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Luxology Beverage is a private mixology event company in New Jersey. We provide mobile event bartending and mixology services that suits your entire event needs.
22 Feb 2018
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The bartender is indeed a skilled one and he pulled off one of the hardest trick in the book very well. It is entertaining as hell and a real party cheerer.
7 Mar 2018
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Just in time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, shake up some cocktails and kick off the spring season. Whether you’re having a large bash or a small intimate gathering, you’re in luck, world-renowned mixologist, president of the United States Bartender’s Guild, Pamela Wiznitzer shares two drinks recipes you can mix up at home.
12 Mar 2018
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Restaurants in the UAE Restaurants are important sites where food, culture and family meet. They are the best place to have reunions, parties and dates. It is a paradise for food lovers (Foodies). There are Different Types of Restaurants, which are: Coffee Shops Specialty Restaurant (Cuisines) Bars Casual Dining Fast Food Restaurant Cafeteria Coffee Shops Coffee shops offer a versatile menu which is suitable for everyone. It is known for its fast rendering service. Most coffee shops operate 24/7. Specialty Restaurants These restaurants are known for their visually appealing interiors. They are specialized in a particular cuisine. They serve food in silver plates and silver utensils. Continental Restaurants Continental restaurants serve continental food. They operate on a seasonal basis and are relatively expensive. Bars Bars serve alcoholic drinks like wine, beer, liquor and cocktails. They display alcohol bottles and are generally open at night. They also serve non-alcoholic beverages. Bartenders are employed to serve drinks to guests. Fast Food Restaurants Fast food is everyone’s cup of tea as they are the best place for grabbing a quick bite. Fast food restaurants provide burgers, pizzas, fries, chips cookies and much more. In UAE you can get fast food in a mix of various cuisines as it is a land of diverse culture. You Can Find Many Restaurants in the UAE; Some Examples Are: Afghani Restaurants Arabic Restaurants Egyptian Restaurants International Restaurants Italian Restaurants Thai Restaurants Seafood Restaurants Visit restaurants-uae com to find the Best Local Restaurants in UAE for all the Cuisines i e at http://www restaurants-uae com
22 Mar 2018
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Ever more nifty bartending tricks and stunts, including a bar on fire.
24 Apr 2006
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More nifty bartending tricks.
24 Apr 2006
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Nifty bartending tricks.
24 Apr 2006
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Bartender Ferhat Show
5 Jan 2007
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bartender's playing fire in club in shanghai
31 Jan 2007
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19 Feb 2007
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Eric Martinez, a 26 year old T.G.I. Fridays restaurants bartender from Caloocan Manila, Philippines was crowned Greatest Bartender in the World at Club Rain at The Palms casino resort in Las Vegas on Sunday night March 4th, following intense competition between eight of the best mixologists from around the globe. Brian Zachau from Minneapolis was honored for the third straight year as the US Champion. Nearly 8,000 Fridays bartenders from 58 countries entered this years World Bartender Championship. The eight finalists exhibited their knowledge and showed off their flair through months of local, regional, divisional and national competitions to reach last nights finals. In addition to Martinez and Zachau, six other bartenders competed in the weekends festivities: Everton Barbieri, Latin America Champion, Ovind Haugland, Europe Champion, Kristian Mihailin, US Southeast Division Champion Chesapeake, Va., Jes Perrine, US Central Division Champion Towson, Md., Gabi Sztancsik, Defending US Northeast Division Champion Watchung, N.J. and Nick Wu, Asia Pacific Champion. The finalists competed throughout the weekend in a variety of skills tests, compulsory and speed rounds, where they showed their mastery of bar mechanics, including technical knowledge and accuracy. Sunday nights freestyle segment, where the competitors showed off their flair techniques of tossing, balancing, mixing and flipping cocktails and bottles in the air, brought the crowd of close to 1500 to its feet with applause time after time. Originators of the now famous, trend setting, bottle tossing flair style of bartending, Fridays bartenders are world renowned for their accuracy and precision, their larger than life personalities and their award winning ability to entertain guests around the world. For more information, please visit: www.worldbtc****
16 Mar 2007
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Hands down - by far the hottest Bartender Beauty in NYC
23 Jun 2007
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