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Quiet, powerful song about Time having Talons when we are separated from loved ones. Originally written for the singer's daughters after divorce and a change of residence put many miles...and Time...between them.
26 Jun 2008
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6 Apr 2009
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Transcript by Newsy BY UNA LU You're watching multisource health news analysis Is sharing human breast milk a good idea? Groups dedicated to sharing and using donated breast milk are fast-growing on Facebook. But U.S. and Canadian officials are raising a red flag over the practice. CTV reports the health authorities ‘concerns. “TheCanadian Pediatric Society wants to see a milk bank in every province, but it must be patronized breast milk and mothers will have to be screened just like we screen blood donors. Recently Health Canada has issue advising parents not to get any donated breast milk via internet because no one could guarantee its safe.” What’s the potential risk? EmaxHealth details the FDA’s statement. “These risks include exposure to infectious diseases, including HIV, to chemical contaminants, such as some illegal drugs, and to a limited number of prescription drugs that might be in the human milk” Calling the warnings unnecessary, breast milk-share advocate Emma Kwasnica tells Toronto Sun, there’s nothing to worry about. “Women have been wet nursing each other's babies for eons…Women don't want to be feeding their babies powder infant formula, and they want help so we're working together as mothers.” Advocates say, in some cases, babies have no time to waste. A mom who has nursing problem tells the Toronto Star, the risk is worth taking. “It’s a risk, but I made that choice. Sometimes we (receiver and donor) just have to stick together, despite the critics or the controversy it might cause.” Question is - could milk banks meet the demand? According to Vancouver Sun, Canada has only one milk bank and the U.S. doesn’t have many more. The Chicago Tribune says: “Just 10 milk banks are operating in the U.S., and demand far outstrips supply. Premature infants are especially in need of donated breast milk” The FDA plans to release documents related to breast milk donations and banking. So what do you think? Got -- breast milk? And if you don’t -- wanna share? Get more multisource video newsy analysis from Newsy
3 Dec 2010
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The clip bank meeting from Scarface (1980) with Al Pacino, Steven Bauer So you come to me with some kind of thing. Okay. You propose it, I talk to you. But we got a problem. I can't pay more. I'm bringing in twice as much as I ever did before. We're doing $10 million, $15 million a month. Come on. That's serious money. You bank boys got to come down a bit. No way. That's crazy. We can't do that. Then that's too bad. What am I gonna do? We're not a wholesale operation. We're a legitimate bank. The more cash you give me... the harder it is for me to rinse. That's a problem. I didn't know. The fact is, I can't take any more of your money... unless I raise the rates on you. You gonna raise the... I got to do it. The IRS is coming... Don't give me that shit! Let's talk. I'm talking. I go low, you go high. I know the game. This is business talk. Let me explain something. The IRS is coming down heavy on South Florida. There was a Time Magazine story that didn't help. There's a recession. I got stockholders I got to be responsible for. I got to do it, Tony. You'll learn from him. I got to go 10% on the first $12 million in denominations of 20. I'll go 8% on your $10 bills... 6% on your fives. We'll go somewhere else. That's it. There's no place else to go. Fuck you, man! Fuck you! I'll fly the cash myself to the Bahamas. Once, maybe. Then what? You'll trust some monkey in a Bahamian bank... with 20 million of your hard-earned dollars? Come on, Tony. Don't be a schmuck. Who else can you trust? That's why you pay us so much. You trust us. Did you hear that guy? You got to listen to him. You'll learn something. Stay with us. You're a well-liked customer. You're in good hands with us. And I got to run. I'm safe but poor. How's married life treating you? Better than you are.
23 Nov 2011
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The clip bank meeting Part 2 from Scarface (1980) with Al Pacino, Steven Bauer Say hello to the princess for me. She's beautiful. I'll see you. Take care. You, too. That prick! Fucking WASP whore. Talking to me like I'm some maric?n who came over on a boat. I tell you what. We don't need that smiling motherfucker. We should talk to this Jewish guy, Seidelbaum, okay? He's got his own exchange. He charges 4% at the most. And he's connected. Fuck them. Mob guys. Guineas. I don't trust them.
23 Nov 2011
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The clip bank meeting from Taking Woodstock (2009) The home office is breathing down my neck. Mr. Spiers, the El Monaco Resort... It's a resort now? ...and Motel is my parents' lifeblood. With the addition of the swimming pool and these new town-wide marketing initiatives... Initiatives? As you know, I have been elected the President of the Bethel Chamber of Commerce. The youngest president in their history. We've decided to erect a tourist information booth, right off 17B. I have agreed, on behalf of the El Monaco, to lease at no cost some road frontage to the endeavor, which should coincidentally drive heavy tourist traffic right to our door. In addition... Please, Elliot, you know I do everything I can to help. We even bought one of your paintings. But don't try to sell me on those singles weekends or the culture festival or whatever other schemes were supposed to dig you out last summer. We've decided to go classical with the festival this year, maybe a string quartet, more contemporary, like Morton Feldman? Very avant-garde. And we've got a theater troupe in the barn. You have a theater troupe in the barn? The Earthlight Players. Vassar graduates, some of them. They live in the barn? They do everything in the barn. You haven't seen the sign? What sign? The sign in front of the barn. Mr. Spiers, my God, please. We come here, begging, begging for mercy, and what do you give us? This fixation about the barn. What is it with you and the barn? I was just... I'm an old woman, Mr. Spiers. I've suffered. I walked here all the way from Minsk, in Russia, in 20-foot snow drifts, 1,000 miles across Siberia. I escaped the pogroms, the Tsar's secret police, with nothing but cold potatoes in my pockets. Mrs. Teichberg, please... And for what? For more persecution! It's because we're Jewish. I know it, isn't it? Mrs. Teichberg, please. This is the Catskills. Half the summer colonies are Jewish, they're all our clients. Until the day they need you, and then on goes the gas! Ma, calm down, please? Jackson, just give us a couple of months. The summer season's coming up, I honestly do have some real money
1 Dec 2011
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The clip bank meeting Part 2 from Taking Woodstock (2009) owed me from my interior design business in the city. Please? Mother-son ballroom class will start immediately after, at 11:00. That's kinder-dancing for the kiddies in 10 minutes. Dad, you gotta get Ma to lay off the Nazi stuff and let me handle this. You think I can tell your mother what to do? I gotta get back to the city. I'll see you Friday. We'll get the money. Let them take this miserable dump. I'll die in peace, in Florida.
1 Dec 2011
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Bob Chapman talks to Melody Cedarstrom about the new dollar and the coming devaluation recorded on December 28th 2009
8 Nov 2012
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Entertainment Tonight Season: 32 In 2011, Elizabeth Banks teamed up with Go Red For Women's campaign to raise awareness about heart attack prevention, and it wasn't long before the Hunger Games actress learned her three-minute short, Just a Little Heart Attack, saved a woman's life.
13 Mar 2013
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source: *************/nolavconsole/ukfs_news/hi/newsid_5150000/newsid_5150500/bb_rm_5150592.stm BBC NEWS | Greg Palast | World Bank 'fails poor' says Stiglitz - FIRST BROADCAST 27 APRIL 2001 IMF and World Bank meet in Washington - Greg Palast reports for BBC Television's Newsnight. Three weeks ago James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank, was supposed to appear on CNN, and he told CNN that if I showed up and they put me on the air he would not appear; he would remove all tapes of his interviews if Greg Palast were allowed on the air. And CNN did the courageous thing and yanked me out of the studio. Now we're going to find out why. featuring: Joseph Stiglitz(fmr chief economist World Bank)
8 Feb 2010
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Ron Paul from committee floor. House Financial Services Committee. Bernanke present, but not in this video. Dated 2/17/2007 C-SPAN Google Video version: ***********/videoplay?docid=2493019993443374205 Here is the FULL committee meeting with Bernanke: ***********/videoplay?docid=5215334406027305569 and here is a mirror for the FULL version: *******www.guba****/watch/2000965422 And here is a supplemental World Bank meeting: ***********/videoplay?docid=-6691276733734145592 And Dana Rohrabacher talking about stuff: ***********/videoplay?docid=-3809236353647592407 And Rons Patriotism speech: ***********/videoplay?docid=-8803610954165151813
8 Dec 2010
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