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Join Voice Over Expert Marc Cashman as he coaches you on "Auditioning in Your Home Studio" to set the stage for success. Learn how to create a perfect audition from home by following directions, being professional and paying attention to detail.
5 Dec 2007
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This is the audition video of Dion Hicks which we made to submit to Big Brother 2008. If you like it please vote for Dion to enter the Australian BB house for 2008 at *******bigbrother****.au This is a Gameznet production Filmed Produced and Edited by me Andrew McMullen. *******gameznet****.au
22 Dec 2007
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Preparing for an audition that I hoped to have for Angie Stone
27 Jan 2008
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My audition video!
26 Jan 2008
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We were lucky enough to track down this audition tape from The New American Gladiators. It is an absolute crime that some of thes
7 Jan 2010
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Captured by fraps audition sea ^^ Enjoy it
15 Feb 2008
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Writer/Director David Branin had an idea for a zany Super Bowl XLII 42 commercial, so he held an audition and asked, "Imagine you score the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl, what would be your dance?" You will probably never see this on television but at least you can get a laugh out of it here. Want to thank contributors Frantz Durand, Elliott Owen, Brian Erzen, Phil Young, Cameron DeVictor, Patricia Villetto, Gregor Collins, Steven Miranda, James Semmens, Daniel Sol, and Damon Campbell.
4 Feb 2009
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Traditionally when people talk about audit reconsideration, particularly at the IRS, what they're talking about is the reconsideration of an audit determination where you’ve gotten one of those love letters that says hey guess what, John Smith? Bring your box of receipts down to your local IRS office. We’re going to go through those things line by line and basically try to increase your tax liability to a number larger than you’ve ever imagined. That’s not really what I want to talk about today. I want to talk about something even more common that that, and that’s audit reconsideration – when the IRS has prepared what's known as a substitute for return for you because you didn’t bother filing a return. Have you ever gotten an IRS notice in the mail for a tax year that you know you didn’t file a tax return, but instead there is a big giant number there attached to it. So you know you never filed a tax for 2000 return, but wow, where’d they get the number $13,472 that I owe them? What's happened is the IRS has prepared what's known as a substitute for return for you. A substitute for return is prepared for a taxpayer when they don’t bother to get around to it. In other words, the IRS knows that you're probably going to owe money or suspect strongly that you're going to owe them money. So what they do is they gather up all the W2s and 1099s and add up that number. They go ahead and give you one exemption, one dependent (yourself), pick the highest filing status that they can find and go ahead and prepare the return. They add up all the numbers, multiply by the tax rate, and out comes a big fat number. Then they go ahead and add a bunch of penalties and interest on there and then they start trying to collect it from you. Sometimes they’ll actually follow the rules and send out a notice of deficiency first, which is your ticket to tax court. But if you're like most of my clients anyway, you’ve moved roughly 37 times since the last time you filed a tax return and so you never got the notice. At any rate, a taxpayer can then go ahead and file an original return subsequent (which means after) the IRS has prepared a substitute for return, and the law provides that the IRS may accept your figure and abate (which means reduce or eliminate) the excess tax penalties and interest. Pretty cool deal. Let me tell you a quick story. I recently had a client come in, and she had a tax bill for over $200,000 – big number even to me, and I’m used to dealing with big numbers. So she owes $200,000 according to the IRS. So we sit down here in my office, and we have a friendly little talk. During the talk, I realize hey, this is a substitute for return. This is an SFR; we might actually have the ability to refile a correct return and get this thing to go down. I talk to her for a bit, and I find out that the tax bill was so high because it’s based upon the sale of her house. I ask her a few follow up questions and low and behold, I find out that that wasn’t even a taxable transaction. We file the return for the first time. We followed some special secrets and procedures that I know about, and within six months, we almost totally eliminate the liability. It went down from $200,000 to $600. Is that a deal or what!
8 Mar 2008
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By ATXQ-VieSongJinhye - SM Audition Practice
9 Mar 2008
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these are some auditions that were rejected on american gladiator haha
21 Jun 2010
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From a rare audition tape before they made it big in Hollywood, Erik Estrada and Jennifer Lopez prove why they are the consummate professionals that we know and love today. Notice Jennifer's wild blonde hair.
23 Mar 2008
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Audition Now - On April 8th, first-round audition voting will begin! 20 finalists will advance and participate in our professional screen test and four will land a lead role in a theatrical film.
27 Mar 2008
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mtv roadies audition 5.0 of all the roadies contastant who taking part in roadies 5.0. anmol audition at mtv roadies 5.0 sonel audition at mtv roadies 5.0 shambhavi audition at mtv roadies 5.0 prabhjot audition at mtv roadies 5.0 ankita(simran) audition at mtv roadies 5.0 varun audition at mtv roadies 5.0 vibhor audition at mtv roadies 5.0 vikrant audition at mtv roadies 5.0 ayaz audition at mtv roadies 5.0
27 Mar 2008
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my audition tape!
30 Mar 2008
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This is my audition video that I sent in to the producers. I basically just answer some of the questions they ask and have a little fun doing it.
4 Apr 2008
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*******norshah.blogspot**** Audition Dance Online Exclusive Ads
10 Apr 2008
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