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When you try impressing everybody by making donuts with your bike but the bike just loves to centrifuge you out to the bushes.
20 May 2018
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Removing Skin tags - which is the best solution for removing skin tags? Did you know that skin tags are the single most common growth on human skin? Skin tags are a fleshy growth of our skin. They are harmless but they can be annoying. Skin tags are usually found on the neck, under the arms, around the groin, or under the breasts. Skin tags are more common among people who suffer from diabetes or obesity. In certain people, the friction created by rubbing skin against skin, which is a side effect of being overweight, causes skin tags. Skin tags may be medically removed by skin specialists with surgical methods. They can also be removed by freezing the area with nitrogen and then spraying super-cold nitrogen on the mole or skin tag. Some other scientific methods for removing skin tags include burning off the affected area. However, if these sound a little scary, here are some natural methods you might prefer for removing skin tags: Castor oil: by applying a paste of baking soda and castor oil to the skin tags, one can lighten the growth and eventually get rid of it. The paste should be applied for 2 to 4 weeks regularly. Banana peel: cut a piece of banana peel and apply it to the skin tag. Cover it with gauge tape and leave it overnight. This will make the skin tag fall off in just a few weeks. Pineapple juice: Since pineapple juice is known to have acidic properties, it can be used for the purpose of removing skin tags. Apply the juice to the skin tag and allow to dry. Do this 3 or 4 times a day and it won’t be long before the skin tag disappears. Nail polish: For removing skin tags, using nail polish is ideal. You simply need to apply nail polish over the affected area and then allow it to dry. As you remove the nail polish, the skin tag will also be removed. These natural remedies are safe and can be easily used at home. An important thing to note is that one should never try removing skin tags by surgical means at home. There are different ointments, pastes and creams available in the market that can help in removing skin tags easily.
4 May 2018
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Budderweeds produced a trilogy of web commercials. Proudly Canadian, Budderweeds sourced top local Vancouver directors and talent to produce web shorts to promote Budderweeds and Discreetly Baked. The web commercial, entitled "Canadians Celebrate Diversity and Good Times with Cannabis" created in-house by Budderweeds and fine friends, is the first part of the "Canadians Realize Their Potential" marketing campaign that includes a trilogy of web commercials. The commercial aims to allow consumers to appraise the brand by helping them realize the untapped potential in themselves and the world around them. The commercial carries on this idea, and in a mere 180 seconds neatly outlines Budderweeds’ brand philosophy: break the mold and try something new, accessible offerings, superior delivery - the perfect products for those who want to lead a richer life. No longer do you have to pretend there's only ‘One Way” to have a good time. Enjoy the things that bring us together and make us proud to be Canadian in 2017. Budderweeds Premium Cannabis Products.
7 May 2018
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420carpenter is one of the best pot stores in Washington. To learn more about options for marijuana oils, Marijuana edibles, baked goods, soft drinks and more.
8 May 2018
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A replacement bulb for an easy bake oven..... What will it do in a microwave?
29 Nov 2006
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Make a joke to your friends! You need: baking powder, water, and the box! Shake it together and give it to your friend! The rest is shown in the Video!
12 Dec 2006
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Normal baking ingredients are harmless when used correctly, but can be highly combustible when the surface to air ratio is just right. By the way, how is permanent death different from regular death?
29 Dec 2006
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EZ LOVE's How to Bake Whole Wheat Bread
1 Mar 2007
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How to bake your own easy delicious brownie out of real chocolate
19 Mar 2007
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Doesn't a Baked Alaska sound good? This will show you how to make them very easily.
15 Jun 2007
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a baking soda and vinager bomb
8 Aug 2007
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A Louisiana native shows you how to make baked chicken and kale in this episode of Hellmann's In Search of Real Food series.
15 Aug 2007
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we found out that baking soda reacts with lemon juice when my sister messed up and put in baking soda to the lemon bar mix.
16 Aug 2007
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Baking Soda & liquid vinigar
23 Sep 2007
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