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I made this video because, I love this song but I HATED the weird music video that it original had! Check it out you'll know what I mean this song is "Basic Element - To You" Created by John Leitch! CTR
23 May 2007
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For new users, we review the basic elements of a blog. More tutorials at: *******www.ReinhartGroup****/Support
9 Feb 2009
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In the old days, there were only the animal, vegetable, and mineral kingdoms, but this film adds a new one: the plastic kingdom. In this cute educational film, little Susie doesn’t know about the fourth kingdom as she plays twenty questions, though, so her engineer dad has to set her straight. Unfortunately for the other kids at Susie’s party, dad then launches into a lesson on plastics, thermoplastics, thermosetting compounds, and plastic production. This film was sponsored by GE, and shows all the wartime and peacetime applications of plastics. Then to the best most entertaining part, the film goes on to speculate wildly about the ways plastic might be used in the future: plastic shoes, fabrics, and more. The Kingdom of Plastics illuminates the post World War II demand for peacetime plastic uses, as well as providing campy entertainment in a wonderful vintage film.
26 Sep 2008
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*******www****anicseduction**** (CLICK NOW) This is footage from my in person training sessions. Learn how organic seduction can teach you to have the self confidence to talk to a beautiful woman. It doesn't have to be hard to meet lovely women and to get a girlfriend. Most of the battle is fought in your head - this is inner game. Learn who you are. To learn more head over to *******www****anicseduction**** (CLICK NOW)
23 Feb 2010
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*******golftipsandlessons****/Beginner-Golf-Lessons/<br /><br />Now that we have outlined the geometric blueprint and you can really see it and recognize that the circle is shaped from the inside of out and not the exterior in make confident to be a part of us subsequent time to comprehend how we work and execute inside this wonderful geometrical room. The matters we will be talking about over the following several and up coming weeks are likely to be covering almost everything from the anatomical actions required to have a "Entire world Class" golf swing, to the explosive electrical power of how to use your levers accurately to improve your accuracy and electricity. The entire world has in no way experienced the true hidden energy that our very own geometric area gives. Get prepared for wonderful results, personalized advancement and the greatest golf swing you could ever before make in your daily life. This is heading to be the most specific learning expertise you could at any time be a component of so make positive to sign up for us a normal basis.
14 Oct 2011
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Voilà, je vous présente mon projet concour Soul team N°4. J'ai créer une storyline qui est la suivante : Je me suis basée tout d'abord sur les paroles puis j'en ai créer 1 histoire dont le refrain " Tell me why, I can't change the world " Qui veux dire " Dis moi pourquoi ?, Je ne peus pas changez le monde ". J'ai alors associez 1 anime various et en pensant à l'histoire de nos héros qui tentent de sauvez leur monde. J'ai coupez l'histoire en fonction drythme de la musique. Pourquoi la dédicasse à Olivia ? Car mon inspiration vient tout d'elle, tout les idées sont venus de cette inspiration en qui j'ai recollez les sentiments en les interpretants. Ensuite pourquoi dédicasse à jenicol?!Parseque 1 promesse sa se tien :) 00M00 -> 00M29. La beautée et l'environnement dans le monde ou vivent nos héros. 00M30 -> 01M31. Nos héros vivent en paix et harmonie, tout le monde est heureux, les souvenirs éclatent, la beautée, le force ... 01M32 -> 01M50. Le monde est en danger... 01M51 -> 01M59 Nos héros se reunissent, se préparant à 1 guerre. 01M59 -> 02M28 La bataille fais rage, tout nos alliées se reunissent pour 1 guerre sans merci. 02M29 -> Fin Finalement nos héros ne peuvent pas changez le monde, c'est la fin du monde, la terre explose. -Titre : They can't change the world -Anime : Various -Musique : Basic element - Why -Logiciel : Sony Vegas 7.0 - Photoshop CS3 - After effect 7 -Durée : 3M33 -Concept : Rotoscopie - Storyline. -Storyline : Expliquez si dessus ( Image / parole ) -Format : .avi -Codec : H264 -Poids : 74M -Créateur : LinkinRPG -Lien Mediafire : *******www.mediafire****/?xzpnsytd2t6 -Lien Mégaupload : *******www.megaupload****/fr/?d=U55FHXU1
10 Dec 2008
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There is a lot in this move combo but it's all based on the "10 Basic Elements!" Happy Dancing! Salsa-Challenge****
17 Nov 2010
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Using the basic elements (I, IV, V chords) you can learn guitar instantly and play just about any song imaginable. Happy practicing!
25 Apr 2007
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Hello! There is a very important but wanting point in researches about longevity. There are many people who have lived very long in history and now If classical medicine examines these people and determines their average lifestyles-like what they eat,how they act- it would not be outside the scientific mainstream but on the contrary they would reach to genuine results.Please find here the results of my research. the health and the long life of Zaro Agha was actually very simple. These people generally have strong beliefs to God and live in peace He had the lack of urban harms like widespread usage of refined foods which are against the nature of our metabolism and too much consumption of animal originated foods-with alcohol and tobacco. We do not have to know exactly which foods,in which proportions will be useful because there are only 17 vitamins and 60 minerals in all the foods which means if you eat an apple or onion one day or an orange and garlic the next there will almost be no difference.What we have to know is that there are 6 basic elements we have to take which are water,vitamins,minerals ,fats,carbohydrates and proteins.We just have to know the right sources of taking them Almost everything the long living people eat is fresh - fresh fruit, vegetables when in season. Fermented milk products like yoghurt and kefir, nuts and a very small amount of meat make up the rest of the diet. Although they live very active lives, their calorie intake is less than 2000 calories per day - which has been shown to improve longevity. So in our case Zaro Agha ate almost no meat but only yogurt,He always had bulgur which as you know is made of whole wheat and contains the most essential nutritive element and he ate black cumine seeds (Nigrella Sativa).He never ate late. He worked in constructions.Most probably he listened to Prophet Mohammed's advice of sleeping half an hour in the early afternoon. A six-year study found that those who took a 30-minute siesta at least three times a week had a 37% lower risk of heart-related death. It is not enough to eat natural foods you must also strenghten your blood circulation to carry the elements in foods to your aging organs .The way to it is cold showers and my formula of 1 clove garlic,7 hot peppers called cayenne,one table spoon garlic powder each day. If you simply apply what Zaro Aga did you will also live 160 years. If you want to change ideas with me you can write to : hitturkey24/yahoo**** Best Regards
10 May 2007
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Transforming the basic elements – air, water and earth – into investment opportunities. New green technologies can clean the world's water, cut down carbon emissions and turn garbage into clean energy. Guests include William Brennan, President, Aqua Terra Asset Management, Peter Fusaro, an energy and environmental consultant, and Karina Funk of Winslow Green Mutual Funds.
26 Jan 2008
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jushinkandojo**** Yosei kan Budo ("the house in which is taught with courage and honesty the way of the warrior") was founded in the early 60's by Hiroo Mochizuki Sensei, son of Minoru Mochizuki, one of the great martial artists of the 20th century. Mochizuki Hiroo Sensei has high Dan rankings in several martial arts, among them Aikido, Jujutsu, Wado-Ryu Karate, and Iaido. Yosei kan Budo is today spread throughout Europe, Africa and the USA. The FYBDA (Federation Internacional de Yoseikan Budo et Disziplines Asimilees) is the worldwide umbrella organization, which is subdivided in national Academies and regional federations. Mochizuki Hiroo Sensei realized that most basic techniques are based on a wavy movement beginning in the hip, which produces much more power than when movement is limited to only extremities. These basic elements are taught and applied to all YB techniques. YB consists of (modified) techniques of Karate, Judo/Ju-Jutsu and Aikido. The use of classical weapons as Bokken, Tanto, Bo, Nunchaku etc is taught as well as traditional and new forms (kata). Beginners usually study basic techniques for a year or so, including mae-geri, mawashi-geri etc, nage-waza, falls, foot-work, kata, etc. From 3rd Kyu to 1st Kyu more aikido-techniques and the use of weapons are taught. Competitions are held and consist of kata, Randori, Tanto-Tanto, etc. There was a split of the umbrella organization in the early years, leading to a sub-style (found primarily in the UA) with the name YB that focuses primarily on Aikido-techniques.
9 Jan 2010
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24 Oct 2008
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