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Boys will be boys, and men, even when they are babies. You don't understand me? Watch this clip. It's all there.
4 Jul 2006
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Dog and Baby girl
19 Mar 2007
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Even though there hasn't been any official confirmation about the birth, rumors are circulating on the internet
3 Jan 2012
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Read the full story , more videos abpout the Pregnant man on ( ******* ) . The so-called pregnant man has given birth to a baby girl. Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman but after surgery and hormone treatment lives as a man, has given birth to a girl at an Oregon hospital
5 Jul 2008
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© 2006 Cindy D Martin NEW! Heather's brother is back in the USA!!! The Martin family would like to thank all who voted for Heather's video in the YouTube Awards! Also thank you for all of the prayers and kind remarks. This song is not meant to make a political statement of any kind. It's simply about a family that is missing a brother. The young man who joined the army did so of his own free will. He was 20 years old and his parents played no part in his decision to serve his country. They are proud to have such a brave son. I am only the best friend (for 34 years) of the mother, Cindy. It is my honor to post this video on YouTube. All of the wonderful messages that I have received are being forwarded to Heather and her mother. Heather loves to sing. Since she was small she has always tried to get to the microphone first at church so she could sing. She always loved karaoke and would beg for the mic. She still loves singing more than just about anything. Heather loves her brother and misses him. She has many memories of him. He comes home every chance he gets and will probably get to come home for a short time in February or March. Before I truned on the camera Heather was really acting silly and laughing. What many of you have said looks like crying at the first is just Heather rubbing her eyes like any 6 year old might do. end edit 6 year old Heather Martin sings a song that her mother wrote for her Brother Shaun who is serving in Iraq. The song is written from Heather's point of view. Lyrics When Are You Coming Home copyright © 2006 Cindy D Martin You were almost sixteen when I came into the world. Mom and Dad had you first then 3 more boys I'm the baby girl. I sure have a lot to look up to in you, you're really smart and funny with a big heart too. After one year of college you knew what you had to do. It's just like you wanting to help with the war. So you joined the army when I was only 4. This time of year we talk of big plans but you're over seas in some distant land. You can't be here for Christmas, I don't understand. Chorus: When are you coming home, Shaun? When are you coming home?! We lit up the house like we always do but it doesn't seem bright 'cause we can't have you. In my prayers I ask God to keep you safe. And I'm trying to be really brave. Tell me that the fighting's through. Come home! I really miss you. It's hard to enjoy the holidays without you. But we're so proud of you and all the red white and blue. Remember that Jesus is your best friend, And someday our families will be together again. Wow! You know we'll have a great big party then. Chorus I want to show you how tall I've grown and introduce you to my new friends at school. Maybe we could go and get some ice cream together but I really don't care what we do. Chorus
7 Feb 2009
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Simple and funny. How not to use condoms. Cute Babies. New condom company
5 Sep 2007
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LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WANT THIS SONG. I"LL SEND IT TO YOUR EMAIL. THANKS "I'm At War" is from Sean Kingston's upcoming album "Tomorrow". Tomorrow is the second studio album by Sean Kingston. The album is scheduled for release in spring 2009. On his website, Kingston said he believed the album would change his career and that it showcased a lot of new "features". Kingston has stated that the music would be of a similar style to his debut album, and has implied that it will feature collaborations with J. R. Rotem and Timbaland. LYRICS: young moola baby jr Im at warrrrrrrrr (Chorus) at war at war fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need Im at war shawty Id take a bullet for you girl because you mean the world to me Im at war (Sean Kingston) (Verse 1) me love you girl you lovin me so dont fight together it was meant to be me feel like Im in the army because to be with you thats where my heart wanna be its like Im bout to die just to get with you feels like your putting me through world war 2 got my soldier suit and my timberland boots girl Im down for whatever because my love is true (Hook) so I tell her Im at war with the love of my life sweat from my brows runnin down to my eyes everything you are is what I need in my life my life my life (Chorus) Im at war fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need Im at war shawty Id take a bullet for you girl because you mean the world to me Im at war at war at war at war at war at war Im at war at war at war at war at war at war Im at war (Lil Wayne) (Verse 2) salute to all the veterans girl yo love is like a nuclear weapon Im a 5 star purple hearter purple sparker camouflager follow my every command and order you can jus call me captain carter so let the missiles rain on your parade cause my love is a soldier and my heart is a grenade kabloom I will find any platoon just call me world war 2 (Chorus) Im at war fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need Im at war shawty id take a bullet for you girl because you mean the world to me Im at war (Sean Kingston) (Verse 3) yo mother said dont talk to me but I went through err girl that I can see so make me know whats your fantasies cause baby girl I think that extends to me Im on the frontline and Im riskin my life Id make a sacrafice just to have you by my side youre the one I love youre the one I trust Ill hurt someone that comes between us (Hook) so I tell her Im at war with the love of my life sweat from my brows runnin down to my eyes everything you are is what I need in my life my life my life (Chorus) Im at war fighting for the one that I love and the one that I truly need Im at war shawty id take a bullet for you girl because you mean the world to me Im at war at war at war at war at war at war Im at war at war at war at war at war at war Im at war
21 Dec 2009
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If you have time to watch only one video this week – this is the one! Celine Dion is actually the cutest 2 years old baby girl, and she is singing all by her self.
6 Sep 2009
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Amazing Baby Girl Dancing
9 Dec 2007
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David Spates Shows and talks about a story he saw about a man giving birth to a baby girl. This is number 10 of David's on-going video commentaries. Check out some of his other videos like "The First Black Homosexual", "My Invisible Dog", "Happy 4th of July",and many others with more to come! Don't forget to add me as a friend and subscribe. :-) Also if you have a youtube, Myspace, Facebook, or tagged account, please add me there too. Just search for my name. David Spates :-) P.S. You can buy David Spates Internet Videos #1 (1 hour long) at www.myspace****/davidspates
15 Aug 2008
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80's rock hits the naughties, when a little girl discovers that her inner dancer.
30 Jan 2007
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6 Jul 2010
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[Kanye West] Lollipop lollipop breasts just like Dolly Part-en She ride my spaceship til she hit the top That hit the spot Til she ask how many li li licks do it take Til she get to shop Dont worry why my wrist got so freeze Tell ya girl like Doritos thats not yo (Nacho) cheese Tell her friends like Fritos im trying to lay I can only have one aint I aint tryin to wait This a song with Wayne so you know its go melt But you aint finna murder me like everybody else Imma rap like I got some type respect for myself I dont do it for the health man I do it for the belt Man I do it to the death Til the roof get melted 100 degrees, drop the roof so the coupe dont melt Man the flow so cold Chicken Soup won't help We need 4 mo' hoes we need oh oh oh oh! You know what it is when we outta town We ballin to see us(?) and you outta bounds So come here baby girl You now fuckin wit the best in the world (Chorus x 2) [Lil Wayne] Shawty say she wanna lick the wrapper And she gonna lick the rapper And I just wanna act like a porno flicking actor I Anita Bake her now she caught up in a rapture I got so much chips I swear they call me Hewlett Packard I got so much chips you can have a bag if you're a snacker Greedy motha fudge cake Now tell me how that fudge taste I do it for Bloods sake Suwoop, thinks its VooDoo How the roof do do dissipate Your girl want to participate She so so so-phisticate Cuz he brains is off tha chain And then my diamonds are in choir Because they sangin from off my chain And my Nina just joined the gang because All she do is bang Like Ricky Martin Wayne and Kanye pick your poison If that woman wanna cut Then tell her I am Mr. Ointment Tell her make an appointment with Mr. I can't make an appointment Take my lollipop and enyoy it remix! (Chorus x 2) [Lil Wayne] Why would she she probably be the odd cookie in the plastic bag bout to get crushed by a buildin Flush out the feeling of Me being the shit Cuz I was leaving skid marks on everywhere I sit And I am everywhere Im it like hide-n-go and I can go Anywhere, innie minnie mynie mo Im in yo Neighborhood, area, cd thang tape deck iPod, ya girlfriend and she say I got great sex Safe sex is great sex Better wear a latex Cuz you dont want that late text that "I think I'm late" text So wrap it up but he so sweet, she wanna lick the rapper
27 Feb 2009
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The most awaited moment for the Bachchan parivaar is here.. Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who is due this fortnight has chosen the only seven star hospital, Seven Hills at Marol in the city for her delivery.
3 Nov 2011
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To Order Father Daughter Wedding Songs / Mother Son Wedding Songs visit *******www.shopmysongs**** I'll Always Be Your Daughter Father This is your wedding day that you've been dreaming of I see your happiness with this new man you love I haven't lost a daughter I'm welcoming a son It's your special day for two the journey has begun Chorus You'll Always Be My Daughter my little baby girl You stand beside your husband uniting your two worlds Look into his eyes for your future and new life You'll always be my daughter today you've become a wife Daughter A father's love is special you guided me through life From a little girl to a woman now into a wife I married my best friend who's loving & true I married a man Dad that reminds me of you Chorus I'll Always Be Your Daughter your little baby girl I'll stand beside my husband uniting our two worlds I'll look into his eyes for my future & new life I'll Always Be Your Daughter today I've become a wife Bridge I'll Always Be Your Daughter And I'll always be your Dad We'll cherish the memories That father's & daughter's have I feel like your little girl As you dance with me tonight This is our special moment On my/your wedding night I'll Always Be Your Daughter - You'll Always Be My Daughter - I'll/You'll Always Be Your/My Daughter Now Dad I've become a wife *******www.shopmysongs****/Customer_F... Words and music written by: Lynn Leonti and Jim McShane Copyright 2008
23 Feb 2009
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16 Aug 2008
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