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*******www.kateonsports**** - This is another installment of the Kate On Sports video show series. This one's a hard hitting, no-holds-bard take on Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants slugger.
14 Aug 2007
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*******www.kateonsports**** - This is another installment of the Kate On Sports video show series. This one's a hard hitting, no-holds-bard take on Barry Bonds, the San Francisco Giants slugger.
14 Aug 2007
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Jackie and Dunlap on Barry Bonds,Michael Vick,and the Masters of the Universe. *******www.redstateupdate****
14 Aug 2007
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getthedaily**** The baseball that Barry Bonds hit last year to set the record 756th home run got sent to the Hall of Fame Tuesday night. The owner of the ball, designer Marc Ecko, donated it to the New York facility. Ecko paid over 750-thousand-dollars for ball in an online auction in September 2007. He then conducted an online poll asking fans to determine what to do with the souvenir. Fans decided to put an asterisk on the ball because of the steroid allegations around Bonds. Bonds previously said that he would boycott the Hall of Fame if it displays the ball with an asterisk. The governor of Missouri signed a new bill to outlaw cyber-bullying. This latest bill updates current state laws prohibiting written or phone harassment. The change in law was prompted after a 13-year-old local girl committed suicide about 2-years ago due to online harassment. The girl hanged herself after a classmate’s mother allegedly pretended to be a young boy on MySpace who befriended her and then said he no longer wanted to be friends. This online harassment case has also made way for the introduction of a bill that would result in federal penalties for cyber-bullying in the state of Missouri.
3 Jul 2008
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*******nellonline.ning**** Barry Bonds Mixtape Series HIT AFTER HIT "Turnt Up" By Nell GRAPHIC DESIGN BY MIAMI KAOS EDOUBLEG ENTERTAINMENT INC. 2010
1 Mar 2010
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BY STEPHANIE STOUFFER ANCHOR ANA COMPAIN-ROMERO You're watching multisource sports video news analysis from Newsy. “Nearly 2,700 days after his original testimony, Barry Bonds’ trial started today.” (ESPN) “Barry Bonds is in a federal courthouse today facing charges that he lied under oath to a grand jury.” (Sports Illustrated) “Barry Bonds’ perjury trial started today -- or as Barry Bonds puts it -- no it didn’t.” (Colbert Report) Big Barry is back in the courtroom but this time it’s for perjury. The baseball star faces four counts of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice for apparent false testimony back in 2003. The whole process has been quite the saga. ESPN explains the timeline. “This all started in December 2003 when Bonds testified before a grand jury. In November of 2007, Bonds was indicted on the perjury and obstruction of justice charges. In 2009 the trial was delayed after prosecutors notified the judge overseeing the case that they would appeal her decision to exclude key evidence. Last month prosecutors reduced the number of felony charges from 11 to 5, Bonds pleaded not guilty March 1, and today the trial started.” The jury was selected Monday and includes eight women and four men, all of whom say they can fairly judge Bonds during the trial. A senior writer for Sports Illustrated says this case won’t necessarily hurt Bonds’ reputation -- but it won’t help either. “I think his reputation has already been established -- that he used a shortcut with illegal drugs to do what he did ... Whether he somehow escapes conviction or is convicted, I think that legacy has already been written.” According to Mercury News -- Bonds’ defense attorney is arguing the government’s case against Bonds is “flimsy” -- and his client didn’t know the substances he took were in fact steroids. And the prosecution argues Bonds was simply a "walking billboard" for the drug company Balco. “[Prosecutor] Parrella got around to Bonds by showing a photo of Bonds and his former personal trainer Greg Anderson with Balco mastermind Victor Conte standing between them; … ‘Victor Conte and Greg Anderson had made the defendant into (Balco's) walking billboard,’ the prosecutor told the jury.” The first witness up to bat -- Greg Anderson, Bonds’ former trainer and family friend. Anderson, who had already spent more than 13 months in prison for not testifying the first time, is headed back to jail for refusing once again. The trial is expected to last about four or five weeks, and during that time Bonds himself is not expected to take the stand. KCBS explains why. “He’s got a very strong defense team around him. They seem to believe that in perjury cases it’s very difficult to prove for the government, and putting their guy on the stand -- you know, they haven’t said it outright here, but I think it’s really unlikely he’s going to take the stand.” 'Like Newsy' On Facebook for video news updates in your feed. Transcript by Newsy.
26 Mar 2011
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Dr. Leigh-Davis, legal analyst, on Barry Bonds. More charges are thrown out, as Greg Anderson, trainer to Barry Bonds, keeps his word and refuses to testify. On Friday, Greg Anderson was, once again, released from jail on contempt charges, after keeping his word, and unequivocally refusing to testify. Meanwhile, the judge throws out another charge. Leaving the jury to deliberate over 4 charges of perjury, and 1 charge of obstruction of justice. What will the jury verdict be in the Barry Bonds trial? Dr. Leigh-Davis, executive producer, in conjunction with Creative Endeavors productions. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved. www.DrLeigh-Davis****
11 Apr 2011
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PopCrunch celebrates 2007 by going back in time to....1987. A funny look at Michael Jackson's album "Bad", early episodes of The Simpsons, the fat and plumpy Olsen twins starring as Michelle in Full House, Bill Cosby and Barry Bonds the stick figure.
2 Jan 2008
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Who's afraid of throwing number 756?!? C'mon and pitch to Barry Bonds already...
1 Jun 2007
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You've never seen Barry Bonds like this
27 Aug 2007
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Since the Dolphins, Heat and Hurricanes all suck, we tell South Floridians how they should better spend their time. Plus, the Bleacher Bloggers Royal Shakespearian Troupe performs an ARod-Boras reenactment; we lament Barry Bonds and his giant head and share some lowlights from the college football world. *******umgoblue****/absolutenm/templates/?a
20 Nov 2007
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In episode 5 of Trending Topics: We have some technical clip difficulties trying to find footage of the new film Sucker Punch. Chris Brown, Barry Bonds, Lady Gaga, William Shatner, Sammy Hagar, Dancing With the Stars, AND of course, Gary Busey all get the trending treatment! Oh yeah, and a happy 5th birthday to Twitter!
25 Mar 2011
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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource breaking news analysis from Newsy This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In world news — NATO air strikes in Libya continue to fail in shifting the balance of fighting on the ground. France 24 reports, some want NATO to do more. “In Libya itself, the rebels have called for more attacks on Gaddafi’s ground forces. France and the U.K. will be pushing for this Thursday’s NATO conference in Berlin. There’s been calls from politicians on both sides of the Atlantic for the U.S. to make more use of its aircraft, such as the 81 Warthog, which is ideally suited against ground-based targets.” Still in world news — Syrian violence continue to grow, as the country enters its fourth week of civil unrest. Amnesty International says 171 people have died as a result. But Reuters reports, a deal has been struck to restore calm. Authorities have agreed to withdraw the feared secret police, replacing them with army patrols, and to free imprisoned pro-democracy protesters. (Video: Al Jazeera) In U.S. news — Congress is set to vote today on last Friday’s budget compromise. Tucson’s KMSB sums up the stakes. “The president says the budget deal before Congress today is a compromise - to help the government live within its means. But some members of his own party say they'll vote "no" - saying the cuts go too far. And some Republicans say they'll vote "no" too - because the cuts don't go far enough. If - together - all those "no" votes block the deal, congress would be back to square one - facing a shutdown again.” In sports -- Baseball’s all-time home run king is now convicted felon. A jury found Barry Bonds guilty of obstructing a federal investigation. Here’s KCNC. “A federal jury found the former slugger guilty of obstruction of justice but dead locked on three charges that he lied to a grand jury about steroid use. The defense and the prosecution are due back in court in May. Bonds’ lawyers will try and have the conviction tossed. It carries a sentence up to 10 years in prison.” New York Daily News believes Americans lost interest in the trial, saying this case ended as “muddled” as the discussion of steroids in baseball today. Still in sports -- LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant will have to pay up for shouting a homophobic slur at a referee during a game this week. The LGBTQ community had demanded an apology. KCPQ explains Byrant’s consequences. “The NBA commissioner David Stern fined Bryant 100 thousand dollars for using a homophobic slur. Bryant was reacting to a foul called against him. The ref then called a technical foul on Bryant, who later apologized. Bryant says the remark was out of frustration in the heat of the game, and that it shouldn't be taken literally. Civil rights groups are pushing Bryant to issue a more expansive apology.” Stay with Newsy**** for more analysis on news throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Jim Flink -- highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
16 Apr 2011
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The inaugural Bleacher Bloggers epiosde scours the sports blogosphere for opinions on Major League Baseball's trading deadline. Plus, we're joined by the effervescent host of Yankeeschick****, who breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of the Bronx Bombers. Links: www.sonsofstevegarvey**** www.mvn****/mlb-braves www.texasrangerstrades.blogspot**** *******yankees-chick.blogspot****/
31 Jul 2007
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It's not just Major League Baseball. Superhero Captain Alpha Male reveals the shocking secret behind some of the most famous Superheroes Superpowers...Superhero Enhancing Drugs!
26 Dec 2007
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(New York-NY) Thanks for e-maling Wheelchair Bob. We got so many that we decided to give him some special time in this Ed-E-torial.
12 Feb 2008
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