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17 May 2013
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ipl 6 opening ceremony katrina kaif dance pit bull
9 Jun 2013
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a 3D vid. HD quality. Love affair of a cute girl failed
30 Oct 2013
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Sona Sexy Hot Vdo
30 Nov 2013
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31 Mar 2015
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Sairat part 2 acting grand mother very well..
8 Aug 2016
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Sexy Hot Indian girl change dress in front of camera
14 Sep 2016
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In june 2005, A crow dropped a little bird in the garden of our house.The crow has caught the bird by its neck,so its neck we could see the bones in its beak and neck were visible out.I am not sure if its fractured but the way my mother, the aunty behind our house and myself fell i love with the bird. Deep in my heart, i felt God has given me a opportunity to save the bird.and there by get his blessings.I made a hole in a small plastic can and used it as feeding bottle as we do for babies. I kept my camera sometimes in hand and attimes in tripod while taking care of the bird.The neighbour aunty was treating the bird as child which i really admired.I too considered him as my brother and named him Ryan. I was so happy that God gave me this opportunity to feed milk to a little bird struggling for life.The most memorable thing is that everytime we take the bottle near the bird, it will immediately open its mouth and say As if the bottle is a bother offering food in its mouth the bird was reacting affectionately to us. We kept the bird in a little pot with a netted hole because many crows were flying up to catch the bird again.I wonder if crows will eat such cute little birds.The touching part was the mother of this bird ( i guess its mom/dad ) was sitting in one branch of coconut tree all the day and shouting kee kee kee..It was watching what ever we did but feared to come down.It was as if a mother crying for help when her son has met with an accident. I played with the bird for few minutes and thought its better if it knows to fly so that it can go back to its mother.When i lifted the bird in my palm, it sat calmly no matter how much i revolve.It sat quiet.Then i kept it down, fed milk again ,hided it inside the netted pot so that the crows wont catch it again and came inside my house for lunch with my cam. After few minutes, i heared a sound of bird loudly which i ignored. In the evening we found that the bird was missing. Neighbour aunty said the servants brother, a 8 year old boy is from a place where they even kill birds and eat them.That boy was innocently looking at the bird when i was there but he has jumped down the compound, stolen the bird and ran. The next day my mother scolded and cursed our servant and her brother saying its a sin to eat such creatures.The servant coolly said we used to burn these birds and eat.We all were shocked and felt too painful.I wondered how can such a small bird be of use to fill their stomach even if they are from poor family.The boy has stolen it and ran just because these people are addicted to the taste . The entire experience taught me life .Some of us have a heart to save and heal others in pain while few others just steal and kill for a pleasure which wont last more than 10 minutes. I was always telling the neighbour aunty that we both must make it a goal to save the bird and help it to fly with in next one week .This will bring us blessings from all the angels in sky.But God has a better plan.The little bird Ryan himself became an Angel the same day. May God bless all who watched and reads this with a beautiful mind that heals others in pain. Spread the message of Love and humanity. Please have a look at my filmmkaing forum at MyFilmmaking**** Venkat Raman www.MyFilmmaking****
28 Jan 2007
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MakeUp Party with my aunti Padideh
2 May 2007
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It was Saturday night and we happened to be around my auntie's neighborhood. Khairul, Bee Bee and I saw this black dog limping while walking and possibility one of his back leg has dislocated. He couldn't stand properly and the back leg didn't touch the ground. I have asked around who is this dog belong to and according to the neighbors that the dog has been roaming for quite sometime and abandoned by his human. He has been like this almost for 4 months now. His license tag is from last year. According to the people who stay in the neighborhood, this dog like to chase motorcyclist and it might got hit by some motorcyclist who got mad. This is terrible indeed. Hopefully Joseph and I manage to persuade him by wearing the muzzle and take him to the vet tomorrow evening for X-ray. Baby Alera fund will be spend on his medical treatment.
9 Sep 2007
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Kyouhei, Yukinojou, Takenaga, and Ranmaru are four gorgeous young men who live in a sprawling mansion owned by a woman they call "Auntie." Auntie tells the boys they may live there for free, but with one catch: they must transform the landlady's niece Sunako into a proper young lady within three years, or she'll triple their rent. The boys figure they're in for smooth sailing, until they discover that Sunako is an introverted, fashion-hopeless, horror-loving movie buff who would rather live like a hermit than undergo a makeover! Our four fabulous guys soon learn they're in for more than they bargained for as they try to turn a gore-loving gal into a delicate little flower. It's a Queer Eye FTSG of doom as the infamous Nabeshin unleashes The Wallflower!
2 Nov 2007
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How many times did you wrap it Auntie???
28 Dec 2007
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Just me enjoying a pretzel from the best pretzel maker Auntie Anne's. Perfect snack during a long day at work.
1 Jan 2008
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I decided I wanted to start a movement if I could, maybe illicit some video responses...noot about me-about anyone you want to send a special Thank you to. If you do make a video response however long to my video thanking Aember25 for her role in shlepping my fat ass cross country. I appreciate you April for all you did, Thank You Music is random bits from the radio during our trip and mixed with incompetech's Kevin McLeod. Thank you also to the following peeps... Chocolatetown - I love you I'm coming home to you. Huey and Tom and Miracle Soap Thank You Bree and Jamie Waffle Housers Dana Finally!! Huey's parents for adopting me Tom's parents for hugging me tight Huey's Boy's for calling mw Auntie like I like it. lol TheaterOfMemory for the banner 'It's Furni b***h' I had no idea you were gonna do that, I truly LOVE IT! ThankYou Nick, Brian, Andrew, Steve, Jeff, Andy, Rob and Chris Special Thank You to TJBach just cause LOVE YOU ALL TYYT Thank You Nutshine - cocreator of TYYT PrincessMo' - I love you the dogs the cats
24 Jan 2008
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11 Aug 2008
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16 Apr 2008
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