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Lane Kiffin has been tapped to "evaluate" the Alabama Crimson Tide offense. Allie LaForce and Doug Gottlieb discuss.
17 Dec 2013
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9 Jan 2014
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Dan Woike and Lawrence Jackson joined Jim Rome to discuss former USC Trojans coach Lane Kiffin interviewing at Alabama for their offensive coordinator position.
10 Jan 2014
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*******www.facebook****/OnAirMusic *******www.facebook****/nfmeurolindi Te drejtat Eurolindi (C) Producent Bujar Avdimetaj
21 Nov 2014
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****** ATTENTION ***** (click on MORE INFO) --------------------------------- PROPERLY VETT BARACK OBAMA, NOT JOE THE PLUMBER! --------------------------------- Liberals are pissed and attacking Joe the Plumber because he single-handedly got Obama to ADMIT he's for SOCIALISM. "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." CAUGHT - ON CAMERA with a MARXIST PHILOSOPHY! JOE THE PLUMBER - AMERICAN HERO! --------------------------------------- THANK YOU YouTuber Advocate1234 for the clip. Go to Advocate1234 CHANNEL! ------------------------------------- ROBIN HOOD - or robbing for the hood! --------------------------------------- Plumber, Joe Wurzelbacher, calls out Obama on his tax plan. Listen to Obama shatter his dreams by telling him "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." Joe responded by saying "you're destroying the American Dream". That part has been omitted by ALL media! How come Joe asks ONE HARD question that receives an incredible socialist answer and MAINSTREAM MEDIA DOES NOT QUESTION OBAMA!!! --------------------------------------- If you notice, Barack Obama keeps his distance from the American public and does not let them question him one on one. The few instances he's done it, town hall meetings, have been disastrous and he ends up stuttering a bullshit answer. -------------------------------------- Please go to Daryl Patterson's MySpace page *******www.myspace****/daryl_patterson and click on DONATE (anything will help - a $1.00 or more) so we can continue producing our independent videos to DEFEAT OBAMA! THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ------------------------------ You can donate by PayPal or Google. It's easy and safe. Just like your VOTE, every penny counts! We are a small group of independent, freelance artists that depend FULLY on PUBLIC SUPPORT! Uh...bama has huge cash cows behind him that want to ruin this country. Cash cows like George Soros, Jeanne McCurdy and overseas contributors. What is the second greatest nation in the world? We believe America is the greatest but the second greatest nation is a donation. A small donation of any denomination will help KEEP us creative and keep our nation the greatest in the world. Please give now so it won't be yanked from you later from an Obamanation! THANK YOU! ------------------------------------- OBAMA's TAX PLAN - Penn & Teller and gang return to comment on Obama's socialist plans to turn the United States into a Marxist wasteland! Properly VETT Obama... GOOGLE Obama ACORN Obama Alwaleed bin Talal Obama Ayers Obama Barry Soetoro Obama vs. Berg Obama Bernie Sanders Obama The New Black Panthers Obama Chicago Annenberg Challenge Obama Cloward-Piven Strategy Obama Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) Obama Donald Warden Obama Emil Jones Obama Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac Obama Farrakhan Obama Frank Marshall Davis Obama Franklin Raines Obama George Soros Obama Jim Johnson Obama Khalidi Obama Khalid al-Mansour Obama Malcom X Obamma Mohammed Hasan Chandoo Obama Raila Odinga Obama Rezko Obama Saul Alinski Obama Woods Fund Obama Wright / Unity Trinity Church
9 Nov 2008
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Hardy Drew and the Nancy Boys. Theres no one as Irish as Barack O'Bama
11 Nov 2008
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at the bama dragway. this is sort of a rip off considering it's not an actual sized school bus, just a mini frame made to look like one.
14 Dec 2008
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22 Aug 2009
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Dave Matthews Band performing Grey Street live at The Gorge Amphitheatre in the state of Washington in 2002. I do not own the rights to this video! All rights belong to Bama Rags and Dave Matthews Band.
6 Sep 2009
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Here's a little bit of TDub in Florida, He was battling a little injury while here but still killed everything, Look out for a new TDub vid to drop soon as well as some throwback TDub videos. 360 between the legs dunk...too easy and why not it's his version of the dunk and he's the only one to do it. Best in the world? Look out for TDub along with Guy Dupuy,Golden Child,Jonsey,Werm,Air Bama and Special FX December 19,2008 at the City of Palms putting on a dunk display you could only dream of.
6 Sep 2009
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Bear Bryant halftime talk !Not for Clay's Bama page!
13 Sep 2009
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hoty bama with hot hot pillo..............
24 Nov 2009
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Bama beats Florida in the SEC Chamionship!!!!!!!! TIM TEBOW CRIES
6 Dec 2009
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SUBSCRIBE! New video every Thursday! Featured Sites: *******www.examiner****/dallas/ *******patdollard****/ ******* LYRICS: Gitmo closing maybe not Bama having second thoughts Cabinet Tax Cheats Mega bonus AIG Trillion Dollar Stimulus Biden Getting Restless Hes still kept in his cage Never getting onstage Government cuts Bonus Bama still wont take Onus Cancel Bonus AIG 90% Tax Fee Suddenly theyre no-go Nobody messes with Joe His plugs are real obvious Biden youre not fooling us Crazy Petes Abortion Barn Business started getting hard Mexico city policy Now were Snuffing more babies I dont care about the kids Im makin dough hand over fist So if you want to kill your child Call 555 5455 I want Death to America Now I can, thanks Obama Military Funding Cut Looking like this is my shot Weaking the home team So my job is real easy All due praise be to Allah Now Ill start a Fatwa! Obama Goes on Late Night Without Prompter what a sight Making fun of handicaps Retards want to kick his ass Embryonic Stem Cells Approval not going well Harvesting more Embryo Seriously whats up with Joe?
31 Mar 2010
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Here is an EXHIBITION game featuring the new streetball company called 94INC. These games are to get the players ready for the tour. The tour will start in November and air on MTV. For more info go to *******www.94inc**** 94INC consists of the players; Helicopter aka John Humphrey; 6'1 extremely explosive dunker. Went to Oak Hill Academy in high school and graduated from Middle Tennessee State. One of the first to hit 2 foot eastbays in games on the regular. Durden told me about this crazy dunker that just showed up in a beater at the Hot Sauce Killer Crossover Tour and put on a show. Had the sickest 2 hand windmill reverse I've ever seen in a dunk contest hands down. Silk aka Andre Poole; Silk is a streetball legend from Baltimore, MD. He has been in MTV's Who Got Game, YPA Players Ball, an And1. Has crazy handle and often makes it look like he is dribbling by himself, even with good defenders on him. Remember him from Who Got Game and heard about him being the nicest dude at the YPA Players Ball. 8th Wonder aka Antwan Scott; 8th graduated from Oak Hill Academy and then went on to play ball at Wake Forest. He then played overseas in Turkey before signing with And1. I remember him from the game against Duke where he dunked on Carlos Boozer and had a dunk down the lane and posterized a defender. Baby Shaq aka The Punisher aka The Rawkus, aka The Incredible Hulk aka Hugh Jones; 6'3 Baby Shaq gets BUCKETS. Hugh has been killing competition for years and is a legend at the famous Barry Farms. Shaq was at one time rumored to have a 50 inch vertical leap at one point in his career. I remember him easily winning a dunk contest in Baltimore and then seeing him in the Nike Battlegrounds where he went all the way to the championship round. Springs aka Jamal Wilson; 6'2 Leaper Jamal showed out on the And1 Mixtape tour when he was just 16 years old. Also called "Electric" because of his lightning quickness. Springs just explodes when he takes off and any trick dunk I've seen him do, he has done in game. First saw him when he was 16 at the Detroit open run getting tons of dunks when And1 was huge. Air Bama aka Kareem Ward; 6'4 Air Bama has a crazy vertical leap and a solid game to go with it. First saw him on Youtube catching an elbow dunk in college. Despite having had 2 knee surgeries, Air Bama is one of the highest jumpers in the world. From jumping over people to putting his arm in the rim on posterizations, Bama is also one of the best in game dunkers I've seen in a long time. Hot Sauce aka Phillip Champion; Hot Sizzle spent long hours at ATL's Run N Shoot perfecting his handle and making up moves that were never done before. Hot Sauce has had the biggest impact on streetball in the past 10 years than anyone. Crazy handle with even crazier tricks, Hot Sauce has no problem making people look stupid. In And1 Mixtape Volume 3 dude turned it out and changed the game forever. Pat Da Roc aka Pat Robinson; 6'3 Pat Da Roc is one of the most creative players out in the streetball circuit. Pat seems to always show the crowd something they've never seen before. Pat won the Ball4real contract 2 Summers ago before their demise. I remember my boy had copped his old VHS tape a couple years back before Pat made a name for himself. Pat shows that hard work pays off and has earned everything he has gotten so far.
2 May 2010
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Some Highlight from the Nba Legends game in Germany See Denis Rodman, Muggsy Bogues and Tim Hardaway playin with Hot Sauce, Air up There, Air Bama, Pat da Roc, High Rizer, Mr. Africa and many more against the Trier Allstars from Germany
8 May 2010
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