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*******www***unterfire**** Penny White is a representative of the BASSA Cabin Crew trade union. She talks about the current dispute and the bullying tactics of BA management 280 people crammed into Conway Hall to hear Caroline Lucas MP, Tony Benn and others discuss the crisis and how we can resist the cuts. Full report: *******www***unterfire****/index.php/news/61-reports/5333-cant-pay-wont-pay-rally-calls-for-action Produced by Paul Hanes [ ***********/fourmanfilms ] Ady Cousins [ ***********/adycousins ]
29 May 2010
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Rye Rye of Neet beats up some unconventionally super sounding tunes for BA. You needta check this out!
16 Jun 2010
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*******easyvideodownload.blogspot**** - Learn free and fast way to download any video from any video site. New Techno-Remix presented by The Blenders in June 2010. Remix of Eiffel 65's most popular €urodance-Hit: Blue ( da ba dee, da ba die ) Hope you enjoy, Rate & Comment, please. dance europop blue dabadi dababei da ba die dee eiffel 65 remix techno blenders the 2010 new june dj fuma mad eurodance perfect sound beat jump hit fl 2008 producer edition newest moron best finest 80's 90's style hardcore feeling year mega tight greatest nicest electronic music pop dance trance dance remix sick Eiffel 65 ft The Blenders - I'm Blue ( da ba dee, da ba die ) Techno Remix Eiffel 65 ft The Blenders - I'm Blue ( da ba dee, da ba die ) Techno Remix *******www.nailtechniciancourse****/ *******growlongereyelashesfast****/
25 Jun 2010
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We talk with legendary MMA Champion, Bas Rutten, about his involvement with EA Sports MMA, realistic training in the game, and his famous Street Defense internet videos.
29 Jul 2010
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Pashto Song by Dilawar Za Ba Nan Gadegam Thaso Tamasho Ke (HD)
1 Oct 2010
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Pashto Song Khan Zaib Yaarana Ba Kawo (HD)
9 Oct 2010
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On the weekdays, I don’t have time to go to the mountains. It’s almost dark when I get home from work and I want to spend quality time with my wife and son. So I had to figure out a way to get a quick workout in the evening on weekdays. Enter Bas Rutten. Bas Rutten is an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Legend: former King of Pancrase, former UFC Heavyweight Champion, longtime PrideFC announcer and a former IFL coach. Now he is training Kimbo Slice for MMA and working as a sportscaster. This guy knows a lot about fighting and being in top shape. Several years ago, he released a workout program on cd called Bas Rutten’s Mixed Martial Arts Workout. There are four cds: boxing, Thai boxing, MMA and All-round Workout. I’ve been working out with the Thai boxing cd. It has two tracks: track 1 is ten 2-minute rounds, track 2 is seven 3-minute rounds. The workout is pretty straightforward. Bas Rutten calls out punching/kicking combinations, and you perform them. He insists that each punch, knee or kick be thrown with “100% knockout power”. Since every punch you throw is full power, it builds muscle strength and endurance and wears you the hell out. You wouldn’t believe how many combinations can fit into 2 minutes. When I first tried Bas Rutten’s Mixed Martial Arts Workout, I was dead after three rounds. Now I’ve worked up to where I can do all ten two-minute rounds or all seven three-minute rounds (but not both! ..yet). If you do the math, one workout adds up to about 30 minutes, and it is an intense cardio workout. It’s extremely fun. And you can do it at home. I recommend Bas Rutten’s Mixed Martial Arts Workout to anyone who wants to get in shape. You’ll lose weight, get stronger, build endurance and let out your aggression. You can get it here or directly from Bas Rutten’s website here. Those aren’t affiliate links. I don’t make anything if you click on them. This is a program I truly recommend from the bottom of my heart.
19 Mar 2011
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new pashto songs, za ba dai sa kam(HD)
8 Jan 2011
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new pashto songs, za ba dai sa kam(HD)
8 Jan 2011
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Okeanos ba Marina : Herzliya : location appartement. Location saisonniere appartement à okeanos ba marina à Herzliya pituach Marina. Direct particulier A louer pour les vacances appartement Okeanos ba Marina:Direct particulier.Piscine , tennis, spa, fitness, parking, proche mer et marina, centre commercial Arena, restaurants:. Renseignements: *******israelrent.over-blog**** fredyk01hotmail**** tel:0033662462033 (Paris)
10 Jan 2011
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Pashto Song Mohd Abbas Ta Ba Ma Yadawey(HD)
16 Feb 2011
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4 Mar 2011
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