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0:41 – bilgi anahtarı – Türkiye'nin bilgi ve eğlence forumu, sözlük, haber, video, bilgisayar oyunları vb onlarca konu başlığı ile bilginin şirin kaynağı, irfan hazinesi :)
26 Feb 2009
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Another work of art. This one-of-a-kind ultra stretch H2 Hummer can accommodate up to 26 passengers – ideal for large bridal parties. Expect the same Exotic Coach luxury Chicago knows and trusts... just more of it.
28 May 2009
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this is the real romeo and juliet...
8 Aug 2010
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1:38 (310) 935-3747 ~ BMW Repair Culver City Mercedes, Porsche, & BMW Repair Culver City 1110 Centinela Ave. in Inglewood, CA 90302 HOURS: Monday – Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm (310) 935-3747 Foreign Repair Culver City is equipped to handle complex repairs and services for foreign and domestic vehicles: (310) 935 3747 ~ Foreign Repair Culver City all Mercedes, BMW, and Porsche models. $25 off first visit. As a AAA approved repair shop, we are required to meet the highest standards in vehicle repair, competency, reliability, cleanliness, overall experience and fair pricing. Every year AAA reviews our work orders and calls our customers to asking them about our service. In 2008 we received an overall customer satisfaction rating of 98.5%. 18 month or 18,000 mile warranty on most repairs. $25 Off first visit ~ AAA Auto Repair Approved Facility +Free shuttle service both to and from home or office +$25 off coupon on first visit +Complimentary car wash with repair or regular maintenance work +High Quality, Affordable Pricing, Professional Service +Local Shuttle Service +18 Month or 18,000 Mile Warranty +Family Owned and Operated Since 1985 +Pickup and delivery of your vehicle of your vehicle at no extra charge Cities Serviced: Los Angeles, Inglewood, Ladera Heights, Culver City, Baldwin Hills, Compton, Crenshaw, Lawndale, Hawthorne, Redondo Beach, Westchester, Playa Del Rey, Marina del Rey. You satisfaction is important to us. Foreign Car Repair Culver City has accumulated a long list of satisfied BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes customers throughout our 45 year history. Give us a try. You won’t be disappointed. If you live or work in the 90013, 90014, 90015, 90017, or 90021 areas, call us today at (310) 935-3747 to schedule an appointment for your next Mercedes repair.
22 Oct 2011
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This I Love (Chinese Democracy)
7 Feb 2012
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6 Mar 2013
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8 Mar 2013
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Axle Rose and Vince. Whe will they fight???
24 Jul 2006
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Trial celebrado en la isla de Tenerife aparecen un bj40, Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Ligero y un Land Rover V8 solo en traccion trasera superando las zonas. (The last Land Rover has broken the front axle)
20 Dec 2006
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lol, this is my mate (who thinks he's axl rose) performing sweet child o' mine... what a GAY!... :P
12 Feb 2007
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On a mission to find answers to those scientific questions that have always puzzled mankind - such as: how hard is water if you fall on it from a great height?, What makes the best DIY earthquake? And is meringue really the best DIY fire suit? - Caravan Man leaves no stone nor 5 berth towed abode unturned. With an unquenchable thirst for scientific knowledge his experimentation knows no bounds and frequently has explosive consequences. Be it electrocution, water torture or dynamite, Caravan Man will have his science satisfaction and caravans everywhere are trembling on their twin axles, at the thought of Caravan Man hitting the UK this May.
17 Apr 2007
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this is me and my pup Axl, just a little about me
13 May 2007
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nocturnox, axl y la mole cantando el ado
9 Aug 2007
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That Amazing Freestyle .... A unicycle is a one-wheeled human powered vehicle. Unicycles are similar to, but less complex than, bicycles.Unicycles are composed of a few key parts: the wheel (which includes the tire, tube, rim, spokes, hub and axle), the cranks, pedals, fork-style frame, seatpost, and saddle (the seat of the unicycle). The wheel is usually similar to a bicycle wheel with a special hub designed so the axle is a fixed part of the hub. This means the rotation of the cranks directly controls the rotation of the wheel (called direct drive). The frame sits on top of the axle bearings, while the cranks attach to the ends of the axle. The seatpost links the frame to the saddle.There are many different types of unicycles, which can include (but are not limited to): freestyle unicycles, trial unicycles, MUnis, giraffes, and long distance unicycles, which all have special components unique to that type of unicycle.
11 Aug 2007
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That can be very funny if something going not as planned..... A scooter is a two-wheeled motor vehicle with a step-through frame. Many modern scooters have their engines located forward of the seat and affixed to the frame. The classic scooter design features a step-through frame and a flat floorboard for the rider's feet. This design is possible because the scooter engine and drive system, transferring power to the rear wheel, is either attached to the rear axle or under the seat. In contrast to a frame mounted motorcycle engine, this front-hinged arrangement allows the engine to swing vertically in conjunction with the motion of the rear wheel. Older Vespas, most vintage scooters, and some newer retro models have axle mounted engines with a manual transmission with the gear shift and clutch controls built into the left handlebar.
13 Aug 2007
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Thumb Up for the nice skill.... Neighborhood For basic unicycling, this is the place to be. Not too long ago, all mass-produced unicycles were in this category. Basic, cheap unicycles such as the Torker CX are used. Freestyle unicycling Freestyle means to do skills, stunts, or tricks. Not only is freestyle a well-known term in BMX bicycling, it is also the name for a competition event in unicycling. Trials unicycling Trials unicycling is specifically aimed at hopping and riding over obstacles. Because of the constant pounding a trials unicycle endures, it must have a very strong axle and crankset. Street unicycling Street unicycling (or simply "street" as it's known within the sport) is a style of unicycling where riders use combinations of objects found in urbanized settings, such as curbs, ledges, handrails, stairs as well as flat areas to perform a wide variety of tricks.
24 Aug 2007
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