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As Coach Nick Saban landed in Tuscaloosa to be announced as Alabama's new coach, one drunk fan decided to give him a kiss.
15 Nov 2011
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Scott Cochran is the director of strength and conditioning for Alabama's football program. Find out how he's kept Nick Saban's Crimson Tide in better shape than the rest. Watch 60 Minutes Wednesday, November 6 at 10PM ET/PT on Showtime.
6 Nov 2013
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War Eagle. Beat Bama. ------------------------------ Song: The Beginning is the End is the Beginning The Smashing Pumpkins Warner Music Group copyright 2009
28 Nov 2009
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GO-BAMA: Between Hope & Dreams Trailer for the documentary, GO-BAMA: Between Hope & Dreams. Written, directed, and produced by A. Rahman Satti
11 Mar 2011
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A Colorado mom captured her daughter's sobbing response after hearing about the election one too many times. The pair had been listening to NPR during a trip to the grocery store when 4-year-old Abigael decided she was done. With great big tears rolling down her cheeks, the little girl declared, "I'm tired of Bronco 'Bama and Mitt Romney."
8 Nov 2012
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GO-BAMA: Between Hope & Dreams A cynic searches for HOPE and rides the wave.
27 Mar 2013
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Raw- ******* OU v. Bama Sugar Bowl, 2014. Sorry for the quality, I'll post the HQ version tonight when I get wifi! KELLLLKAY For Licensing please contact licensing(at)fullscreen****
6 Jan 2014
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Just before the Bama Mom went off, just to be clear I did not take the video. Video credit to Thatcher Bowers
12 Jan 2014
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Keith Burns, guitarist for trick pony ad-libing a song about NOBAMA
29 Dec 2008
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St. Patrick's Day song by Danny Boy. "A-man" thanks for putting the video together!! Set to the tune of "Danny Boy", I'm trying my hardest to sound like an Irish tenor LOL Barack's Irish ancestors came to America from Ireland in 1850. Come back in a few days for the "Obama Pennsylvania Polka" Go Obama!! Luck of the Irish to you..
19 Jan 2009
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This is Give 'Em Hell by 63 Boyz. Download this song at *******www.mediafire****/. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! ▌│█│║▌║││█║▌│║▌║ © 2009 Personjmm Productions All Rights Reserved
13 Sep 2009
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University of Alabama Football 2008 with Finbaum Iron Bowl remix.
30 Oct 2009
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This guy is awesome!
18 Oct 2011
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Barack Obama raps about "You Didn't Build That", Mitt Romney, and the 2012 campaign to the tune of MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This". Featuring cameos from Clint Eastwood, Stephen Colbert, Hulk Hogan, Julia Gillard, and Jennifer Granholm. Lyrics below. By Hugh Atkin *******youtube****/hmatkin *******twitter****/hmatkin LYRICS Mitt Romney strikes me, so hard. Makes me feel like Shirley Sherrod. Out of context, those words aren't mine. The private sector's doing fine. Feels good, when the economy's weak, Responding with a national security leak. Osama Bin Laden, I killed. And that was a mission you didn't build. [CHORUS] If you've given three dollars before, I'm asking again for a few dollars more. Clint Eastwood and the empty chair Would be bettter than this Republican pair. Shut up, it's my turn. Let's rap together. Go ahead. You've got a lot to learn. Mr Ryan and his voucher retailin'. Maybe he's just a brighter shade of Palin. Mr Romney...and his friends on Wall Street. What I'm saying is they're SuperPacking Heat. And here is a woman Mitt killed. But that was an attack ad you didn't build. [CHORUS] [JENNIFER GRANHOLM BREAKS IT DOWN] Stop. Obamatime. The race is still in play. So I gotta be careful about what I say. And so, from the Australian nation, I'll be introducing the Strine translation. The Republican party in the debt ceiling fight. Ravings of the eccentric, lunar right. There are those who don't believe my birth certificate. There are nut jobs on the internet. To your guns keep on clinging. To myself I'll be singing... "I so in love with you." What we need now is the Colbert Bump. But, just for a minute lets all do the Trump. Trump, Trump, Trump. Yeeeaah. Not bad, huh? [CHORUS] [HULK HOGAN INTERVIEW] Hogan, this is the real American booking. Do you smell what Barack is cooking? Morning in America? Not quite. It's pre-dawn, but we will soon see the light. Financial straits remain dire. You've got to remember I did not start this fire. It was Notorious G.O.P. And if you choose to vote for me, I will not just call you maybe. I am ready to go all the way, baby. That promise will be fulfilled. So join this chorus, you didn't build. [CHORUS] [CODA]
20 Sep 2012
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The video elaborates the funny attempt by the youth term of pinkcity**** talking about the latest cleavage news about the two famous people; "Obama" and "Mitt Romney" regarding their campaign for president-ship 2012.
9 Oct 2012
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CBS Sports college football analyst Spencer Tillman joined the Tim Brando Show to discuss Alabama's come-from-behind win against LSU as well as their upcoming SEC West showdown with Texas A&M.
7 Nov 2012
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