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1:00 It can be embarrassing, and frustrating at times, if you are going balding, such as the typical hair loss in men or hair thinning in women. For those who do suffer from pattern baldness, it is not untypical for them to have a low self image, making them reluctant to go out in public and pass up some activities they enjoy to avoid any possible embarrassment. For those that have been looking for an affordable and effective hair loss treatment, the wait is over, as a natural hair loss product is now available. By stimulating the hair follicles on the scalp and providing the body with the necessary vitamins healthy and natural hair regrowth can occur. The hair regrowth formulation for men contains hair loss vitamins to help hair growth. To block various enzymes that cause testosterone to change and cut off nutrients to scalp hair follicles causing hair thinning and loss, biotin and saw palmetto and other ingredients are used to stimulate natural hair regrowth. In the better male hair loss vitamin products the inclusion of an extract from the bark of Muria Pauma is typical to control hormonal balance in losshair thinningprovillushair regrowthvitaminspattern baldness
6 Feb 2010
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0:36 To hide baldness, find out if our minimally invasive MHT is right for you, why not arrange a free consultation w/ one of Hair Loss experts? You can call us directly on 0845 604 4618, e-mailing us
17 Dec 2009
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Another edition of my travel video series. This one has me starting off for the Skagit River Valley to find the Bald Eagles
31 Dec 2009
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Part two of three in the Tour d'JOko, recorded 12/30/09, on a journey to the Skagit River Valley to find the bald eagles.
31 Dec 2009
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For those of you who dont know.....EMO's are the dudes known for their melancholy dress code, morbid body language, sad facial expressions and their taste in music.....but most of all, EMO's are famous for their super floppy, vision impairing hair! Oh look! Heres a fine specimen!....This leads us to a question that perplexes the universe.....Is an EMO still an EMO if he loses his hair? I want to hear your opinion......Post your answers to this question as a text comment or a video response, to enter yourself in this contest. All responses will be judged on humor and originality. Please don't post anything offensive because we want to make EMO's smile, not cry! The prize is an illustration of the winner be me, Merrill Kazanjian. As always I will document the process on video and give you a copy for your channel. The deadline for this contest is March 1st, 2010 and the winner will be chosen on March 2nd.......Anyway, heres how I drew the Balding Emo. Here are the steps that I took to create the "Balding Emo" artwork: Step 1.) Pencil Step 2.) Illustration Marker- Prismacolor and Chartpak Ad markers Step 3.) Color Pencil Step 4.) Scan with Epson Scanner Step 5.) Digital Collage using Paint Shop Pro 9 Step 6.) Print with Hewlett Packard Printer Step 7.) Color Pencil Step 8.) Scan with Epson Scanner Step 9.) Finishing Touches with Paint Shop Pro 9
1 Jan 2010
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Clare Balding talks about her personal experience with Crufts in the run up to DFSCrufts 2010. The Atmosphere, the feeling of competitiveness. Crufts is the Olympic games of the dog world. Clare also talks about "Fabulous Willy" a Tibetan Terrier, her favourite winner from a few years back - Clare also has a Tibetan Terrier. Come and visit us at for loads of video content from the last 30 years!
9 Jan 2010
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in this video i will let pplz know that how to use smudge tool for making some one bald in adobe photoshop
22 Jan 2010
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Brasstown Bald is the highest elevation in North Georgia. Brasstown Bald is approximately 25-30 miles from Blue Ridge, GA and 15 miles from our cabin. This is probably why we go there at least 16-20 times a year. Our favorite time of day is sunset, I guess we are too lazy to get up to see a sunrise.
30 Jan 2010
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Discover Honest Proven Secrets to Growing Your Hair From the Nape of Your Neck to the Center of Your Back in a Few Short Months Get a secret oil mix that grew my hair extremely fast and also cured a bald spot and thinning hair line. You won't find it in your local beauty supply store, but I will show you where to get it. The results of this oil have been miraculous and I continue to use it and see results.
24 Jul 2010
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On behalf of produced this video of beautiful bald women from around the World that are proud to be bald. See more places where bald people hang at This is a Joyce Ray-Loper Production.
17 Feb 2010
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On behalf of produced this tribute to some of the hottest bald men out there on See more places where bald people hang at This is a Joyce Ray-Loper Production.
17 Feb 2010
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3:56 presents a slideshow of beautiful bald women from around the world that wear their head shaved with confidence and positive energy. Proud to be bald? Check out Video production by . This is a Joyce Ray-Loper Production.
27 Feb 2010
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a bald eagle in jefferson, wisconsin where the crawfish and rock rivers meet, bothered by crows, 3/7/2010
9 Mar 2010
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A short video showcasing the bald bikers of WOS motorcycle social network and some of the women that like or love bald bikers. As says it well "It’s All In The Head”. Visit their website Video Produced by website: for Vip Media Entertainment This is a Joyce Ray-Loper Production.
22 Mar 2010
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Being a biker is a life style of it’s own, but being a bald biker takes on a whole new meaning. In this episode we take you to biker’s night at a well know spot in Atlanta. Show hosted by Brian Riley of “Get Your Gripe On.” As says it well…” It’s All In The Head." Produced by website: for Vip Media Entertainment This is a Joyce Ray-Loper Production. Episode 1
24 Jun 2010
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Barbara Mori of the Kites fame and who is said to have an affair with bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan has a secret that no one knows. What we discovered, however, is that when Hrithik saw Barbara for the first time the sexy Latino was nearly bald!
16 Apr 2010
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