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27 Jun 2017
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3 Jul 2017
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3 Jul 2017
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There are several different types of specialists involved in the identification and treatment of prostate cancer. The primary provider (PCP) may be the initial medical doctor to become concerned about the risk of prostate cancer (because of abnormal rectal examination and/or elevated PSA) during your routine evaluations or due to symptoms and refer you to a urologist for further evaluation. Urologists are the specialists who will initially be involved in the diagnosis of prostate cancer and will perform the prostate biopsy. Depending on the grade and stage of the prostate cancer at the time of the diagnosis, additional specialists may be involved in your care. Urologists perform surgical based treatments for prostate cancer (radical prostatectomy), minimally invasive treatments (cryotherapy, brachytherapy), and prescribe medications (hormonal therapy). Medical oncologists are medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of cancer. Medical oncologists treat prostate cancer with a variety of medical therapies, including chemotherapy, immune/vaccine, and hormonal therapy. Radiation oncologists are specialists who treat cancer with ionizing radiation. This radiation may be given externally (external beam radiation therapy) or internally through the placement of small radioactive pellets into the prostate (brachytherapy).
7 Jul 2017
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The diagnosis of prostate cancer most commonly involves a combination of three tests: Digital rectal examination DRE As part of a physical examination your doctor inserts a gloved and lubricated finger into your rectum and feels toward the front of your body. The prostate gland is a walnut or larger sized gland immediately in front of the rectum, and beneath your bladder. The back portion of prostate gland can be felt in this manner. Findings on this exam are compared to notes about the patient's prior digital rectal examinations. The exam is usually brief, and most find it uncomfortable due to the pressure used to adequately examine the prostate gland. Findings such as abnormal size, lumps, or nodules, may indicate prostate cancer. The national comprehensive cancer network NCCN notes that a DRE should not be used as a stand-alone test for detection of prostate cancer but should be performed in men with an elevated PSA. The NCCN also notes that DRE may be considered as a baseline test in all patients, as it may help identify high-grade cancers associated with a normal PSA. Prostate specific antigen PSA blood test: The PSA blood test measures the level of a protein found in the blood that is produced by the prostate gland and helps keep semen in liquid form. The PSA test can indicate an increased likelihood of prostate cancer if the PSA is at an increased or elevated level, but it does not provide a definitive diagnosis. Prostate cancer can be found in patients with a low PSA level but this occurs less than 20% of the time. If the PSA level is elevated levels can depend upon your age, on the size of your prostate gland on examination, certain medications you may be taking, or recent sexual activity, further testing may be needed to rule out prostate cancer. PSA measurements are often tracked over time to look for evidence of a change. The amount of time it takes for the PSA level to increase is referred to as PSA velocity. The time it takes for the PSA to doubl
8 Jul 2017
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9 Jul 2017
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My 7th grade memories. This vid is really old, but it reminds me and my friends of our great time in the seventh grade.
12 Dec 2006
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The car "coke strains" Lingt you fourth grade very beautiful: -)
5 Jun 2007
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Manuel Grade / José Melo Rali Sical 1997 - CajuAudiovisuais
5 Nov 2007
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a better verison of a typical year in 8th grade
9 Nov 2007
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To buy the full-length version of this video, please visit *******www.videoshelf****. Vol. 4, Medical Grade Peels provides step-by-step instruction on how to apply and remove medium-depth TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) and physician-strength Glycolic Acid Peels in a medical spa environment. Malinda McHenry helps you properly assess your client's peel requests and choose the appropriate peel, based on the client's Fitzpatrick type (skin's ability to produce pigment), Glogau classification (skin elasticity), and desired results. Malinda also walks aestheticians through basic chemistry regarding pH and percentages of the peeling agents, products and supplies, benefits and contraindications, skin analysis, timing based on erythema and client feedback, neutralizing, recommended treatment series, expected results, and post-treatment care.
12 Dec 2007
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I was e-mailed a question asking "If I could re-live any year, what would it be and why". I picked 7th grade for well, you will see :)
14 Jan 2008
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