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Were the horses are tough but the women are tougher. Great bloopers.
27 Aug 2006
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Giant super pitting tube ride on the morning of Monday, December 7, 2009. That's what I call a stand up barrel!
12 Dec 2009
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He frees himself from a barrel hung high in the air and escapes death :)
3 Apr 2006
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The gun in this vehicle is a six barreled, electrically driven machine gun chambered in 7.62mm NATO and fires at a fixed rate of 3,000 shots per minute. For more firearm information visit: *******www.armsvault****
28 Jul 2008
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The A-10 is literally built around its 30-mm GE GAU-8 Avenger seven barrel cannon, the most powerful gun ever fitted to an aircraft of this class. It was designed for high-survivability with a titanium cover surrounding both the cockpit, ammunition and fuel tank. Placement of the engines decreases the infrared signature lowering it's vulnerablity to heatseeking missiles and ground fire.
27 Jan 2007
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CornerShot - Automatic rifle with maneuverable elastic barrel. Very cool SWAT invention for fighting indoor Terrorism!
25 Apr 2006
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Here is a homemade pen gun (converted from a flare launcher pen). It is using Remington .22 Long Rifle High Velocity Hollow Point ammo. With the proper adapter the pen gun also shoots 32 auto, 380 auto, 38 Special and 410 gauge (this one using a longer barrel to use both hands.)
15 Feb 2007
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My version of a very simple air gun. You need only 3 parts to build the gun and plus barrel. Making it is very easy after finding right parts. Parts im using might be available only in Finland but this should give you an idea how to build an air gun. WARNING: This device is lethal so use caution when you use it. Dont shoot at anything that might die, like your friend or a rabbit. Just destroy useless stuff.
8 Jul 2007
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Here is a little video I made on how to make Black powder or Gun powder. I know many people will frown upon my technique, however, it is a simple, efficient way to make black powder. Enjoy.
11 Nov 2008
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The Barrett M107 is a .50 caliber shoulder fired, semi-automatic sniper rifle. Like its predecessors the rifle is said to have manageable recoil for a weapon of its size owing to the barrel assembly that itself absorbs force, moving inward toward the receiver against large springs with every shot. Additionally the weapon's weight and large
11 May 2009
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Can fire at up to 1,000,000 rounds a minute!
13 Jun 2008
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A bull riding, calf roping, & barrel racing good time at the world famous Mesquite Rodeo!
17 Sep 2007
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