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Joel Shearer Demos LR Baggs M1 Acoustic Guitar Pickup
14 Dec 2008
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a night at Bondage A Go Go
6 Jul 2008
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a night at Bondage A Go Go and I really wanna know what this piece of music is
6 Jul 2008
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Kan Anders p
3 Mar 2009
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Janet rockar loss framför J.C. Chasez
30 Aug 2009
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Moldremoval****/ Healthy Homes Inc. 3027 NE. 12th Terrace Ft. Lauderdale Florida, 33334 Phone: 1-800-578-7038 Company Bio: Healthy Homes Inc./Moldremoval**** are always looking for reputable contractors to service the needs of people visiting out site to gain information on how to resolve their mold isues. Please note that you may need to provide additional information than requested below to become a member of the Moldremoval**** sit and that a monthly membership fee will apply. Healthy Homes Inc. has the right to validate or deny and contractor's membership that is unable to mee the needed and requirements to seuccessfullly assist the users of moldremoval****. Pleasee take the time to fill out the proper form on the site to become a member. Or you may contact Keith to discuss any concerns. twitter: *******twitter****/Moldremovalhelp Url: *******www.moldremoval****
3 Jun 2010
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Apamoni's bagg
30 Sep 2008
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Video of Cape Florida Lighthouse in Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park on the island of Key Biscayne.
16 Apr 2009
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Jon Sindenius - Egen låt Idol 2009 Audition Sverige (Sweden) Stockholm Jon Sindenius Egen låt Idol 2009 Audtion Sverige Stockholm audition Västerås Växjö Gitarr finns det någon Stol eller? Bagge Laila Tv4
11 Sep 2009
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Please watch the AM Baggs aka SilentMiaow video, "In My Language." It's a brilliant unveiling! I'd like to quote its author: "It is meant as a strong statement on the existence and value of many different kinds of thinking and interaction in a world where how close you can appear to one of them determines whether you are seen as a real person or an adult or an intelligent person. And in a world in which those (interactions/thinking patterns) determine whether you have any rights there are people being tortured, people dying because they are considered non-persons because their kinds of thought is so unusual as to not be considered thought at all!" "Only when the many shapes of personhood are recognized will justice and human rights be possible." "Acted and sung by AM Baggs & assorted objects" Please rate and respond! Distributed by Tubemogul.
16 Apr 2010
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Joel performs as a session guitarist and with his band Pedestrian. Here he demos LR Baggs I-Beam, I-Mix, and M1
27 Nov 2008
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Let's Dance 30/1 2009 - Laila Bagge HQ ...
27 Mar 2009
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Miami rapper Dirt Bagg knew Ross before he became big and says that Miami knew all along that Ross was a cop.
6 Sep 2009
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Patagonia Surf Ambassadors Keith Malloy, Belinda Baggs, Hiromi Hasegawa-Suitt, Crystal Thornburg and Jeff Johnson make the most of small surf during the holding period waiting for the swell to pick up for the Patagonia Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, Hawaii. Les surfeurs Patagonia Keith Malloy, Belinda Baggs, Hiromi Hasegawa-Suitt, Crystal Thornburg and Jeff Johnson s'eclatent dans les petites vagues en attendant le swell pour se lancer dans le tube. Videographer: Dave Ogle
16 Oct 2009
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27 Mar 2009
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Idol Sverige i TV4 från 2014-08-18: Lisa Ajax har länge tävlat i musik men tog juryn med storm när hon sjöng låten Mamma Knows Best. Swedish idol. Mer från Idol Sverige på YouTube: ***********/user/TV4IdolSweden?sub_confirmation=1 Succéprogrammet Idol, med en musikbranschkunnig jury i spetsen, ger sig ut på jakt efter Sveriges nästa popstjärna. *******
16 Jan 2015
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