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Affirmatron goes Good Cop/Bad Cop on your ass.
27 Jul 2008
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These people have been hypnotized to be a good cop and a bad cop,they believe they are from japan
3 Sep 2008
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Just For Laughs Gags - Bad Cop
31 Dec 2008
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5 Jul 2008
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Read my blog! *******www.politico****/KOTECKI What will I talk about now that the election is over?
7 Nov 2008
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29 Jan 2009
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*******www.Newded**** OMG You can totally see Ziva kissing someone. This episode looks awesome!
10 Oct 2009
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*******www.Newded**** OMG You can totally see Ziva kissing someone. This episode looks awesome!
10 Oct 2009
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*******www.Newded**** All belongs to CBS. 30 seconds trailer for the new episode airing 10/13/09 on CBS
10 Oct 2009
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Fatigués de travailler dans l'ombre de confrères héroïques et idolâtrés de tous, deux détectives insignifiants et pleutres de New York ouvrent une enquête sur ce qui pourrait s'avérer être le plus grand crime de l'histoire de la ville. Ils ne sont pas au bout de leurs peines.
27 Oct 2010
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If you've ever wondered if your grandpa could be stronger, the answer is yes.
16 May 2012
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8 Dec 2016
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*******www.foundyourcalling**** Enter for a chance to win $5,000. When the three-hole-punch goes missing, a call-center employee finds his calling in criminal justice as he takes on the role of a "bad cop" when interrogating a fellow employee.
17 Jul 2008
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If you thought the policing of the G20 in London was bad, "cop a look" at the tools police are using against peaceful demonstrators in "what we once knew as America." *******
5 Oct 2009
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Toxoplasma - Asozial - Adde-Records!!! Adde-Records,Punk,Punkrock,Streetpunk,Oi,Oi!,Rock'n'Roll,Hardcore,Ska,Skapunk,Hool,Hooligan,Oi,Punk,Adde,AddeTerror,Terror,Tröbo,Tröchtelborn,Friemar,Gotha,GTH,Erfurt,EF,Thüringen,Bastards,ACAB,A.C.A.B.,Riot,Bullen,Bullenschweine,Polizeigewalt,Fuck,Police,Bad,Cop,Anti,Antifa,AJZ,1.Mai,
24 Jan 2011
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BY GARY COTTON A New Mexico police officer is in some hot water after a video surfaced that caught him in a compromising position. “Security cameras set up to catch vandals, captured the officer in full uniform having sex with a woman on the hood of a car. The incident took place at a county owned ranch in Santa Fe... ANCHOR1: “You have the right to remain horizontal...” ANCHOR2: “Unfortunately we can’t show you the complete photo” ANCHOR1: “No we can’t, look for it on Cinemax.” (Video: ABC News) His name is Bert Lopez and as expected, media jokesters have had a field day with the cop’s story, but KOB interviewed several locals who aren’t laughing. “Commenter1: ”It’s an inappropriate use of time” Commenter2: ”An inappropriate use of our tax money if I had to say--we pay these guys” Commenter3: “With that kind of judgment, you don’t want him carrying a weapon...” Others are showing a little more compassion for Lopez. The Santa Fe New Mexican says it’s a shame--he’s actually not a bad cop. “Bert Lopez was honored … as the New Mexico State Police District 1 Officer of the Year...In July, he received a Challenge Coin, a select commendation his department bestows on officers identified as having gone above and beyond the call of duty.” So, he may be getting punished for going “above and beyond” this time, but no harm no foul right? The police haven’t filed criminal charges against Lopez because no one saw the act, which made it a victimless crime, but they are punishing him for something else--violating the police code of conduct. “ now reportedly on paid administrative leave and facing possible disciplinary action for an incident that has caused embarrassment to the department.” (CBS News) But not so fast, CNN reports there might have been that one key witness at the crime scene. ANCHOR: Do you see anything else odd about his picture? COMMENTER: A very voyeuristic animal? COMMENTER: “Look at the animal watching them” ANCHOR: “The only eye witness was variously described as a prairie dog, ‘small mammal pervert,’” ANCHOR:”What is the creature watching, is it a chihuahua? Is it a prairie dog? What is it? POLICE COMMENTER: “If I was to say what kind of dog, it looks like a little chihuahua.” ANCHOR: ”Either it belongs to one of the participants, or it stumbled on the scene. Some even said they recognized the chihuahua.”
3 Sep 2011
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