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Improvisation on a 6 string baritone dulcimer
21 Feb 2007
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Patrizio Buanne, Italian baritone, speaks to the Italian Broadcasting Company, the only Italian television network in English, about his voice and easy listening style. Like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin - easy listening music. Visit, your video camera into Italian Baritone Patrizio Buanne.
29 Apr 2007
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Aaron form Hawaii Music Supply talks about the different types of Ukuleles you can play. Pono Ukulelels have Tenor, Soprano, Concert and Baritone Ukuleles.
24 Oct 2008
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5:02 Blending the sounds of Delta slide greats such as Blind Willie Johnson and Robert Johnson with his own eclectic past experience and training in classical guitar and heavy metal, Tompo is a 27 year old Australian blues musician with a big voice and a quietly endearing stage presence, using his guitars, blues harp, ellis stomp-box and shakers to convey his heartfelt songs of 'good news blues. 8 string baritone guitar, 8 string guitar, 8 string guitars, 8 string steel guitar, 8 strings guitar, baritone acoustic electric guitar, baritone acoustic guitar, baritone acoustic guitars, baritone guitar, baritone guitar for sale, custom baritone guitar, dobro resonator guitars, resonator dobro, resonator dobro guitar
27 Jan 2009
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Baritone Music Lessons. Musical instruction for all ages in a private lesson setting from university-trained teachers in central Toronto, Ontario, on most common instruments.
19 Mar 2009
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This is the Don Rickert Series 2 Electric Violin in an octave (aka baritone) configuration. Available from
14 Aug 2009
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A quick demo of the new 8 string Baritone guitar from Taylor. Find out more at
22 May 2010
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Visual content owned by europapress and Bollore Group. Rebecca Black went through a voice change! She is now singing in baritone.
28 Apr 2011
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0:21 baritone ukulele chords chart by visiting the above link
17 Mar 2012
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0:21 baritone ukulele lessons by visiting the above link
20 Mar 2012
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0:16 ukulele chords baritone for beginners by visiting the above link
21 Mar 2012
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0:16 baritone ukulele chords by visiting the above link
21 Mar 2012
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0:16 baritone ukulele chords chart by visiting the above link
22 Mar 2012
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0:16 baritone ukulele lessons by visiting the above link
22 Mar 2012
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Hi everyone, We were quite disturbed on Thursday, as after 11,000 views in a week and 4 days, metacafe abruptly pulled our Anti-Smoking documentary. I received an e-mail, which cited "inappropriate content", but gave no explanation. Illegal content??? So, the millions of other stupid videos with f-bombs and bouncing boobs/butts is "appropriate", but the truth about smoking cigarettes is NOT?!? Yeah, that sure makes a lot of sense... We wondered if the metacafe site wasn't sponsored by big tobacco companies...hmm... So, the site you can be GUARANTEED to see it on and the site that we ask you to forward is:
14 Jun 2007
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Michele Pertusi
22 Jun 2007
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