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If you like this golden-era hip-hop beat, please check out my site. You can find free beats as well as my remixes of popular artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Royce da 5'9 and others. If you would like to work with me, please get in touch. Please subscribe to hear many more hot beats! Thanks DJ Premier type beat boom bap beat Rap beat Hip-hop beat free beat East Coast beat
23 May 2017
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"Moments of Yesterday" Starring Untamed Click Director/Editor -- 1Mind Media Produced by Tom Davids Sponsered By: KushBoyBrand Twitter: UntamedClick Booking: booking.untamedclickgmail****
9 Apr 2013
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"So Bad" Starring Untamed Click Director/Editor -- 1Mind Media Produced by Vic Jones Sponsered By: KushBoyBrand Twitter: UntamedClick Booking: booking.untamedclickgmail**** #TheClue *******indy.livemixtapes****/mixtapes/20698/untamed-click-the-clue.html
9 Apr 2013
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"4EVA" Starring Untamed Click Director/Editor -- DeWun_Music & www.iclassent**** Produced by Rhapsodist Beats Sponsered By: KushBoyBrand Twitter: UntamedClick Booking: booking.untamedclickgmail**** LAME (#LivingAboveManipulatedEgos
9 Apr 2013
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Live interview and informational show featuring a variety of interviews from around the Atlanta area and eventually abroad. This show is designed to spotlight the independent artists and entertainers that are out on their grind to make things happen and get their moment to shine.
9 Jul 2012
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Boombastic, the latest video release off of sOuL's album The Unspoken Word, directed and produced by Woodstock, the 3rd video in a series shot exclusively on an iPhone 3Gs! FREE DOWNLOAD of Boombastic available here: *******s-o-u-l.bandcamp****/track/boombastic A song that resonates the feeling of being true to one's self in the search for what's real. Backed by a driving beat, vintage boom boxes, and the evolution of what would become the mixtape - Boombastic is the proverbial $hit! Enjoy, and be sure to share ;)
26 Mar 2012
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8 Feb 2012
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'' Won Too '' - Emzkey One Posted By Dj FarrOut for FarrOut Promotions. Uploaded by EmzkeyOnePresents on Dec 15, 2011 A single written,produced,arranged,performed and mixed by Emzkey One for Sublime Crown Productions. Video directed by Emzkey One Category: Music Tags: * Emzkey One * Emzkey * Live and Direct * Lord Get Busy * Rap * B Boy's and Girls * Warsaw South Carolina 843 * Boom BAP *Djfarrout *843 *The South *Dirty South *Unsigned *Unsigned Artist *Freestyle *Brooklyn *East Coast Rap * Concious Flows * Real Rap www.hiphopresurrection****/profile/EmzkeyOne
29 Jan 2012
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Naat Qawali
16 Aug 2011
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This is a Swaminarayan Charitra Animation Video.
28 Jul 2011
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Haute Cuisine Hate Cuisine: Marmite Recipes with Dom Joly - Sausage and Marmite Onion Butty. See more on Marmite's Facebook page: www.facebook****/Marmite Today we are cooking scrumptious sausage and onion Marmite butties!!! :) You don't need dry ice, rare squid milk or to roll pigs nuts in cling film; there's zero molecular gastronomy here, just scour your kitchen for these ingredients: - Large onions - Olive oil - Large bread rolls or baps - Spread - A pinch of sugar - Marmite - 2 pork or beef sausages Tuck in and enjoy
22 Jul 2011
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BRISK Euregio Cover Band Hans zingt : BAP - Verdamp lang her OT JOSEFSHAUS Aken Duitsland
25 Oct 2010
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Anybody who to kill any one he can never b a saint or guru.All such these persons should b in PRISION....SAVE INDIA N SAVE HINDUISM BY PUTTING THEM IN PRISION............. *******shaitanbanabhagwan.rediffblogs... *******www.scribd****/doc/6446469/Asa... *******www.slavecult****/
23 Sep 2010
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22 Aug 2010
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Bibimbap is a Korean traditional food. It is served rice topped with vegetables, beef, egg, and served with a dollop of chilli pepper paste. Bibim means mixing and bap means rice, so you need to mix it all together before you enjoy it. though Bibimbap is hot, it is very healthy food due to a lot of vegetables. Bibimbap is the most popular food for foreigners, so Korean air chose it for main menu that is served in flight
22 Jul 2010
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Un Mobil Home ( dommage qu'il ne soit pas en bois ) à 5 mns à pied des spots de Cénitz et de Lafiténia, un cadre et un accueil chaleureux par les propriétaires ( Famille LACARRA), nous recommendons aux amoureux du hors-saison ce camping <a href="*******www.merkolacarra****/" title="Merko Lacarra" target="_blank">Merko Lacarra</a>. Arrivée le dimanche après-midi, nous découvrons les spotsodyboard et partons pour Hendaye nous mettre à l'abri du vent et prendre quelques vagues plus petites, mais plus propres. Ces vidéos sont des souvenirs de trip, plus que des vidéos de surf, car je vais passer une semaine au Pays Basque pour essayer de prendre quelques vagues et qu'ensuite je me prends pas pour un pro de la vidéo de surf, juste pour le fun et le partage, donc : souvenirs et quelques images de surf surtout prises par Cyrille, qui , à force de dévouement à réussi à nous shooter sur quelques vagues, enfin je crois... Pour le reste, je n'ai pu m'empêcher de constater et de filmer la dégradation importante des eaux de baignade par une pollution plus que massive par, comme le soulève <a href="*******" title="Surfriders Foundation" target="_blank">Surfrider Foundation</a> les macros déchets ( <a href="*******www.pasdecasurnosplages****/" title="Pétition pas de ça sur nos plages" target="_blank">signez la pétitio</a>n ), mes différentes incursions sur cette Côte des Basques mythique me porte à croire que nous n'améliorons pas nos conditions de vie avec nos déjections. Mon ami Baps m'a fait constater une nouvelle pollution originale, les stations d'épurations de la région utilisent, pour dégrader nos déjections organiques, des camemberts en matière plastique qui encapsulent des désinfectants, mais que nous retrouvons par millions sur le littoral. Découverte du dernier BodyBoard de l'équipe Tribord <a href="*******www.tribord****/FR/bodyboard-tandem-weezmi-112305514/" title="BodyBoard Tandem" target="_blank">Bodyboard Tandem WEEZMI</a> et quelques belles rencontres.
7 Jun 2010
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