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StarStar Wars: The Phantom Senate All scenes of THE SENATE from The Phantom Menace with his most famous lines, such as... I AM THE SENATE! THE TRAGEDY OF DARTH PLAGUEIS THE WISE! A SUPRISE TO BE SURE, BUT A WELCOME ONE! and... *Autistic Screeching Star Wars: Attack Of The Senate, is currently in production.
19 Apr 2017
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Interview radiophonique de Jean-Luc ROBERT SUR SON LIVRE : MA VERITE SUR L'AUTISME Par Fabrice Albertini / RADIO LOL CORSICA Lanceur d'alerte, il dénonce le scandale des prises en charges laxistes des enfants autistes au sein de leur institution. PARTIE I : 1. LEZAPE : Les Ateliers Parents-enfant 2. Les troubles autistiques 3. L'IME 4. Le génie autistique 5. Prise en charge intégrative 6. ABA - PECS, Psychanalyse : critiques 7. Le pédopsychiatre 8. Des parents culpabilisés et isolés
20 Apr 2017
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autistic three pointer
7 Sep 2007
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Autistic man can remember everything he's ever read. From memorizing a book at 16 months old, to knowing every word from 8,000 books today
4 Oct 2007
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Jacob Jacob What Do You See ? - Autistic 7 year old
5 Feb 2009
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Autistic boy 2 part 1(www.easy-film****)
25 Mar 2009
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Autistic Boy2 part2 (www.easy-film****)
25 Mar 2009
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*******www.doctordavidclark****/cms/autism A new study released this month reveals unexpected data about mercury levels in autistic children. Find out what it means for your child. Dr. David Clark THE PLACE FOR ANSWERS™ Functional Neurologist Functional Endocrinologist Vestibular Rehabilitation Specialist Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist 214-341-3737 ------------------------ Blog: *******drclark.typepad**** ------------------------- Twitter: *******www.twitter****/DrDavidClark ---------------------- Facebook: *******budurl****/DrClarkonFacebook
23 Dec 2009
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TechnologyZac Web Browser Aims to Focus Autistic KidsZac Web Browser Aims to Focus Autistic KidsThe Associated PressThe Zac Browser is an Web application that helps autistic kids focus their attention and limits their exposure and interaction with inappropriate content (June 3)For autistic children, simply concentrating on one situation can be a challenge. Dealing with the multitude of sights and sounds produced by a computer can be even more difficult. Software designer John LeSieur recognized those frustrations while watching his 6-year old grandson, Zackary try and navigate the Web. LeSieur knew he could help. So he had his company, People CD Inc. design the Zac Browser, an interface geared specifically towards autistic children. The Zac Browser greatly simplifies the Web. It seals off most adult-oriented sites and presents a hand-picked slate of choices from free, public Web sites. While other programs offer a "walled garden" approach to the Web, LeSieur's browser aims to go further: It essentially takes over the computer and reduces the controls available. And for children like Zackary, setting those limits and narrowing the focus could help open up a world of possibilities. The Zac Browser can be downloaded or run directly from www dot zacbrowser dot com. ___ ___, The Associated Press.(****END****)
26 Feb 2010
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Literally A Living Miracle. This has to be the most dramatic testimony of the ability of the human spirit to overcome physical limitations that I have ever seen. Full Segment of Derek *******www.cbsnews****/video/watch/?id=6298156n&tag=contentMain;contentBody Derek Paravicini's Blog *******derekparavicinisblog.blogspot****/2008/04/derek-on-yahoo-60-minutes.html Derek's Official website *******www.sonustech****/paravicini/cd.html The Musical Genius - Derek Paravicini - Part 1/5 ***********/watch?v=1kwjDLHX92w Kim Peek - The Real Rain Man [1/5] ***********/watch?v=k2T45r5G3kA The Boy with the Incredible Brain - Daniel Tammet ***********/videoplay?docid=2351172331453380070 Autistic Savant Stephen Wiltshire Draws the City Of Rome From Memory *******www.metacafe****/watch/4200256/autistic_savant_stephen_wiltshire_draws_rome_from_memory/ The Human Calculator - Ruediger Gamm - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4200252/rudiger_gamm_the_human_calculator_savant/ The Mind and Materialist Superstition - Six "conditions of mind" that are irreconcilable with materialism: *******www.evolutionnews****/2008/11/the_mind_and_materialist_super.html Amazing Scientific Evidence That Mind Effects Matter - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4198007/scientific_evidence_that_mind_effects_matter/ The Near Death Experiences Of Children - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4109139/the_near_death_experiences_of_children_dr_melvin_morse/ In The Presence Of Almighty God - The NDE of Mickey Robinson - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4045544/in_the_presence_of_almighty_god_the_near_death_experience_of_mickey_robinson/ The NDE of Pam Reynolds - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4045560/the_near_death_experience_of_pam_reynolds_video/ Miracle Of Mind-Brain Recovery Following Hemispherectomies - Dr. Ben Carson - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3994585/miracle_of_mind_brain_recovery_following_hemispherectomies_dr_ben_carson/ Removing Half of Brain Improves Young Epileptics' Lives: Excerpt: "We are awed by the apparent retention of memory and by the retention of the child's personality and sense of humor,'' Dr. Eileen P. G. Vining; In further comment from the neuro-surgeons in the John Hopkins study: "Despite removal of one hemisphere, the intellect of all but one of the children seems either unchanged or improved. Intellect was only affected in the one child who had remained in a coma, vigil-like state, attributable to peri-operative complications." *******www.nytimes****/1997/08/19/science/removing-half-of-brain-improves-young-epileptics-lives.html Blind Woman Can See During Near Death Experience - Pim Lommel - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3994599/blind_woman_can_see_during_near_death_experience_pim_lommel_nde/ Kenneth Ring and Sharon Cooper (1997) conducted a study of 31 blind people, many of who reported vision during their NDEs. 21 of these people had had an NDE while the remaining 10 had had an out-of-body experience (OBE), but no NDE. It was found that in the NDE sample, about half had been blind from birth. *******findarticles****/p/articles/mi_m2320/is_1_64/ai_65076875/ In The Wonder Of Being Human: Our Brain and Our Mind, Eccles and Robinson discussed the research of three groups of scientists (Robert Porter and Cobie Brinkman, Nils Lassen and Per Roland, and Hans Kornhuber and Luder Deeke), all of whom produced startling and undeniable evidence that a "mental intention" preceded an actual neuronal firing - thereby establishing that the mind is not the same thing as the brain, but is a separate entity altogether. ***********/books?id=J9pON9yB8HkC&pg=PT28&lpg=PT28 “As I remarked earlier, this may present an “insuperable” difficulty for some scientists of materialists bent, but the fact remains, and is demonstrated by research, that non-material mind acts on material brain.” Eccles The Known Universe - Dec. 2009 - very cool video (please note the centrality of the earth in the universe) *******www.metacafe****/watch/4240304/the_centrality_of_earth_in_the_universe_cosmic_microwave_background_radiation/ of note: The only way to "geometrically" maintain continuous 3D spherical symmetry of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, within the "3D universe", from radically different points of observation in the universe, is for all the "higher dimensional quantum information waves" of the universe to collapse to their "uncertain" 3D particle state, universally and instantaneously, for/to each individual conscious observer in the universe. The 4-D expanding hypersphere of the space-time of relativity is grossly insufficient to maintain 3-D integrity/symmetry from radically different points of observation in the universe. Dr. Quantum - Double Slit Experiment & Entanglement - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/4096579/dr_quantum_double_slit_experiment_entanglement/ The Center Of The Universe Is Life - video *******www.metacafe****/watch/3993426/the_center_of_the_universe_is_life/ Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
15 Mar 2010
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*******www.KevinTrudeau**** Did you see Kevin Trudeau on late night TV? Lori Sullivan did, and when she followed the Kevin Trudeau facts and health protocols, she claims to have healed her autistic son using health secrets they dont want you to know about. Watch this inspiring testimonial visit the website if youd like to learn more about Kevin Trudeau his late night TV show.
28 Sep 2010
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Ogden Massage Therapy *******www.ogdenmassageandbodywork****/ In this video, Heidi discusses how can massage help autistic patients. Ogden Massage and Bodywork 1140 E. 36th Street, Suite #145 Ogden, Utah 84403 (801) 917-4744 *******www.ogdenmassageandbodywork****/
4 Aug 2011
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*******www.balancedhealthtoday****/medicardium.html Do you suspect so the youngster may be autistic? If the youngster has a delay in speech, doesn’t search to interrelate socially and have a mass of odd behavioural patterns, you’ll get him recognized. These signs, different frequently, are noticeable by the time he hits 3. Thus, an analysis done at the age provided be capable to tell to if you undergo cause for concern. Autism is a neurological brain disorder. Autism Youngster Natural Some specialists tell that autism may be invoked by a exposure. Mercury is recognized to cause neurological disorders as it primarily triggers brain dysfunction. Mercury is about to be assimilated by the body if it is presented as ethyl mercury that are commonly utilized in thimerosal, preservatives, and ingredients and even in pediatric vaccines. Thus to get free from the mercury, it appears that it is needful to do a heavy metal cleansing or maybe a mercury cleansing. Heavy metal cleansing is a process where chelating agents aid the body in excreting heavy metals by bonding with the contaminated materials and make them less active. Heavy metal cleansing is in advance when unsafe metals are assimilated by the blood flow and is excreted securely by the liver or maybe kidney. There are tons of cures that might help in heavy metal cleansing. DMSA is one of the most standard FDA-authorized drugs to treat people who need heavy metal cleansing. It comprises mixed disulfide and cysteine that forms a water-soluble chelating agent that might operatively excrete lead content through urination. DMSA may be considered as an operative heavy metal cleansing agent however there are recognized bad consequences that move tons of doctors not to suggest it to autistic kids. Several of the reported bad consequences of DMSA are self-stimming, seizures and some dysfunction of the nervous system. People with autism may or maybe cannot show these bad consequences for the cause that as noted earlier, it’s at all times a case-to-case core. The Other option for heavy metal cleansing is the consumption of DMPS. That is the next alternative for DMSA. DMPS may be a little costly, however it is suggested to be taken only monthly. Autism Youngster Natural That is in general less expensive in evaluation with DMSA for which you have to take them Twenty Eight times every month. There are in addition different options that you might consider for the youngster for a much gentler way of cleanse. For example, taking definite natural supplements recognized to help in cleanse on top of homeopathy. Don’t let the love ones suffer anymore! Lead them out through program now! *******www.balancedhealthtoday****/products.html
7 Nov 2012
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Coping with a child who has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be very difficult, and as a parent of an autistic child, learning how to deal with autistic children is incredibly important - for both their well being and yours. For more help, go to ***********
15 Nov 2012
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Seth F. Henriett (Fajcsak Henrietta)-An autistic polymath woman life of Eger in the 20th and 21st century. Biographical documentumfilm, Eger, Hungary, 2012.
5 Dec 2012
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*******www.workingwithautism****/ Working With Autism specializes in the treatment and therapy for autistic children in Los Angeles. We are centrally located in the area, and our team of therapists can begin developing a customized plan tailored to your son or daughter's individual needs.
31 Dec 2012
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