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Young video of the set I played that made me become one of the winners of the Dinho Cafe auditions that took place at Jack budha shisanyama #TeamKmgSwag
20 Nov 2017
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Check out the sharp moves and a spiky illusion from our latest magic maker. Watch the Judges reaction and plenty more BGT treats here: magic vedios | magic tricks | magic | america got talent | tricks |america | india | china | magic show
23 Nov 2017
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20 Nov 2017
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4 Dec 2017
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This trio came on "America's Got Talent" and they were so horrible that the interview after the audition was longer than their singing. (The X's behind them are buzzers set off by judges when they think they should not pass on to the next round.)
27 Jun 2006
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So we thought that the audition last week with the 2 ladies and the dude was the shortest audition ever. NOPE! This beats them out.
3 Jul 2006
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Real actual audition tape never intended for public viewing. Jewish rapper mc bagels tries to get hip hop rap record deal. you have to see this freakin' unbelievable private amateur video tryout singing song
15 Jan 2007
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One of the worst auditions ive seen, who the hell told this guy he could sing...
21 Jan 2007
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An audition by a redheaded American for the American Idol Show that didn't make the cut. She was refused because they said she didn't have the look or the sound they were looking for. She was devastated and walked off in a huff.
8 Feb 2007
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My sister's audition in St. Louis.
9 Feb 2007
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This is actor Russell Reynolds' audition tape for a new dective based reality show on Spike TV. He obviously knows not to take himself too seriously and decided to add some comedy.
25 Mar 2007
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เบื้องหลัง Audition Street Dance
2 May 2007
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Here is my Audition Video
7 May 2007
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