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app review of Awesome Facts Pro by iCoderz, $1.19 on the appstore: *******hubpages****/_metacafe/hub/awesome_facts Over 4500 facts and counting!
28 Jul 2009
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In this video, you will find out 7 awesome facts about dinosaurs! 1. Which of the dinosaurs was the smartest? 2. What did dinosaurs eat? 3. Were Pterosaurs dinosaurs? 4. Were there flying dinosaurs? 5. Which dinosaur could swim? 6. How do you get to know how the dinosaur shapes are? 7. What is the earliest feathered dinosaur?
20 Mar 2017
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In this video, you will know more awesome facts about dinosaurs!
22 Mar 2017
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Learn 5 awesome facts about dinosaurs in this video! 1. What is the study of prehistoric life called ? 2. The most popular estimate of the T-Rex maximum running speed is ? 3. Dinosaurs belonged to which group of animals? 4. Were the largest dinosaurs carnivores or herbivores? 5. Birds evolved from which type of animals?
22 Mar 2017
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Watch 6 awesome facts about dinosaurs in this video!
27 Mar 2017
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Spectacularly jagged, arid mountains surround this magical Buddhist land. Incredibly beautiful gompas , whitewashed stupas and mani walls, its not a surpise that Ladakh is such a popular tourist destination in India. Here are 8 awesome facts about this wonderful land called Ladakh. Book your Ladakh trip packages with SOTC
26 Mar 2018
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