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Bollywood Film Star Govida Reach Shiri Sai Baba Ji Temple
19 May 2017
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Xizhou Baba is a special food in the historic city of Dali, Yunnan province. It has a crispy skin and tender inside, with sweet and savory flavors. And it looks delicious with its distinct layers.
25 Apr 2017
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18 May 2017
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Babay cleaning service star efe said dady ( baba ) to me. I love my son so much.
11 Oct 2006
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26 Dec 2006
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kids (2ol mra bt2ol baba 2/1/2007) (bassam deabs nahif)
9 Jan 2007
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This is where Sri Sataya sai Baba was born
18 Jan 2007
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The Hospital Sai Baba built to treat patients FREE of charge in the district and all over the world
22 Jan 2007
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O baba turmentata in tramvaiul 32 .Foarte comica :))=)).Lasa-ti si voi comenturi.....
11 Mar 2007
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videoha**** Müslüm baba ingilice parça sölerse..
24 Apr 2007
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Baba cheating with vibhuti: You can clearly see how Baba gets something from his left hand, in which he is holding the letters, and then a bit later is performing vibhuti with his right hand.
7 Aug 2007
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Baba cheating with necklace: This is the footage shot by Indian TV in Hyderabad, in August 1992. This footage created a storm in the Indian press, and later was "withdrawn" by PM Narasimha Rao's influence. Sai Baba's assistant brings the memento to Sai Baba , which Sai Baba holds with both hands, the assistant is still holding the memento with both hands too. Now the devotee does namaskar to Sai Baba, and comes forward to receive the memento. From this point watch Sai Baba's right hand closely. After the devotee accepts the memento, as Sai Baba instead of releasing his right hand, moves it further towards the assistant's hand under the memento, we can clearly see Sai Baba's right hand and the right hand of Sai Baba's assistant making contact as if in a "handshake" at the moment the devotee has got the memento in both hands. Particularly note the way the assistant's right hand moves away after contacting Sai Baba's right hand... it is released in the typical manner after "putting something" with a cupped hand. This clip is actually better when seen in the normal speed.
7 Aug 2007
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Baba cheating with lingam: This time, the lingam didn't come out of his mouth, but from his left hand. Please watch only the hands from the start of the movie, the left arm is left calm but the small lingam is doubtless already lying in it and the right hand is waving and still empty. After a few moments Baba passes the lingam to his right hand, which happens behind the microphone standard, but we can clearly see the masking of the trick with a white handkerchief. From that moment on, you can see that the 3rd, 4th and 5th fingers of the right hands are bent, the lingam is already in it, before he 'materialises' it a few seconds later.
7 Aug 2007
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Baba cheating with lingam : See how Baba brings the lingam into his mouth at the first time he brings a white handkerchief to his mouth with his left hand. Notice the bent third, fourth and fifth fingers from his left hand in which he holds the lingam, and watch how these fingers stretch flat, just at the moment the lingam has arrived in his mouth. Baba's technique is exactly the same as in the first lingam trick on this page, this movie shows how Baba acts as if he is coughing and because of this he has to use a handkerchief, but in fact he has already got the lingam in his handkerchief and puts the lingam with his left hand into his mouth; immediately afterwards he vomits the lingam.
7 Aug 2007
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Baba cheating with vibhuti : Yet another vibhuti trick. Need we say more? Have a look.
7 Aug 2007
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Baba cheating with lingam : Sai Baba allowed an unprecedented live broadcast in the Indian subcontinent of his so-called 'lingodbhava' (bringing the egg-like ellipsoidal object out of his mouth after what looks like a painful process of 'regurgitation'). However, one can most clearly see that NO lingam actually emerged at all - view the most important fragment of the clip in slow motion - this year. Instead there was a small spurt of yellowish vomit, which was later claimed to be the lingam in liquid golden form! A film clip of the 'actual emergence' has been posted on the internet by devotees. One can pause the video and examine each frame separately to analyse the movements. (View the film clip on kingdomofsai****, Baba vomitted spurt two times, only the last time with the handkerchief was filmed.). From before the alleged 'emergence', SSB is clearly seen to be holding something just about the size of the lingam inside the towel between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand! Now what on earth could that be, one wonders? After the vomit, he lets go of what he was holding in secret and fumbles to extract it with his right hand, taking the lingam from under the towel just where it was being held earlier, and we see a rather confused look of resignation cross his features.
7 Aug 2007
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