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apo ellinofreneia
28 Oct 2009
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*******www.bestworkexchange**** Let us share the truth about freelance production work and freelancing with you. Your proposal needs to include your price and customer service information. Listen to your client more than you speak to them. Find your next
13 Jan 2010
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*******www.electricblueevents****/ provides first class service to all of their customers with equipment like microphones, sound systems, lighting material, LCD and LED screens for your big day.
16 Sep 2011
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mendezmuzik produktionz 336-280-9033 midisenadorhotmail****
17 Mar 2012
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*******azcine****/ - Arizona Cine Equipment offers offers equiments for trade show exhibitions, concerts, corporate meetings, theater productions, motion pictures etc. Call us at 520.623.8268 for more information!
5 Jun 2012
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Culture Department promotes cultural heritage of Sindh within Pakistan and abroad; supports literary activities through establishment and maintenance of public libraries, publication of books and patronage of scholars and intellectuals; protects the historical / heritage buildings through; ensures preservation / conservation of archaeological sites and monuments in addition to their management and upkeep; regulates protection of heritage buildings; and makes efforts for the welfare of the intellectuals – writers, poets and artists - of Sindh. (uploaded for by KUNN Solutions)
26 Dec 2012
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This video demonstrates an audio-visual illusion known as the McGurk effect.
10 Dec 2006
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SimpleTEXT is a collaborative audio/visual public performance that relies on audience participation through input from mobile devices such as phones, PDAs or laptops. SimpleTEXT focuses on dynamic input from participants as essential to the overall output. The performance creates a dialogue between participants who submit messages which control the audiovisual output of the installation. These messages are first parsed according to a code that dictates how the music is created, and then rhythmically drive a speech synthesizer and a picture synthesizer in order to create a compelling, collaborative audiovisual performance. SimpleTEXT was originally funded by a commission from Low-Fi, a new media arts organization based in the UK.To date, SimpleTEXT has been shown 12 times in 8 countries across Europe and North America
14 Feb 2007
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this Video is a sample that show how we can use Video (Audio Visual Aid) to educate our children and use our daughter's and also son's own voice. I also did the design it for cormercial purpose... but the background is the customer have to provide such as memorial event such as marrying ceremony. birthday party. praying ritual and etc
1 May 2007
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audio visual embedding ...
11 May 2007
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Recording of live audio visual gig, performed at The Loft in Barcelona. I've done a bit of post editing to tighten this piece up .
14 Jun 2007
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Being able to visualize and have a vision of what you are trying to accomplish in your business it vital to your success. Those that can see what the beginning, middle, and end will look like will be more successful. why did Ford believe that he could build a car when there we hardly any roads to drive on. Because he had a vision of roads, and the need to travel longer distances. www.mentoringyoutosuccess**** www.yourfuturegoldmine**** 11 media player visualization window11 mediap layer visualization window188003262724 creativity growth inquire inquire visualization within within24 rceativity growth inquire inquire visualization within within3 d visualization for engineering graphic3 d visualization for enginereing graphic3d terrain visualization3d visualization3d visualziation4th edition toolki tvisualization4th edition toolkit visualization ability accept advanced visualization affirmation affirmations ajva visualization algebar application beginning visualization algebra application beginning interemdiate visualization algebra application beginning intermediate visualization algebra application beginning visualization algebra college modeling visualization algebra collgee modeling visualization algorithm drawing graph graph visualization algorithm graph visaulization algorithm graph visualization algroithm drawing graph graph visualization alway amarok visualizations architectural visualization architectural visualiztaion art book nature science visualization art book nature science visualizatoin art creative practice visualization athletic skills audio visualization audio visualizations audio viusalization based information internet semantic ivsualization visualizing web xml based information internet semantic visualization visualizing web xml beginner creative visualization beginner creatvie visualization belief and faith bes better beyond horizon information visualization beyond horizon information visulaization biblical passages body book complete creative tape visualization book complete creativet ape visualization books brown landrum visaulization brown landrum visualization cartography data geospaital visualization cartography data geospatial visualization cause and effect change cheerleading christmas visualization christmas visualizations code visualization cognition & cognitive psychology collaborative visualization college algebra through modeling and algebra through modelnig and complete creative guide guide idiot idiot visualization complete complete creative guideg uide idiot idiot visualization consciousness craft information reading reflection visualization craft information reading reflection visualization create creative visualization exercise creative creative healing seen setting visualization creative healing seen setting visualization creative visualizatino meditation creative visualization creative visualization ebookcreative visualization exercise creative visualization exercises creative visualization meditat
20 Jul 2007
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Audio Visual Presentatio Bigfoot Entertainment Internal Project
1 Oct 2007
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Instructional video detailing all of the phases that goes into a Nalts production- from conceptualization and script writing to audio-visual preparation and handling a two-camera shoot. While driving. Thanks to Furnifur and Nutcheese for the intermission. It's from Nutcheese's Halloween video.
10 Nov 2007
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Assim que Noemi, a meninha do cartaz da oficina da Escola Técnica do Audio-Visual toma vida. E começa a era internet. Preciso de monitores que queiram trabalhar comigo. Abraços Saldanha
12 Nov 2007
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A full week of buzzing digital media creation will be showcased starting Tuesday, January 15th through Monday, January 21st 2008, at several venues downtown Chicago. Check out www.mgFest**** for the most current festival information. MGFest 08 features two world-premier theater screenings, multiple post-production studio tours, audio/visual art exhibits, a/v performances, six days of motion design / sound design / and motion programming classes. These events celebrate creative minds and bright ideas within the emerging media landscape. The Motion Graphics Festival begins a tradition of full-scale environmental design, bringing together a massive range of creative talents to inspire, awe, and activate your mind.. whether you're a hard-core geek, a dedicated composer, a designer, film-maker, artist, engineer, programmer, educator or just someone who likes being close to the creative community. This video intro is a core part of mgFest, in 2008 the traditional is carried forward by Lift Motion Design Studio and Creative Chaos. The source footage was shot at Foundation Post, and the music was designed by The Great Mundane. www.LiftMotion**** www.Psymbolic****/the_great_mundane ( Design Sound Code ) .: in motion www.mgFest****
13 Jan 2008
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