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Video dedicated and specially made for you """""Aunt Norma"""""
17 Sep 2007
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Miss Aunt Frankie dearly, she was one of the best.
20 Oct 2007
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Nina is about to go meet up with her boyfriend, Adama. Nina's aunt, sensing that it might be a good time to talk with her niece about men and their predatory instincts, provides some matter-of-fact advice. By Idrissa Ouédraogo, Burkina Faso, based on an original idea by Aram Dieye, aged 16, from St. Louis, Senegal. Scenarios from the Sahel is a unique collection of 13 films exploring the issue of HIV/Aids in Africa. The films combine humour, drama and animation with information about the nature of HIV/AIDS and the best forms of prevention. They provide an insight into the daily experience of living with the disease as experienced by people of all ages in Africa. In 1997, thousands of young people under 25 in Senegal, Mali and Burkina Faso took part in a contest inviting them to come up with ideas for short films on HIV/AIDS. The contest was so successful that a second contest was held in early 2000. Special emphasis in this contest was placed on encouraging girls/young women, rural youth, and young people who do not attend school to participate. Scores of organisations worked in partnership to bring the conteststo communities, and almost 22,000 young people took part. Scenarios from the Sahel (now known as Scenarios From Africa) is a community mobilisation, education and media project. It offers children and young people the opportunity to work with international directors in the production of short fiction films to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. For more information about Scenarios From Africa please visit the Global Dialogues Site here: *******www.globaldialogues**** To watch more films about HIV and AIDS, please visit the OneWorldTV Site here: *******tv.oneworld****
29 Sep 2009
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why love Delilah when you can love Aunt Jemima lol
11 Jun 2008
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Tips for a proper shoulderstand set up, alternatives to shoulderstand and what to do when that pesky aunt is in town.
3 Jul 2008
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Go to httpwww CelebrityMojo com to see more free Britney Spears aunt tells us how proud her family is that shes turned her life around Britney smiles and looks happy Chandra McGovern and judges agree that she can spend more time with her kids who have been with Kevin Federline He professional life starting to make a comeback Celebrity Gossip Latest Celebrity Gossip Britney Spears Britney Spears Jamie Spears Lynn Spears aunt pop wreck toxic hit me baby crossroads singer video entertainment
28 Jul 2008
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This weeks episode, Studio Clip Show, takes a look at the inner workings behind the scenes at The Clip Show. Special thanks to Molly Lynn of Women of Warcraft and of course Aunt Helen.
25 Sep 2008
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Aunt Terry Peace Be With You
17 Feb 2009
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*******www.Newded**** Tyler Perry's I Can Do Bad All by Myself - Aunt April
17 Sep 2009
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19 Sep 2009
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Baby Mideum playing peekaboo on the veranda with her aunt
31 Jan 2010
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Baby Mideum is playing a game with her aunt - Chase the Tiny Ball of Foil
7 Dec 2009
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Yue opera Aunt Xianglin Yue opera begin in Zhejiang province many people help to sing no instrument to use
6 Jan 2010
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My aunts feet who is about 25, at a family party, love her feet so much. Really sorry about those random messages aswell that pop up, really annoying D:.
15 Jan 2010
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Adam Lambert's aunt Kitty from New York is unable to receive a marriage license to partner of many years, yet she is able to marry a complete stranger off the street. What a shame!!!
17 Feb 2010
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Aunt Sallies Wonderful Bustle Filmed by thomas edison in the early 1900's
23 Mar 2010
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