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So, here's the last of the of "Guitar Solos" videos, with Green Grass and High Tides, done in "Keyboard Mode", which is just what i call laying the guitar on your lap and playing the solo buttons as if they were a piano/keyboard. I don't actually play piano/keyboard in real life, but I did play a game called Beatmania on and off (the 5-key variant) since 1999, as well as years of Stepmania and it's predcessors since around 2000, so that definitely helps here. That's the last of these videos for now: more GH/RB drums vids on the way. Want to see stuff I do besides video games? Go check out ***********/azuriteblogs
9 Jun 2010
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*******www.azuritereaction**** new website! For more information about the video, click to read "more". This song is just insane. My best is a good 10,000+ more than this, but yeah, much harder than it looks. The main difficulty comes in the fact that bass pedal hits are timed differently in RB2, as well as the notes being so scrunched together. (my gamertag = sskitzzo) The drumset i'm using is a "GoodWoods" set, a sturdy, quiet, responsive set with great rebound: you can get it at *******www.goodwoodmods****/products.html I'm using the "Destroyer Pedal" in this video, which is great for zero double-hits, it's metal, and it's great for using heel-toe with. You can get it at *******www.rockbandpedal****/ And yes, I play drums in real life, been playing them on and off for 4+ years. To contact me for whatever reason, E-mail me at azuritereactiondrumsyahoo**** since I don't read my youtube messages for the most part.
25 Apr 2009
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14 Nov 2009
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*******www.azuritereaction**** for FAQ's, blogs, video updates and more. So, this is a redo of a video I made WAYYYY back when, back on the original kit i had, with original stock pedal, on RB1, with no footcam, no pad noise solo, and not in widescreen. The whole crossing arms thing was for fun: this was my first play of Maps this day, so I just did that for fun and ended up getting the FC on video (i'd FC'ed it before this video). Also, do you guys like the new angle? Comment about it yes/no, i'd like to know. I've only shot one other video in this angle, but yeah, if you guys like it i'll shoot future videos in it too. As for the song itself, what can I say really: classic song, one of the first few tiers, everyone who's a Rock Band drummer knows this song now. Next video i'm going to have a few little poll things set up and i'll be answering some questions that a lot of you keep on asking, so then that should clear some stuff up. The drumset i'm using is a "GoodWoods" set, a sturdy, quiet, responsive set with great rebound: you can get it at *******www.goodwoodmods****/products.html NOTE: The pads are loud because i've put tape on them to make them loud, that's just a preference of mine. They are quiet out of the box. I'm using the "Destroyer Pedal" in this video, which is great for zero double-hits, it's metal, and it's great for using heel-toe with. You can get it at *******www.rockbandpedal****/ Also check out *******www.rockbandparts**** - The best product, best warranty, best prices. PERIOD. To contact me for whatever reason, E-mail me at azuritereactiondrumsyahoo**** since I don't read my youtube messages for the most part. And yes, I play drums in real life, been playing them on and off for 5 years.
19 Jan 2010
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Take a glimpse into the past with these really old, but funny cartoons and shows I made when I first started to animate. Notice how far Ive gotten over the years? Please comment rate or subscribe thank you. Please excuse the tags- schism 100% FC expert tool guitar hero 4 world tour GH:WT GHWT GH WT GH4 xbox360 1500 NS JLC Danny phenom man guitarherphenom 100% FC GH:WT JLC jameslikecoulter jameslikecrazySH beberle2 ben jordan buckethead ttfaf through the fire and flames xpert GH3 Gh2 iamchris4life soothsayer custom song GHtunes bl00dblitz song impossible one metallica master of puppets ride the lightning RB2 RB rock band ggaht green grass and high tides freebird free bird lynyrd skynyrd raining blood and justice for all blackened for whom bell tools metallica metallica mettalica blackened hammer-ons Hopo tapping tap intro section solo montage satch boogie joe satriani hot for teacher van halen crazy train ozzy osbourne BYOB system of a down trapped under ice scream aim fire SP star power path the way it ends take this life Cop cult of personality living colour knights of cydonia stricken battle vs. lou slash dwdtg devil went down to georgia the charlie daniels band DLC dream theater panic attack Rock band 3 RB3 GH5 Guitar hero: metallica GH:M GHM hellashes danny * All Nightmare Long * Battery * Creeping Death * Disposable Heroes * Dyers Eve * Enter Sandman * Fade To Black * Fight Fire With Fire * For Whom The Bell Tolls * Frantic * Fuel * Hit The Lights * King Nothing * Master of Puppets * Mercyful Fate (Medley) * No Leaf Clover * Nothing Else Matters * One * Orion * Sad But True * Seek And Destroy * The Memory Remains * The Shortest Straw * The Thing That Should Not Be * The Unforgiven * Welcome Home (Sanitarium) * Wherever I May Roam * Whiplash * Alice In Chains - No Excuses * Bob Seger - Turn The Page * Corrosion of Conformity - Albatross * Diamond Head - Am I Evil? * Foo Fighters - Stacked Actors * Judas Priest - Hell Bent For Leather * Kyuss - Demon Cleaner * legends of rock danny guitarherophenom phenom man soothsayer buckethead surfing with the alien for the love of god danny soothsayer jordan buckethead satch boogie van halen joe satriani BYOB system of a down 100% FC Expert Re-FC tap trills crazy train ozzy osbourne MR.Crowley Mr. Crowley scream aim fire JLC james jameslikecoulter jameslikecrazy jameslikecrazySH ben beberle2 through the fire and flames expert 754K custom song songs GHtunes Gh Tunes GH2 GH1 freebird free bird lynyrd skynyrd sweet home alabama (live) activision copyright CoP cult of personality one raining blood cliffs of dover wulfe79 wulfe PS2 xbox360 PS2 wii the number of the beast notb knights of cydonia Co-op coop impulse the way it ends prototype an endless sporadic muse lving colour iron maiden eric johnson slayer angel of death ttfaf iamchris4life 983K OMG holy shit take this life in flames all nightmare long battery creeping death disposable heroes dyers eve enter sandman drums goodwoods set RB1 RB2 rock band RB harmonix azuritereaction bl00dblitz worlds most impossible song 2# #2 Computer crashed #33# doomorin ibiteprettyhardSH itsully fade to the black fight with the fire metallica metalica mettallica mettalica metal rock for whom the bell tools frantic fuel hit the lights king nothing master of puppets mercyful fate (medley) no leaf clovers nothing else matters one orion sad but true seek and destroy the memory remains the shortest straw the thing that should not be the unforgiven cyanide suicide and redemption welcome home (sanitarium) wherever i may roam whiplash alice in chains no excuses bob seger turn the page corrosion of conformity albatross diamond head am i evil? social distortion mommys little monster foo fighters stacked actors judas priest hell bent for letter kyuss demon cleaner lynyrd skynyrd tuesdays gone machine head beautiful mourning NintendoFreak101 jeff the dancer JTD buckethead anthony samek adawg guitar playing youtube messing around the third dimension fred Fred FRED finds creepy dollanimation tecno dance rave bass
4 Apr 2010
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So, i'm all out of RB buffer videos, meaning that all the videos I shot in December 08' and Feb. 09' are now posted. This also means that now I have to start making new RB/GH videos, and that means i'm going to have to put up a few more filler videos of other stuff in the meantime. However, in the next few days, i'll be posting a video talking about some big, big news that's going to change a lot around here in terms of how I post videos and organizing them to make for easier viewing. Also, it seems like the codec problems are back or something, unfortunately. As for the song itself, kinda repetitive, not really that hard, has one weird part near the end though that I did one-hand on (with the snares/red notes). Oh, and another note: this will probably be the last video with pad noise solos, ever. Why? Because the new goodwoods will malfunction if I put tape on them, meaning they're going to be completely silent, and thus the pad noise wouldn't show up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - *******twitter****/azuritereaction FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/azuritereaction RANTS & VLOGS - ***********/azuriteblogs LIVE STREAM - ******* BUSINESS EMAIL - azuritereactionbusinessyahoo**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSORS: GoodWoodMods Drum Pads: *******www.goodwoodmods****/ Destroyer Pedal: *******www.rockbandpedal****/ ======================================
30 Jun 2011
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Pretty much, this had to have been done by someone who plays Stepmania. Taps all over the place and hardly any scratching. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - *******twitter****/azuritereaction FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/azuritereaction RANTS & VLOGS - ***********/azuriteblogs LIVE STREAM - ******* BUSINESS EMAIL - azuritereactionbusinessyahoo**** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
8 Jul 2011
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There's no sock mod in these recent videos because it's an EL kit: the sock mod doesn't work on those. First person to gold star this :D Also, i'd been working on this for a while now so that's why I kind of flipped out at the end: getting within 2K of gold over and over, ugh And yes, that's my stick flying UPWARDS, through the air, somehow. (Gurnkiller golded it about 3 minutes after I did, with a 3K higher score: dumb path on my part) (my gamertag = sskitzzo) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - *******twitter****/azuritereaction FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/azuritereaction RANTS & VLOGS - ***********/azuriteblogs LIVE STREAM - ******* BUSINESS EMAIL - azuritereactionbusinessyahoo**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSORS: Destroyer Pedal: *******www.rockbandpedal****/ ======================================
17 Nov 2011
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So, here it is. Almost 5 stars, but I don't think it's possible to get 5 stars on this with one foot unless you nail literally everything outside of the double bass rush parts. Passed this sightread with 770K the day the game came out, as far as I know I was the first to pass on expert+ with one foot (and in general). This is my third full run of the song, never took the song into practice or anything like that so a few of the fills i'm kinda ehh on but otherwise a solid run IMO. Literally one of the only songs that makes me sweat when I play expert drums (the other two are War Ensemble and Dyer's Eve Expert ), you need some stamina for this. Yeah, that's the stock WT pedal (it's actually broken at the hinge: it's only held together by tape). I'm not using two pedals because i've yet to get a second pedal that works (as in, they didn't work out of the box), although that's going to be remedied shortly. for the time being though, expect a lot more Expert videos with one foot, one pedal coming up. Oh, and if you want the video to not lag, don't run anything else or move your mouse even. Found out that as long as I didn't move or touch anything, the video actually played perfectly smooth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - *******twitter****/azuritereaction FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/azuritereaction RANTS & VLOGS - ***********/azuriteblogs LIVE STREAM - ******* BUSINESS EMAIL - azuritereactionbusinessyahoo**** --------------------------------------------------------------------------- SPONSORS: GoodWoodMods Drum Pads: *******www.goodwoodmods****/ ======================================
9 Dec 2011
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So I got my new 5th new drumset; it's actually not that bad, so I got this video of me playing Ride The Lightning on Expert. This is currently the #1 score on Xbox Live as of January 5th, 2008. Recently a few people have claimed that when I say I only play songs a few times before I make a video, that I must be lying and I really practiced them tons of times. Well, the fact is, this is my 3rd time playing this, or hearing the song, or anything else regarding it. I'm not trying to brag by saying this; i'm just stating honest facts. There are definitely songs I had to play over and over to get, such as Won't Get Fooled Again, Brainpower, Dead On Arrival, Next To You, and a few others I had to go into practice mode with, but some I just get intuitively, like this one. (my gamertag = sskitzzo) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - *******twitter****/azuritereaction FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/azuritereaction RANTS & VLOGS - ***********/azuriteblogs LIVE STREAM - ******* BUSINESS EMAIL - azuritereactionbusinessyahoo**** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
5 Jan 2012
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I was out in modesto shooting a video in a heavily gang infested area when shit just went completely wrong. Contacts: Booking: davidsocomedybookinggmail**** Facebook: *******www.facebook****/Dsocomedy Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/davidsocomedy filmed/directed: ousa Khun youtube: ***********/user/adaunn The man who got bitch slapped! what a G... youtube: ***********/user/azuritereaction
8 Jan 2012
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Participants Channels: Hosts -- 1. Bajan Canadian - *******youtube****/TheBajanCanadian 2. Joel Rubin - ********twitter****/HarmonyGrits Sponsors -- 1. Dardd 2. Kylern - ***********/user/kylern389 3. PeteZahHutt - ***********/user/PeteZahHutt 4. Booshman - ***********/user/Booshman97 5. SGCBarbierian - ***********/user/SGCBarbierian Contestants -- 1. Jolly Ol' Ed (Boxx3r) - ***********/fragmecinema 2. LDshadowlady - ***********/user/ldshadowlady 3. xRpMx13 - ***********/xRpMx13 4. Hippo (Zak_Ray1993) - *******youtube****/HippoioqqiH 5. Jolly Ol' Matt (ajaX) - ***********/fragmecinema 6. Meatwagon - ***********/user/meatwagon22 7. SmallBeans - ***********/user/SmallishBeans 8. PauseUnpause - ***********/user/PauseUnpause 9. Nooch - *******youtube****/TheNoochM 10. IAmTheAttack - ***********/user/IAmTheAttack 11. CMNeir - ***********/user/CMNeir 12. Chilled Chaos - ***********/user/CriousGamers 13. Jerome (Hacksource) - *******youtube****/JeromeASF 14. Utorak007 - ***********/Utorak007 15. AzuriteReaction - ***********/AzuriteReaction 16. Tehsmarty - ***********/user/tehsmarty 17. Wiggmuzle - *******youtube****/Wiggmuzle 18. TheEnd - ***********/user/TheEnd004500 19. W92Baj - ***********/user/W92Baj 20. BagelRiffic 21. BrutalBoy This event was organized by *******youtube****/TheBajanCanadian and was made possible thanks to everyone involved. Whomever's channel you are watching this on show them some love, they seriously deserve it :) The map was created by: Bajan Canadian, Dard, PeteZahHutt, Kylern, and Booshman. You can download the map here! *******www.minecraftforum****/topic/1181365-the-minecraft-hunger-games/
30 Aug 2012
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So I got my 10th new drumset; it's so-so, but I was able to get out this video of All The Small Things. This song is one of those songs where basically a gold star is only attainable by a full combo (or only one miss): so that's why I didn't get it, as I missed three or four times. Nevertheless, it was only my 3rd time playing the song, so I think if I played it again I could clean up the few misses and get gold. As for not having socks on the set, the sock mod only works on QM sets: it does not work at all on EL sets, which is what this set is. (my gamertag = sskitzzo) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWITTER - *******twitter****/azuritereaction FACEBOOK - *******www.facebook****/azuritereaction RANTS & VLOGS - ***********/azuriteblogs LIVE STREAM - ******* BUSINESS EMAIL - azuritereactionbusinessyahoo**** ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
11 Dec 2012
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Server: *******www.minecraftHG**** Pretty good sized group for this Minecraft Hunger Games. Was a fun event -- if only Alex didn't lava hahaha. You'll understand that if you watched the stream ;) lololololololol Follow me on Twitter: ********twitter****/bajan_canadian Like my Facebook page: *******www.facebook****/TheBajanCanadian Playing with -- Jerome: ***********/JeromeASF Alex: ***********/AlexishAweshom Christian: ***********/FatlessMoon Ryan: ***********/xRpMx13 Pete: ***********/PeteZahHutt Matt: ***********/iBadMat Azurite: Matt: ***********/azuritereaction Desert Games Map Download Link -- (Tell them Mitch sent you) *******www.planetminecraft****/project/minecraft-desert-games-pvp-hunger-games/
12 Dec 2012
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Minecraft Hunger Games: *******www.MinecraftHG**** Hope you all enjoy this series! Subscribe - ***********/TheNoochM Players: Bajan Canadian: ***********/thebajancanadian Jerome: ***********/jeromeasf Zak_Ray1993: ***********/hippoioqqih iBadMat: ***********/ibadmat MillionCookesh: ***********/millioncookesh AzuriteReaction: ***********/AzuriteReaction PeteZahHutt: ***********/petezahhutt Kylern: ***********/kylern389 Charlie Sam
15 Jun 2013
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