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Have you ever wanted to watch two guys recreate pick-up lines that never actually happened? Have you ever wanted those two guys to impersonate famous athletes and sports figures, yet not put any effort whatsoever into costuming or accurate impersonations? And have you ever wanted those two guys to hit on the same girl repeatedly and have her be eerily into it? If so, you should REALLY watch this video! Check out the first installment, "Great Pick-Up Lines in American History" here: ***********/watch?v=qi7Y121LgY0 Girl: Melissa Russell - ***********/user/MelissaFilmTV Dude: Aaron Wise DP: Aaron Massey - ***********/user/PodunkPictures Follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Subscribe to us on Facebook and Like the heck out of us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298?v=wall *******apps.facebook****/baratsandbereta/
19 Apr 2011
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Barats and Bereta Officer Wicks and Officer Butler walk the beat looking to intercept any neighborhood shenanigans. This is a sketch from our unaired pilot "This Is Culdesac" for NBC. It's one of many sketches that made it into the show. Enjoy!
26 Jul 2011
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Barats and Bereta Stubbs is such a good dog. He obeys my every command. Special thanks to Matt Barats as well as my little cousins. And are you on Facebook? So are we. *******apps.facebook****/baratsandbereta
30 Jul 2011
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Barats and Bereta It's the Robot Apocalypse!!! Scientists: Joe Bereta and Luke Barats Eve: Melissa Russell - *******www.twitter****/MelissaRLA Hitler: Adam McArthur - *******www.twitter****/Kungfu28 Guy Critic: Andy Mogren - *******www.andymogren**** KKK Member: Kevin Brueck - ***********/kevinbrueck Spielberg: Jeff Rosick - *******www.jeffrosick**** Music: Jeff Rosick and Kevin MacLeod Special thanks to Aaron Massey: ***********/user/PodunkPictures Follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Subscribe to us on Facebook and Like the heck out of us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298?v=wall *******apps.facebook****/baratsandbereta/
5 Aug 2011
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Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. FUN FACT: The guy flying back at 0:46 is Luke, and he dislocated his finger a split second after we cut away from the shot. -------- Barats and Bereta Like us on the Facebook: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298 Follow us on the Twitter: *******twitter****/#!/baratsandbereta --------- A bunch of people thank on this one. Here goes: Andy Mogren - ***********/user/AndyMogren Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski (Corridor Digital) - ***********/user/CorridorDigital Dan Oster - ***********/user/TitledSketchProject Aaron Wise Lance Paulin Amanda Barnes Hunter Barnes
3 Nov 2011
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I went on Space Mountain seventeen times. Clap clap. Special thanks to Brittany Cope and Jeff Rosick for tagging along and feeding me FastPasses. Follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Subscribe to us on Facebook and Like the heck out of us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298?v=wall *******apps.facebook****/baratsandbereta/
15 Nov 2011
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Ever feel like getting verbally abused for a minute or so? If you answered "yes", then this video is for you. If you answered "no", then ur a idiot. And we just launched our new Facebook page. If the verbal abuse hasn't demoralized you too completely, drop on by and digitally befriend us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta/266822446791?ref=ts
16 Nov 2011
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Barats and Bereta What happens when B&B have more ideas that aren't meaty enough to warrant entire sketches? ...SKITLETS: Episode 3, that's what. Episode Three: -Abercrombie Squad -The Jealous Hillbilly -The Guy Who Wanted a Son Lady: Heather Moxcey Mugger: Jon Payne Daughter: Hayden Noel Special Thanks to Jon Payne, Lacie Runolfson, and Andy Morgan. Watch Episode One Here: ***********/watch?v=J0ZFHl... Watch Episode Two Here: ***********/watch?v=qWqFHw9cK28
8 Dec 2011
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Luke has an idea for the next B&B video... Special thanks: Aaron Massey: ***********/user/PodunkPictures?blend=2&ob=1 Andy Mogren: *******www.andymogren****/andymogren****/home.html and Brittany Cope Artwork on computer and wall courtesy of Tyler Jacobson: *******tylerjacobsonart****/ Follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Subscribe to us on Facebook and Like the heck out of us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298?v=wall *******apps.facebook****/baratsandbereta/
13 Jan 2012
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All your favorite stars from Annoying Orange return to roast Orange! STARRING: PHIL DEFRANCO as POT ROAST: *******youtube****/sxephil iJUSTINE as PASSION: *******youtube****/ijustine MYSTERYGUITARMAN as POTATO: *******youtube****/mysteryguitarman DESTORM as PARTY ROCK: **************youtube****/destorm SMOSH as BANANAS: *******youtube****/smosh BOBJENZ as GRAPEFRUIT: *******youtube****/bobjenz KEVIN BRUECK as GRANDPA LEMON: *******youtube****/kevinbrueck MICHAEL BUCKLEY as SUNFLOWER: *******youtube****/whatthebuckshow TOBY TURNER as EGGPLANT: *******youtube****/tobuscus JULIAN SMITH as WALLNUT: *******youtube****/juliansmith87 GREG BENSON as MEATBALL: *******youtube****/mediocrefilms MICHAEL GALLAGHER as YAM: *******youtube****/totallysketch THE FINE BROS as CORN: *******youtube****/thefinebros BARATS AND BERETA as JUICE BOXES: *******youtube****/baratsandbereta ZACK SCOTT as PINEAPPLE: *******youtube****/zackscott STEVE GREENE as MANGO: *******youtube****/stevegreenecomedy AARON MASSEY as GINGERMAN: *******youtube****/podunkpictures RICHARD RYAN as RAPBERRY: *******youtube****/richardryan SHAYCARL as CABBAGE: *******youtube****/shaycarl LAUREN FRANCHESCA as LADY PASTA ***********/user/iwantmylauren NEW AO GAME UPDATES! iPHONE iPOD GAME: ******* iPAD GAME: ******* ANDROID GAME: ******* MERCH: AO TOYS! ******* T-SHIRTS: ******* FOLLOW ME: TWITTER: *******twitter****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK: *******facebook****/annoyingorange FACEBOOK APP: *******apps.facebook****/realannoyingorange/ WATCH ALL MY VIRAL VIDEO SPOOFS: ***********/view_play_list?p=F7804CA8F551DF96 WEBSITE: *******annoyingorange**** CREATED BY: DANEBOE: *******youtube****/daneboe DANEBOE GAMING CHANNEL: *******youtube****/superboebros DANEBOE 2ND CHANNEL: *******youtube****/user/gagfilms Type RUBBER SNUGGIES if you read this!
29 Jan 2012
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Barats and Bereta H! O! R! S! E! What does that spell??? (Horse, idiot.) NOTE: Don't drink bleach, kids. It will kill you. Thanks to Andy Mogren ***********/andymogren and Aaron Wise! We command you to like us on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298
10 Mar 2012
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Dirk and Brent are four years older but they haven't grown up. Watch the first episode! ***********/watch?v=wOTBWlt0-Y0 Many special thanks to Windward Reports! Check them out at: *******www.windwardreports**** Barats and Bereta Productions
20 Apr 2012
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Q: What do you get when you combine America's two favorite pastimes? A: You get NASCAR drivers shooting guns at each other. ...But this video is about baseball and food, so I don't really understand how your question is relevant here... Also, check out "Foodball In Reverse" here: ******* HUGE thanks to Andy Mogren, who was far too busy to shoot the vid for us yet went ahead and shot it anyway: ***********/user/AndyMogren The song used in the vid is called "Street Action" from jewelbeat**** "Like" us on Facebook or we will find you in the night: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298 Follow us on Twitter or we will find you at whatever time of day is most inconvenient for you: *******twitter****/#!/baratsandbereta
3 May 2012
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This is the story of three roommates, two of whom have hypnotized one another. Barats and Bereta Thanks to Max Kleinman for being in the vid! Follow him on Twitter, would ya? ********twitter****/maxually B&B are on Twitter too! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Furthermore, B&B are on Facebook! *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298 Music from jewelbeat****
3 Jul 2012
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Sometimes in life you just have to take a break from making stupid sketches and make a stupid song about a giant, murderous tarantula. Now on iTunes! ***********/us/album/tarantula-single/id492271094 Barats and Bereta Special thanks to Lee Barats, Matt Barats, Heather Moxcey and Hayden! As always, parents should use precaution-- this video has some poorly-drawn cartoon violence. Follow us on Twitter! *******twitter****/baratsandbereta Subscribe to us on Facebook and Like the heck out of us: *******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298 ---------- LYRICS: THE JONES FAMILY WENT ON A ROAD TRIP EVERYTHING WAS GRAND ON THE ROAD TRIP 'TIL THE TARANTULA CAME AND ATE THEM ALL THE COPS CAME TO GATHER CLUES THEY FOUND TARANTULA THEIR FUNERAL SERVICES GOT TARANTULA'D THE WHITE HOUSE: TARANTULA'D THE ARMY: TARANTULA'D YAHWEH: TARANTULA'D THE MORAL IS TARANTULA
29 Oct 2012
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A buncha Sox fans try to weasel out of jury duty so they can watch the World Series, kid. Barats and Bereta Juror - Bobby Jennings ***********/user/bobjenz Prosecutor - Luke Barats Defense - Joe Bereta Pregnant Woman, Co-Writer - Gina Ippolito *******twitter****/#!/ippy2 Nazi Sympathizer - Kevin Brueck ***********/user/kevinbrueck Alien #1 - Brian Flynn ********twitter****/#!/FlynnB Alien #2 - Melissa Russell *******twitter****/#!/melissarla Attractive, Mute Jurors: Brittany Cope Clare Schmidt *******www.clareschmidt****/ Amanda Tudesco *******amandatudesco****/ Dan McLellan Special Thanks: Petar Mandich, Dane Boedigheimer, The Collective, UCB's Goodman B&B on Twitter: 

 B&B on Facebook: 
*******www.facebook****/pages/Barats-and-Bereta-Productions/116995221685298 Music from jewelbeat****
20 Mar 2013
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