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If you're thinking about shaving your own head you need to watch this video to learn just how to do it the right way. Atlanta's own Ted "TopGun" Cotton demonstrates how to shave your own head saving lots of money on your barber shop trips. Check out the new bald-mall at *******www.bald-mall**** and see bald business people who like to showcase their heads. This is a Baldproducts**** production website *******www.baldproducts****
15 Oct 2010
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BY MIRANDA WHEATLEY You're watching multisource health video analysis from Newsy. Some people hide it with a baseball cap, others use the ever-stylish combover and the daring go with a toupee - ask anyone who’s lost their hair and they’ll tell you they’d try almost anything to get it back. The Today show’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker agree... “And I’m Matt Lauer. Can you do the show alone? Al and I have an appointment, tomorrow at this time we will have thick luxurious heads of hair...” Well Matt it won’t happen tomorrow but researchers from UCLA say they’ve accidentally found a cure for baldness - in mice that is. According to the New York Times the researchers stumbled upon the results while conducting experiments on stress hormones in the rodents. Researchers gave bald mice a chemical compound intended to block the effects of stress on the digestive system for five days before returning them to a cage with control mice. Fast forward three months and the once bald mice, seen in row B, had transformed into the hairy mice seen in row C. The scientists repeated the study several times before publishing their results and Dr. Million Mulugeta told ABC News he wasn’t expecting these results. “‘This was totally unexpected,’ … ‘We do not work on hair; we did not set out to study hair growth.’ … ‘We weren’t prepared to see anything like that,’ … ‘But we're excited because the effects are very dramatic, very quick, and last for so long.’” And Mulugeta should be excited as CBS explains balding is big business; nearly 50 million men experience hair loss by the time they’re 50 and Americans spend three and a half billion dollars a year to prevent it. The process has yet to be tested in humans but Mulugeta tells Discovery News he’s optimistic after a 100 percent success rate with the mice. And he’s not too worried about the competition... “Out of curiosity, the research team also tested what impact Rogaine, a popular hair loss treatment, would have on the balding mice. ‘It showed some patchy effects, but nothing like this...’” Mulugeta says the final product is still years away so until then The Today Show’s Al Roker has his own plans. “There is hope. I think you should start slapping that stuff on your head right now. Those mice look good. There’s a shortcut let’s put a bunch of mice on our head. Some guys do that basically.” For more information on the hair-raising study check out the link in our transcript section. Study featured in Plos ONE scientific journal. Follow Newsy On Twitter Newsy_Videos for daily updates. Get more multisource health video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
19 Feb 2011
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*******www.baldinghair101**** Balding hair, a condition that has haunted us, man or woman, for generations and nobody really knows the real cause. Some say its caused by wearing hats, some say its a curse, which I highly doubt. This article is here to discuss the main causes of balding hair and tell you what to do and what to stop doing to prevent it or if you're already experiencing it, to end it. Stop smoking. Smoking is major factor that causes balding hair. Cigarette smoke contains about 4000 lethal chemicals that greatly affect hair growth, imagine that 3 inch stick contains that many dangerous chemicals. Smoking can also cause dull and smelly hair. Try to limit overtimes. Why? Going overtime, for example, to do work can cause stress and stress is another major factor for hair loss. Emotional stress in another factor too. *******www.baldinghair101****
24 Mar 2011
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*******www.aihr****.au/ In comparison with men, the number of women experiencing baldness is low. Hair loss influences around 50 % of men and 30 % of women, thus lowering their self-esteem and confidence.
6 Apr 2011
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A heat wave in Diu, where Sanjay Dutt is shooting for Agneepath, literally forced him to go bald. Don’t believe us, here the inside news.
25 Jun 2011
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www.hairloss-sos**** ONE-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Hair LossSOS Patented Formula (90-day Supply) STOPS Baldness & Thinning Hair - Your Own Hair DOCTOR FORMULATED
30 Nov 2011
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www.hairloss-sos**** ONE-YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Hair LossSOS Patented Formula (90-day Supply) STOPS Baldness & Thinning Hair - Your Own Hair DOCTOR FORMULATED
30 Nov 2011
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Bald Girl is Dancing
18 Mar 2013
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A fisherman has a fish stolen right off his line by a bald eagle, and his reaction is priceless. *******gamehackerz****/dragon-city-hack-tool-free
22 May 2013
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This video showcases beautiful bald women with shaved heads by choice; however the purpose is to make a statement not only for fashion but for women that have hair loss due to chemo from Cancer, Pattern Baldness, Androgenetic Alopecia, Pregnancy, Menopause, Stress or other means that "Bald Is Beautiful and Adventurous". Bald Is Beautiful and Adventurous Photo Fashion By Dairdo Presented by BaldProducts Video Produced By Joyce Ray-Loper Music By Michael "Tiz" TisDale song "From A Crush" Music By Michael Pearman song " I Like This" This video was Produced by Joyce Ray-Loper of JRL Enterprises, LLC Website: *******www.jrl-enterprises**** on behalf of BaldProducts.
5 Nov 2013
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Are balding babies a growing epidemic? Toppik challenges the online world to this question in their new video, “Are Babies Going Bald?” The answer, of course, is no, but by masquerading hair loss on the cutest of subjects, the one minute video campaign demonstrates the efficacy of the favorite cult solution, Toppik Hair Building Fibers, for filling in the finest of fine hair in an undetectable and instant way. Baby hair is notoriously thin with sporadic growth patterns, making it the perfect base for natural Toppik to showcase its proven, inconspicuous results in the series of before and after footage. To view the Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.multivu****/mnr/63124-toppik-video-are-babies-going-bald
7 Nov 2013
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Propecia is a tried and tested medication for Male Pattern Baldness and has become very popular in the recent past. for more visit: *******www.medstorerx****/generic-propecia.aspx
20 Oct 2016
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You just cannot get enough of the weird skills people possess. See this bald guy attach a beer can into his head and pour in his glass without the can falling.
4 Oct 2017
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We all used to draw circles freehand during our drawing classes and some during even geometry classes. But I am sure that nobody can draw better freehand circles than this bald-headed genius.
12 Oct 2017
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This is one heck of a hilarious video clip, showing a cat licking the bald head of a kid with absolutely no reason at all. Check it out now to be entertained.
23 Oct 2017
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Bald Men Fashion Fashion For Bald Guys Style For Bald Guys Bald Men Style
8 Jan 2018
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