the charges of prostitution, reportedly told the police officer who was interrogating her that she was forced to turn into a call girl due to poverty.
5 Jul 2011
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The once proud WWE Champion is now in UFC and has managed to draw not only UFC fans to the show, but also those who knew him back when he was in WWE. For the fans who witnessed the force of nature that is Brock, here's a video for you to relive some of his finest, most aggressive moments. And for those of you who missed his phenomenal two-year path of mass destruction, here's your chance to take a crash course and find out for yourself why they once called this man The Next Big Thing.
7 Dec 2011
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the ultimate muscle building program *******click4muscle****/fatalityhawk this advanced workout is designed with the bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast in mind. perform it once a week in order to build lean, strong and muscular legs, improve cardiovascular health and overall fitness. a strong pair of legs is also ideal for virtually every athletic activity and sport including soccer, basketball, football, rugby, baseball, cricket, as well as most athletic events. NOTE- consult your doctor prior to beginning any excercise program. this is an advanced routine and shouldn't be performed by begginers. if your training for a sport you may benifit more from a lighter routine done more often (2-3 days a week) thanks for watching and feel free to comment/rate and check out my other videos. pump up music Body Count- Neccesary evil
27 Dec 2011
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Impossible Is Nothing - adidas launches a new campaign focusing on athlete stories. The twist, adidas are focusing on personal challenges the athletes have overcome in their rise to fame. From David Beckham to Lionel Messi, Gilbert Arenas to Yelena Isinbayeva, each athelete tells their unique story through personal artwork. Here are some exclusive trailers of the upcoming campaign.
7 Jan 2009
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Traditional Okinawan min'yō (民謡, a genre of traditional Japanese music) performed by students for a few Japanese-English translators after the Atheletes welcoming party for the 2006 World Triathlon Championships on Ishigaki Island.
12 Jul 2009
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this video shows arthroscopic triangular fibrocartilage repair. tfcc injury usually produces ulnar (inner) side wrist pain. this occurs usually following injury to wrist. injury could be in form of fall, twisting injury to wrist or atheletic injury to wrist. for more details about wrist injury, wrist arthroscopy or arthroscopic TFCC repair visit our website www.handsurgeryclinic****. arthroscopic procedures for wrist are conducted by Dr vikas gupta.
25 Apr 2010
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urban atheletes with no gymnastics training attempt amazing matrix flip. video composed totally by underground superhero - LIGHT!!!
31 Aug 2010
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Ostrava -- the 3rd biggest city in the Czech Republic hosted Ryan Doyle's training jam project. 17 local atheletes met with him to go into a previously untapped parkour wonderland. jump to *******RedBull**** for more
30 Oct 2010
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FOR LYRICS CLICK MORE INFOR !!!! step up soundtrack plz comment about it an rate it Chorus Show off that body you got You got that dance floor so hot You workin that, You twerkin that You checkin that, like a clock Verse (Petey Pablo) Cant nobody do it like i do it, when i do it, dog i do it (Break it down) Break it down putcho back into it Main Yall aint ready for the **** im doing (Get up) Get up Putcho drinks down Dont want yall sausy your drinks out All over that your cheap blouse aint nothin but a small any anyhow (Still me) Still me I just changed the sound to the other one i had and just swapped it out (Switch) Kept somethin in the backround, cuz you in love with the song but you in love with the backround Come on let a momma work for me Make a playa wanna spend some money (Come on) I dont really like to spend a money But you can do what you do and do it well Imma Chorus Show off that body you got You got that dance floor so hot You workin that, You twerkin that You checkin that, like a clock (REPEAT) Verse (Show up) Show up, empty Nothin in um, Her..her No Silicone, no libo, no botox no dumpy dump (No) All Natural, let the day spoil when another brother in this world Good lookin momma That good and hot to death make an athelete lose his breath And had to move that *** when you bump south You gonna need a couple skirts keep fallin out (For Real) a 10.5 on a rhictor scale a high number you can go to 12 shorty shaking like hell We ought be shamed ourselves, creator couldnt rock the bed that well (Look Out) Breakin it down, ridin this beat like (WOW) Papa jail man i gun her down Chorus Show off that body you got You got that dance floor so hot You workin that, You twerkin that You checkin that, like a clock (REPEAT) Bridge] This is defiantly the wickedest thing i hear of my life! OK! I've been sippin on that patron (Get Up, Get up) I'm ready, Give you what you want OK! (Get Up, Get Up) Might not feel the same way tomorrow (Ok) What i feel went back tomorrow (Get up, Get up) Cuz tonight you got me feeling like i wanna take you home Chorus Show off that body you got You got that dance floor so hot You workin that, You twerkin that You checkin that, like a clock (REPEAT)
1 Apr 2011
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A tribute video to Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) featuring highlights from career. Included are some of Ali's unforgettable speeches, world famous fights, and top ten knockouts. This man is a legend, and quite possibly the best athelete to ever walk the Earth. The song is called Requiem For A Dream tags: Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Ali fights, takedowns, Famous fights, speech, speeches, float like a butterfly sting like a bee, top ten knockouts, top ten fights, best fights, Cassius Clay, Boxing, Fighting, UFC, the anchor punch, rope a dope, George Foreman, george Foreman vs Muhammad ali, Sonny Liston, Sonny liston vs muhammad ali, the greatest, the louisville lip, highlights
8 Jun 2011
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7 Dec 2011
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