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President Bush nominates Robert Zoellick for World Bank President.
31 May 2007
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To kick off the third annual meeting of the CGI, former U.S. President Bill Clinton shares three convictions needed to confront the world's most critical challenges: recognition of our common humanity, shared responsibility, and the knowledge that we all can make a difference. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, Philippines President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott, Jr., World Bank President Robert Zoellick, and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore stress the need for global action to overcome crises of conflict and oppression, poverty, and climate change.
4 Oct 2007
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Health, education, jobs, and a robust middle class are critical for Latin America to seize the opportunities presented by a globalized world. Watch Dominican Republic President Dr. Leonel Fernandez, Argentine Republic President Nestor Carlos Kirchner, Inter-American Development Bank President Luis Alberto Moreno, and Grupo Carso Chairman Carlos Slim Helu discuss tangible solutions to some of the region's most pressing challenges.
4 Oct 2007
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World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz announced in Kinshasa that he expects funding up to $1.4 billion. The goal is to accelerate the development process of the country and improve the quality of life for the Congolese people. Wolfowitz visited Kisangani before coming to Kinshasa and met with a wide range of people including ex-combatants-starting a new life of demobilization and reintegration-business leaders, and women activists. Wolfowitz said the World Bank's board had approved new procedures in order to be able to respond much more rapidly than in the past to countries in emergency situations. He said the first grant under these procedures would be one this month for US$180 million to build roads and provide water in Kinshasa, creating jobs in the process. This is part of what could be as much as US$380 million in grants to the DRC this year from the World Bank.
7 Mar 2008
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23 Jul 2008
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Learn how to survive tough economic times with advice from former World Bank president James Wolfensohn.
13 Jun 2009
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*******www.gwm-tv**** - Brazil's Central bank president Henrique Meirelles has said that the country's economy will be protected as steps taken to stop the dollar weakening further look unlikely. Brazilian policy makers will 'take the necessary steps' to prevent bubbles from forming as monetary policies carried out by nations including the US cause 'excessive' inflows to emerging economies. Meirelles highlighted the need for the Real to be protected from imbalances as the global currency war rages on.
19 Oct 2010
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BY MIKKEL NOEL LANZKY The European Union won’t demand further recapitalization of the region’s banks for fear of causing a new recession. That’s the message from an EU banking committee this week. European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet says he sees no need to further recapitalize because the measures already in place are having the expected effect. Jean-Claude Trichet: “The securities markets’ program strictly aims at correcting malfunctioning of markets. The prohibition of monetary financing underlines precisely the fact that budgetary discipline is of the utmost importance." (EUX.TV) This position is in stark contrast to one held by the head of the International Monetary Fund -- Christine Lagarde. Speaking at the US Federal Reserve’s annual forum in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this past weekend, Lagarde warned of renewed recession. The Telegraph notes her concerns: "Developments this summer have indicated we are in a dangerous new phase. The stakes are clear. We risk seeing the fragile recovery derailed. So we must act now." The Globe and Mail says -- that’s a nice way of saying -- the stuff’s about to hit the fan, translating Lagarde’s words this way.... “... the European banks can’t be held together with Crazy Glue and paper clips much longer and that if they aren’t fixed soon, we’re heading for another whopper of a financial and economic crisis.” But in a talking with the San Fransisco Chronicle, European Economic Commissioner Olli Rehn supports the ECB President, saying of the current recapitalization process: "EU banks are significantly better capitalized now than they were one year ago. As the necessary recapitalization of EU banks proceeds, we expect their funding conditions to improve." CNBC senior editor John Carney says the EU -- or individual European governments -- could be considering a regular bailout of European banks. “So perhaps the European financial authorities are abandoning the backdoor in favor of the front door: bailing out the banks directly. This could save European banks while letting the weaker countries default, which would hurt the non-bailed out holders of the defaulted debt...” And The Telegraph’s Andrew Lilico says -- instead of banks recapitalizing and further constricting -- the weak should just be allowed to fail. So that the whole of Europe can get stronger. “Banks do not need increased capital requirements. Instead, they need proper resolution mechanisms, whereby they can be allowed to go bust, safely, with losses for lenders instead of taxpayers and the wider macroeconomy.” Transcript by Newsy.
31 Aug 2011
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World Bank President Robert Zoellick says the escalating price of food is stunting opportunities and creating hardship for people in poor countries. The international lending organization says it aims to double agricultural business investment this year and called on rich countries to help offset the rising cost of food. Speaking to reporters ahead of the World Bank/IMF meetings this weekend, Zoellick said World Bank members must step up efforts to stave off what he called a "growing emergency" in developing countries. VOA's Mil Arcega reports
17 Feb 2010
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The clip taking over the town from Dudley Do-Right (1999) In the daylight hours, Snidely was hard at work... arranging a meeting between a really big train and the local bank president. Is that a choo-choo train I hear coming our way? I can't do this to our customers. You'll own everything! All right, all right. I'll sign. All the bank's mortgages are yours. And a teller to be named later. All right! Pay off the mortgage now, or this quaint little fixer upper is mine! You're not our banker. I am now. Read it and weep. How can you do this to us? How can I do this to you? Madam, I was born to do it. It's in my genes. Now get out, and take your munchkins with you. That's right. Chop-chop. Single file. And wipe that smile off your face. And no talking. With his ill-gotten gains, Snidely Whiplash was taking over... all of Semi-Happy Valley, and that included the local motel... the Slaw-Dogs stand... the funeral home... the very town itself. Naturally, local residents became a mite concerned.
11 Nov 2011
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President Obama was accompanied on the links during his final vacation day on Martha's Vineyard by World Bank President Jim Kim, donor Eunu Chun and aide Mike Brush
18 Aug 2013
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Don't Forget To Subscribe :) ***********/channel/UCRQp1p7uuOjS2Xo_FRQ0XBA Directed by: Thomas Koerfer Actors: Dexter Fletcher, Fabienne Babe, Uwe Ochsenknecht Country: Germany Also known as: De plein fouet, Exit Genua, Sortie Genes Description: After watching the flick All Out the other night I wondered why it wasn't published here at wipfilms in the past. Amazingly we found no evidence of this flick here in any form, so we set to work putting together a version for the fine folks here to enjoy. The film's pedigree in European and though the original language is French according to the IMDB, it was apparently released in Germany several years prior to showing in France. The film itself credits it as a Swiss-French-German production but interestingly the version we have here has the credits in English! So what we have put together is a dual audio version with English and French audio tracks {there are no English subs but the English track seems very natural and some of the dialog may have originally been in English as it is!} When a bank robbery goes wrong what's a thief to do? Carjack the nearest blond babe to help you get away of course. And it certainly helps that the babe in question is the aptly named Fabienne Babe! Only later when the news reports the robbery gone bad there's no mention of the beautiful hostage, so who is she after all? So when our enterprising thief finds out he has the daughter of the bank president in his possession it only raises more questions than answers. What really happened in the bank? Why has the loss of an attache case full of money and the bank president's daughter not been reported in the news? And once the story gets out how will the daughter react to the news that her father won't pay any ransom for her as a "matter of principle". All is not as it seems in this tale of a not-so-simple crime gone wildly awry. This flick was not the easiest thing to categorize as it plays out as a thriller with action sequences then slows to a drama before remembering it was a thriller with action elements, so we ended up calling it a thriller. Enjoy it everyone!
8 Feb 2014
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