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I'll show you how to make a great little portable stove from stuff you probably have laying around your house! It's perfect for camping, backpacking, and power outages.
25 Sep 2007
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Check out this ultralight alcohol stove. It weighs only 1 oz and has no moving parts. You can make it yourself in just a few minutes and it will outlast most conventional stoves. Boils in under 5 minutes and the fuel is cheap. This is a perfect stove for ultralight backpacking!
15 Jan 2009
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fiji budget accommodation uprising beach resorts resort style backpacking on the beach with so much to offer you day and night. when you lay eyes on our mile long sandy beach you know you have arrived some where special visit www.uprisingbeachresort****
19 May 2009
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Backpack Training: vol 1. How To Keep Yourself Fit Using Only A Backpack - Back To School Training. A 25 minutes workout program that will help you burn the fat and gain lean muscle using only a backpack.
4 Sep 2007
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Time for an intense new modded survival with storyline, missions, and epic weapons! JEN'S CHANNEL - *******youtube****/gamingwithjen Enjoy the video? Help me out and share it with your friends! SHIRTS! ********www.districtlines****/PopularMMOs/ Like my Facebook! *******www.facebook****/pages/PopularMMOs/327498010669475 Twitter! ********twitter****/popularmmos Download: *******popularmmos****/walkingdead/ Minecraft Mods Used: The Crafting Dead Ferullos Guns Flans Mod - WW2 Pack More Explosives Mutant Creatures More Bows Zan's Minimap Custom Npcs Bibliocraft Damage Indicators Rotten Flesh To Leather Backpacks Intro by: ************/calzone442 Song: Spag Heddy - Pink Koeks provided by Play Me Records: ************/user/playmerecords ********www.facebook****/playmerecords Follow Spag Heddy: ********www.facebook****/SpagHeddy *******soundcloud****/spagheddy Royalty Free Music by *******audiomicro****/royalty-free-music
4 May 2015
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This is a quick review of the Pelican ProGear U140 Urban Elite Talet Backpack. This backpack features a built-in watertight & crushproof case for the protection of your tablet (iPad, Galaxy Tab etc.). The U140 also features a rugged grab handle, bottom expanding storage sling, load compression straps and more.
27 Jul 2012
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After Jonathan wins big, he is off to Germany and meets a very beautiful woman named Sasha, who is interested in him because he is a virgin. They both go to East Germany and end up getting split up, and Jonathan has to get back to the west with Russian spies on his tail. After Jonathan gets home, he finds the game is still going on, and a canister of film is in his backpack.
13 Jul 2007
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Backpack Training: vol 2. How To Keep Yourself Fit Using Only A Backpack - Back To School Training. A 25 minutes workout program that will help you burn the fat and gain lean muscle using only a backpack. A must watch workout video
11 Sep 2007
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31 Aug 2013
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Learn how to make a mini backpack out of old denim jeans! All you need is some old jeans, some scissors, and some string. It's easy to make a cute miniature backpack from old jeans.
26 Mar 2009
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All over the web people ask how is it done, well I've decided to make the video that answers there question!
23 Mar 2008
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***********/user/UnboxingSurpriseEgg Dora the explorer surprise eggs. Dora la exploradora sorpresa huevos. Kinder Surprise originated in 1973 in Italy as Kinder Sorpresa. The German word "Kinder" in the name came about because, in 1967, Ferrero's German subsidiary introduced Kinder Chocolate ("Kinderschokolade") to the German market and in 1968 that product was introduced to Ferrero's native Italy, establishing the "Kinder" brand there, before the introduction of the Kinder Sorpresa chocolate eggs. Kinder Surprise eggs were introduced to the German market in 1974, and for many years this was the largest market for the product. The concept of introducing a toy in a chocolate seems to have originated in Argentina in 1962, with the introduction in the market of "Jack" chocolate by the FelFort company.[1] Characters: Dora the Explorer Boots Backpack Swiper Map Isa the Iguana Tico the Squirrel Benny The Bull Big Red Chicken Explorer Stars Diego Chinese: 愛探險的朵拉 Cantonese Yale: Oi taam hím dīk Dó Lā Swedish: Dora- utforskaren French: Dora l'exploratrice Greek: Ντόρα η μικρή εξερευνήτρια Hebrew: מגלים עם דורה Italian: Dora l'esploratrice Japanese: ドーラといっしょに大冒険 Macedonian: Дора истражува Polish: Dora poznaje świat Portuguese: Dora a Exploradora Russian: Dasha-sledopyt Serbian: Dora istražuje Spanish: Dora la Exploradora Swedish: Dora- utforskaren "Kinder Surprise" is also known as Kinder Sorpresa, Kinder Joy, Kinder Überraschung, Kinder Ovo, Киндер Сюрприз, Kinderegg, Kinderüberraschung, Verrassingsei, Kinderschokolade, Kinderueberraschung, Kinderoverraskelse, Kinder Niespodzianka, Kinder-yllätys, Kinderägg, Kinder Meglepetés, Kinder Surpresa, & キンダーサプライズ Thanks for watching UnboxingSurpriseEgg videos. Please also check out toy channel LaBabyMusica with Cars 2 diecast toys and unboxing Kinder Surprise Eggs. ***********/user/LaBabyMusica Kinder surprise egg Natoons jungle animals chocolate toy Animales de la selva Huevos Kinder *******
31 Aug 2013
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14 Oct 2013
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Mini Strobe Unit LEDtronics introduces the new Mini-Strobe a personal safety device that provides reliable, affordable and portable protection in low-light work or recreational environments by making the operator easier to see. This compact device continuously emits a bright flashing light that can be seen up to five miles, depending on weather conditions and line-of-sight. The Mini-Strobe flashes 50 -- 70 times per minute for 72 continuous hours on a fresh D-cell alkaline battery. The domed lens projects the strobe's light and safeguards the Xenon lamp from impact. The Xenon lamp operates for more than 200 hours (8 days) before requiring replacement. With four different colored (clear, amber, blue and green) lenses included, Mini-Strobe can be configured to meet a range of uses and personal preferences. Measuring 4-1/8"L x 2"W and weighing 6.4 oz, Mini-Strobe can be conveniently stored in toolboxes, lockers, car trunks, backpacks and road emergency kits. Additionally, Mini-Strobe features a stainless steel safety pin that makes it easy to attach the strobe to life jackets, safety vests, camping/hiking gear and tool belts. It heightens the visibility of nighttime road construction crews, traffic-control personnel, emergency response teams, parking attendants, etc., who are three times more likely to be injured by a motor vehicle than their daytime counterparts. Mini-Strobe is ideal for daylight uses, too, such as hunting, hiking, boating and camping -- any activity where being prepared for the unexpected is the rule and not the exception. The Mini-Strobe is the ideal safety accessory to have in case of unexpected bad weather, heavy fog or dense smoke. Mini-Strobe is made of high-impact ABS plastic and features a metal switch that can withstand the stress of frequent use. It is water-resistant up to a depth of three feet and meets U.S. Coast Guard performance standards. Founded in 1983, LEDtronics leads where others only follow when it comes to designing, manufacturing and packaging state-of-the-art LEDs to meet the world's constantly changing lighting needs. Our inventive product line encompasses an array of direct incandescent lamp replacement Based LED Lamps, low-cost snap-in and relampable Panel Mount LED Lamps and holders, high intensity sunlight-visible Discrete LEDs, PCB LEDs circuit board status indicators, surface mount diodes SMT LEDs, full-spectrum rainbow RGB LEDs and Infra-Red (IR) LEDs. At $21.50 per flashlight, the Mini-Strobe is affordably priced for the consumer market. Ask for datasheet #39. For additional information, contact LEDtronics toll free at 1-800-579-4875, telephone 310-534-1505, fax at 310-534-1424, e-mail at webmasterledtronics**** or mail at LEDtronics Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505. Visit our website at www.ledtronics**** Product info webpage: *******www.ledtronics****/ds/STB1001/... *******www.ledtronics****/
14 Jun 2007
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HILARIOUS SCHOOL PRANK!! if you really want to get your friends mad, here is a simple technique to really get them upset.
13 Jan 2007
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My friends always complain about the stuff I carry around in my backpack, since I always have a huge amount of stuff with me. This video shows a guy taking it a step further. Haha.
17 Jul 2008
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