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11 Dec 2007
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The clip Awkward family gathering from Parenthood (1989) with Steve Martin, Rick Moranis "The Penal Colony" by Franz Kafka. Patty a doctor yet? Mock if you will. All right. Our children are more capable of absorbing information than we are... yet we insist on treating them like adorable little morons. Are you saying Patty can learn things I can't learn? Patty, which one of these... is the square root of 8,649? Ninety-three. They're like sponges, Gil, just waiting to absorb. I want this. You see? Take my advice. Forget about Kevin and Taylor. It's too late. Work on Justin. Actually, Justin is quite bright. In his preschool class, he was the only- Slow down, Justin. I'll get you some dip. You remember that guy you went out with in college, Jeffrey Sanders? He always chased me out of the room when he came over. Oh, yeah. I saw him today. God, what a loser, huh? In a Rolls. I meant me. What is that? Oh, Nathan and Patty and I are "power eating. " We bring our own food everywhere. Nathan turned me on to it, and I never felt better. Where do you get that stuff? This is it. Everybody in the living room. This is the big surprise. Oh, Larry! My baby! You look great. Dad! Oh, hi, son.
13 Nov 2011
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The clip Awkward family gathering Part 2 from Parenthood (1989) with Jason Robards, Steve Martin Great to see you! Shit. Well put. Who's that? That's my kid brother Larry, your uncle. Don't give him any money. I won't. Just a little something for being the best dad in the world. I found it a couple of months ago. It's for your collection. A toy car! Oh, this is great! A Stutz! Yeah, if you've got it, spend it on the people you love. Right? Is this Grandma? Yeah, she's still alive. Jesus! Grandma, you got short. I'm shrinking. Bummer! Gilbo! How long has it been? Three years? About that. You stopped wearing your turban. Yeah. My God! Susan, you look great. If you weren't my sister- I know it's been hard. Dad? You were supposed to wait outside so I could introduce you. Well, why don't you do it now, Larry? Everybody... this is my son, Cool. Did he say "Cool"? Cool. Your son? It's a long story. Let's eat. Keep Patty away from my brother. He'll suck the intelligence out of her.
13 Nov 2011
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The clip Awkward family gathering Part 3 from Parenthood (1989) with Eileen Ryan, Tom Hulce Cool is adorable. Why didn't you ever write us you had a son? I didn't know myself until a couple of months ago. See... a few years ago I was living in Vegas with this girl. A showgirl. She was in that show, "Elvis On Ice. " Anyway, we drifted apart... as people do in these complicated times... and then a couple of months ago, she shows up with Cool, tells me... "You watch him. I shot someone. I have to leave the country. " That's a parent? Anyway... we're back in town because I've got something really huge cooking. Enormous. Monster. Dad, this is it. From now on, I'm gonna be taking care of all of you. This isn't another get-rich-quick scheme, is it, Larry? What's wrong with getting rich quick? Quick is the best way to get rich. Look who I'm talking to. You ever see her family? They find a nickel, they huddle together and bury it like squirrels. What's the deal, son? What do you have going? Has anyone heard of hydroponics? Well, that's great! Hydroponics is the growing of plants without soil. What are you using? Coarse sand or suspension hydroponics? I don't- There's a guy with a lab coat that makes that decision. I make the deal.
13 Nov 2011
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The clip Awkward family gathering Part 4 from Parenthood (1989) with Jason Robards, Rick Moranis And I got to thinking, Cool's had no kind of life, no family. So while I'm locking this down, I thought we would stay with you. With us? A couple of weeks. The thing is, we don't have the big house anymore, you know. We just have the one bedroom for us and one for Grandma. Grandma's welcome to stay with us for a while. It'd be valuable for Patty to have a multigenerational influence. Fine with me. Well, I'll have to give you a list of her medications- and you'll have to pick up her shower chair. There's her hearing aid batteries, magnifying glass for reading. Oh, geez. What happened? Your mouth used up all the power. Don't worry, Dad. We can still find the bar. I'll get a flashlight. I'll get it, sis. Where is it? In the bedroom? It's in the nightstand. Mom, Dad, what happened? You know I don't like it in the dark. This is a blackout. It's a temporary interruption in the home's electrical supply. Something's busted. Where's the switch? Bring it here. Oh, here it is. What is this? Mommy, what was that? That was an electric ear cleaner. It was kind of big. It sure was!
13 Nov 2011
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25 Jul 2013
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Pre-order the new holiday book that comes out Oct. 29th: *******awkwardfamilyphotos****/awkward-books/ Photos courtesy of: *******awkwardfamilyphotos**** Share on Facebook : ******* Share on Twitter: ******* Music: *******soundcloud****/mykee-morettini/fullonrobotchubby Subscribe to Awkward Family Photos at ***********/user/AwkwardFamilyPhotos Check out our other collaborations with Awkward Family Photos: Awkward Family Photos: Greatest Yearbook Photos Of All Time: ************/watch?v=qx-ugiY0LJk Awkward Family Photos: Pregnant Masterpieces ***********/watch?v=MqptWUHWxdw Awkward Family Photos: The Vacation Hall of Fame ***********/watch?v=gZmlDzkuDyk And check out these great Buzzfeed videos: The Creepiest Pick-Up Lines: ************/watch?v=mpQqRZkto4k Everyday Products You've Been Using Wrong: ************/watch?v=DGiZh5kyYQA
8 Oct 2013
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28 Oct 2014
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From the movie Blue Steel - A family dinner becomes even more uncomfortable when Megan (Jamie Lee Curtis) expresses her hurt from her parent’s lack of support for her new career.
1 Jul 2011
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From the movie Johnson Family Vacation - Dorothy (Vanessa Williams) is welcomed with open arms by Uncle Earl (Cedric the Entertainer), but gets the cold shoulder from her mother-in-law (Aloma Wright).
18 Aug 2011
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THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING! My Tinychat *******www.tinychat****/shanedawsonchat Kates channel ***********/therealkatsketch MY LINKS: I have 3 channels! Check em out! :) *Main Channel* ***********/shanedawsontv *2nd Channel* (vlogs & extras) ***********/shanedawsontv2 *iPhone Channel* (daily vlogs) ***********/shane Hit me up on my social networks! Facebook *******www.facebook****/shanedawsonfans Twitter *******www.twitter****/shanedawson Website *******www.shanedawsontv**** Shirts & Merch *******store.bandmerch****/shanedawson/ Send letters to my P.O. Box 12501 Burbank Blvd. suite 4 PMB 252 Valley Village, Ca 91607 *Film & Television Agent: William Morris Endeavor *Film & Television Manager as well as Internet or Interview Inquiries: Patti Crosby Pttcrosbyaol**** *Merchandising & Branding Agent: Shelly Marchetti smarchettiapa-agency****
27 Jan 2012
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Family meetings blow. Like it? Tweet it: *******clicktotweet****/19bUf STARRING Jason Horton ***********/jasonhorton Lindsay Harbert ***********/thesampler Kyle Mooney ***********/kyle Rebecca Leib ------- Written & Directed by Michael Gallagher ------- YouTube: ***********/totallysketch Twitter: *******www.twitter****/totallysketch Facebook: *******www.facebook****/totallysketch ------- Director of Photography by Jon Na ***********/nameanfilms Executive Produced by Mickey Meyer Produced by Aaron Zaragoza Sound by Tremain Hayhoe Brian Ford Edited by Eric Thompson ***********/mrcruelhandluke Special Thanks Samin Kriegstein © 2011 Totally Sketch. All rights reserved.
28 Apr 2013
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This is the pregnant photo slideshow to end all photo slideshows. All other slideshows are obsolete. Photos courtesy of *******awkwardfamilyphotos**** Music: ********soundcloud****/niceaux/all-of-me
22 Jun 2013
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Bieber Perfume Ad: ******* Super Freaky Manbabies: ******* Things You're Really Doing When You Should Be Studying for Finals: ******* Wierdos With Their Pets: ******* 25 Hovering Hover Hands: ******* Last Week's Episode: ******* Mari is BACK and here to walk you through some of her favorite SmoshPit stories of the week! Check out the links above! Mari's Twitter: *******bitly****/AtomicMari
13 Jul 2011
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Sister Wives Kody takes a shopping trip with all four of his mothers-in-law.
24 Jan 2014
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LOL, THE UGLIEST PERSON ON FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/profile.php?=73322363 After an awesome week at NY ComicCon, here are some of my favorite images from this week :) ***** LINKS ****** Scary woman: *******4chanarchive****/images/x/5719895/1285087096433.jpg Dangerous bike balance: *******www.totalprosports****/2010/08/20/picture-of-the-day-hold-steady/ Bieber next to sign: *******4.bp.blogspot****/_zShYMtzulrw/TCAqRrK3q-I/AAAAAAAABcY/Ycfp9E2IKZ4/s640/tumblr_l2r07bsriU1qzey4go1_500.jpg Old woman with sword: *******explainthisimage****/unexplainable-photo/popular/737-lvl-80-undead-death-knight heart T-shirts: *******www.thinkgeek****/tshirts-apparel/interactive/a090/ Awkward Family Photos: *******awkwardfamilyphotos**** Bong Grandma: ******* Hot(?) Bieber Dad: *******www.buzzfeed****/mjs538/the-10-sexiest-pictures-of-justin-biebers-dad Obama Book image: *******www.dailymail******/news/article-1319448/Obama-book-thrown-Philadelphia-rally.html Anime eye make-up: ***********/images?client=safari&rls=en-us&q=anime+eye+make+up&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=JSu1TPjMJ4P78Ab6ovTACg&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CCcQsAQwAA Funny shadows: *******explainthisimage****/unexplainable-photo/popular/10948-at-what-time-of-the-day-the Three guys: *******shitbrix****/mindfuck/recent/25270-gaming-convention Weird legs: *******shitbrix****/mindfuck/recent/34757-phone-call BroBible: *******www.brobible****/story/the-15-most-common-ways-girls-try-to-look-hotter-on-facebook/P3 Facebook tricks and pranks: ******* Animals eating Animals: *******www.speedywap****/20542/death-in-captured-frames/#more-20542 Animal eating a kid: *******zuzutop****/2010/10/wtf-seriously/ Other images via YOU at *******www.facebook****/VsauceGaming
31 Oct 2011
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