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Carrefour Express is a leading chain of private label variety store in Argentina. It offers 1,300 various products that are part of consumers’ basic food needs. Carrefour Express hypermarkets and supermarkets offer constant promotions on weekends for consumers who purchase more than one unit of the same product.
9 May 2018
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*******www.hermitcrabscaresecrets****/ Learn the variety of foods good for hermit crabs health. Ensure that your hermit crab lives a long and healthy life. *******www.HermitCrabsCareSecrets**** Learn How To Grow A Healthy And Happy Hermit Crab, Visit Now: *******www.HermitCrabsCareSecrets****
23 Sep 2009
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It needs recharging and empowering, which is the motivation behind why individuals ought to put resources into a decent battery charger.
26 Apr 2017
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On the eve of a Middle East peace conference, Gaza's economy teeters in the balance July 18, 2007: Gaza's economy is high on the agenda as negotiators from the United States, United Nations, European Union and Russia prepare to meet in Portugal with their newly-appointed emissary, Tony Blair. On June 12, citing security reasons, Israel closed the Karni crossing, the last remaining commercial entry point to Gaza. Only basic food and medicines are allowed in. A Palestinian businessman, quoted by the Associated Press, says 68,000 workers have since lost their jobs. According to Gisha, an Israeli human rights group, 'more than 70% of Gaza's factories have stopped production.' The UN, which supplies food aid to 80 per cent of Gaza's population, is urging the so-called quartet of Middle east mediators to press for the reopening of all Gaza border crossings. Today the UN's World Food program released footage shot inside Gaza. It shows humanitarian deliveries and Gazans coping with an economy on the brink of collapse. As part of The Real News Beta, we are experimenting with different news formats. This is an example of a 'raw' news feed, giving the viewer time to watch and hear important stories. Please tell us what you think. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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*******www.robertbritt****/glycemic.htm -full article *******www.ProsperityModel**** Anything I can do to help you succeed, I will. Robert Britt Skype: robert.e.britt office 610-926-7749 The glycemic index came about as a result of trying to determine how different foods impact your blood sugar levels. The more impact the food has, the higher it is on the glycemic index. For example white bread has a GE of around 70, and oat raison bread (whole grain) has a GE of around 47. jelly beans are around 80, while cherries come in at a low 22. What does all that really mean to you? If you eat foods that quickly elevate your blood sugar, you may experience a sugar rush; you will then have a crash due to the roller coaster effect of that high. You will also become hungrier more quickly. Food with a low GE will not have that effect. The impact on your blood sugar level is minimal. This stability in your blood sugar levels results in a feeling of satisfaction for longer periods of time. In other words, the low GE foods are more filling and won't cause more food cravings. How could this affect your health? Less cravings means you will be eating less and thus consuming less calories. (Did I mention that most foods low on the GE have less calories, in addition to the other positive factors?) The obvious effect of consuming less calories is that over time, all other factors remaining constant, you will lose weight. A scary thought is that it is predicted that 33% of children born in America today are expected to develop type two diabetes and that 50% of black and Hispanic children are expected to develop type two diabetes. This is due in part to obesity and poor eating habits and physical inactivity. Wow. Basically with a diet incorporating more lower-GE foods and some exercise, much of that could be avoided. Another factor is nutrition. Foods today, even naturally grown, organic, unprocessed foods, do not contain the same levels of nutrients that they once did. Soil is depleted of natural fertilizers and so farmers are filling the soil with chemicals to force the crops to grow. The vegetables you eat may look healthy, but astoundingly enough the same serving of spinach that once contained over 50 milligrams of iron now contains less than 5 milligrams! To get the 400 IU's of vitamin E set forth by the FDA as the recommended daily allowance, you would have to eat 33 pounds of spinach. No wonder the AMA changed its' position on supplements -- specifically a daily multi-vitamin. In 2002 the AMA reversed it's long standing position and now recommends we take a multi-vitamin to help supplement what we get from food. I wandered off my main point of eating low glycemic foods, but sometimes the passion jumps in. If you have nay questions on the glycemic index or supplementation, please drop me an e-mail; I'd be happy to address any questions that come my way. Diabetes**** is the most neutral site for information on the glycemic index, meaning they have an easily accessable database of basic foods and their GE. Here's the link: *******www.diabetesnet****/diabetes_food_diet/glycemic_index.php
7 Jan 2008
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As a Field Senior Marketing with over 5 years of experience driving market. I am specialized in giving training and development as a human resource officer and have successfully conducted more than seven training programs in a year. My strengths are organizing learning modules, creating instructional activities and presenting concepts, thus I feel that I can work best in this field. My interests are to play cricket, listen to music, interact with new people and make fun with friends.
Review of basic food principles you need to understand to eat healthy and practical options
28 May 2008
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One of the great educational videos from the 1950's, Eat for Health follows a typical young boy named Ralph who spoils his dinner with junk food, and then wonders why he has no energy all day. The film then enters into some amusing nutrition facts, like suggesting that everyone should eat an egg every day! Ralph learns from the narrator to count off the five basic food groups on his fingers in order to make sure he eats a more balanced healthy diet. Soon Ralph is back to his peppy self again. Produced by Encyclopedia Britannica, this movie is hilariously old fashioned and offers some absolutely antiquated healthy eating guidelines and discusses the effects of junk food. *******eatingforenergy.wordpress****/
12 Jul 2008
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This food is basic food in Thailand .
23 Jul 2008
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This an unusual guide to a made up Seven Basic Food Groups, which includes “body building,” “foundation foods,” and also "margarine" as a food group! Food planning, something Mrs. Brown learns from reading, television, and the radio, is discussed as a way to keep the diet in balance. The film captures a typical day in the Brown household as they plan, make, and eat meals. This gem features some classically antiquated 50's "wisdom" about good, healthy eating.
4 Aug 2008
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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource politics news analysis from Newsy First up, world news. The wave of anti-government protest is reaching Libya. Al Jazeera says demonstrators had gathered in front of a police headquarters in the early hours Wednesday. The police reportedly used tear gas, batons and hot water to disperse the mob. Libya’s ruler, Muammar al-Gaddafi has led the country for 41 years. The World Bank says food prices are at dangerous levels, pushing 44 million more people into poverty since last June. BBC reports from a protest on food prices in Bolivia. “Here in Bolivia, sugar prices have doubled since January, and many other basic food have risen by as much as 40 percent more. Freddy Vilca: “The people are dying of hunger. Today we are fighting against this increase in prices." “An echo of a protest being heard in developing countries all over the world.” In U.S. news — the budget wars are taking the spotlight as the GOP threatens of government shutdown. ABC says the fight has three prongs: first, on what programs to cut next year, second, whether to raise the debt ceiling, and third, whether the federal government will shutdown next month. If the Congress fails to act and agree on a budget, a shutdown is possible. And in business -- Bernie Madoff is serving 150 years behind bars for his record-breaking Ponzi scheme, but willing to reveal more than ever -- as he opens up in the New York Times. Madoff is on the record and claims the investors under his scheme were “complicit” and “had to know” something was up. The Times says he “pointed to the ‘willful blindness’ of many banks and... their failure to examine discrepancies between Madoff’s regulatory filings. In entertainment -- Actor Frankie Muniz’s hopes for Valentine’s Day backfired when the Malcolm in the Middle star allegedly pulled a gun during a heated argument with his girlfriend. HIs significant other Elycia Marie Turnbow claimed the actor got out a gun and threatened to put it to his head. When police arrived, they separated the couple and sent Muniz to the hospital. A rep for both parties tells TMZ, “there was an argument, but denies a gun played any part.” On Twitter the couple tweeted liked it never happened -- as they got ready to celebrate V-Day. 'Like' Newsy on Facebook for updates throughout the day Transcript by Newsy.
19 Feb 2011
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BY CHRISTINE SLUSSER ANCHOR: Salem Solomnon You're watching multisource health news analysis from Newsy While media reports say Japanese nuclear power plants are closer to stabilization, high radiation levels are causing trouble elsewhere -- in some Japanese food. The media now points its microphones toward Japanese supermarkets. Milk and spinach are reported to read for higher levels of radiation, even up to 20 miles from the damaged Fukushima plant. (Video: BBC) However, CNN reports no one needs to give up Japanese cuisine. “Before people become alarmed, we need to put this in to context. You need to drink a year’s worth of this milk for it to be equivalent to a CT scan.” ...and Voice of America is on the same page as CNN. It translated a message from Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, who says the food radiation isn’t the biggest concern for his country right now. “He tells reporters there is no immediate health risk and the government is considering regulating shipments of farm products from the affected area.” Despite reports trying to calm the masses, Food Safety News points out radiation news about only a few items is creating panic about all Japanese food -- “...fresh food from Japan is being refused in some areas. Some sushi restaurants in Asia have reportedly taken Japanese seafood off the menu, and Italy has banned Japanese imports altogether.” ---and NTD-TV says Thailand is also urging halt of some Japanese imports. “Thai authorities say they will urge food importers to avoid, or at least reduce, imports of Japanese products, including meat, dairy products, seafood and seaweed.” Finally, a writer for Dawn Wires shares the grim outlook on Japanese products. “Is the rest of world safe? The answer is No. Anything and everything that travels through Japanese air or water is going to be contaminated. Ground water in Japan is already contaminated... It is the fact that radiation now risks basic food supply which makes the Fukushima disaster the worst ever nuclear disaster.” Follow Newsy_Videos on Twitter Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy Transcript by Newsy
22 Mar 2011
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*******SupremeMasterTV**** – World Vegan, World Peace:A Conscious Choice - P6/10 Chicago, Illinois, USA August 11, 2011. Episode: 1815, Air Date: 3 September 2011. Commissioner Avila (m): And Supreme Master Ching Hai, our next question is by my colleague, Commissioner Horton. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,colleague! Commissioner Horton (f): That was an amazing answer. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Oh,really? Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you, Supreme Master. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I'm glad that it helps. Commissioner Horton (f): Yes. We can do better about respecting all faiths, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) and we will. Supreme Master Ching Hai: It has to be mutual, you know,mutual. (Commissioner Horton (f): That's right.) Yes. Commissioner Horton (f): That's right. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) Thank you. I have a question about health. We see that government leadership has recognized that the overwhelming decline of health and obesity stem from the diet of our youth. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) US First Lady Michelle Obama working with the United States Department of Agriculture introduced 『My Plate,』 which replaces the old food pyramid. In 『My Plate,』 the image of a plate is divided into basic food groups: (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes.) Fruit,vegetables, grains and protein, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Great.) which is a smaller circle, with a smaller circle on the side for dairy products. This seems to be a start. Can you comment on how government can have a greater leadership role in influencing people to eat healthier? Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,thank you, Commissioner Horton. The government is in the best leadership role to help people eat healthier, which,to many doctors and experts, means eating vegan food. As we mentioned earlier, the government must work with the media to direct people toward good information sources. The US government's 『My Plate』 campaign that you mentioned,which was launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, is an improvement from the standard diet of the past because it emphasizes more plant-based eating than ever before. It is to be applauded and strengthened. I very much admire her. For example, it indicates that about three-fourths of your plate should be vegan, one-half fruits and vegetables,and another one-fourth grains. Commissioner Horton (f): Right. Supreme Master Ching Hai: But the best,of course, would be that governments recommend the recipes for compassion as well as health- you know,moral, virtues,compassion, God-like quality. Health is just a by product of a compassionate lifestyle. Now,we don't always have to eat vegetables- it looks all green and yellow like that - no. Nowadays we have vegan sausage, it's delicious; vegan steaks,vegan pork, vegan chicken, vegan eggs,vegan whatever you want, and it's delicious, delicious,delicious. Yes. And everyone would enjoy it. If they have all that, they would never bother to go to meat again because it tastes even better than meat, (Commissioner Horton (f): That's true.) and you become healthy almost immediately. (Commissioner Horton (f): Yes.) After one week, you feel a big difference: not heavy like before; you feel lighter, more easy to think, more easy to concentrate, less sleepy, more efficient at work. Now,in the animal-free organic vegan diet, we will find everything we need,100%. Hundred percent for health, for moral standard, for blessing, yes,for blessing, because that is the diet that goes with Heaven, Heaven's standard, so Heaven will bless us no end. Animals also will bless us to no end, and Mother Earth will bless us to no end, because we go with the flow. If we go with Heaven's standard, we will meet Heaven, and we will see Heaven at the end,and even now, in this world already. To help people eat healthier, governments can simply provide facts since there is a lot of scientific research already available that highlights the hazards of meat and dairy consumption. The government must also be courageous enough to help reverse outdated myths about the meat and dairy industries, abolish all this wrong information and bad lobby. Yes. Thank you. Thank you. Such as the one saying protein and calcium must be obtained from these animal-based sources. That is wrong. For example, there are studies clearly showing that consuming cow's milk, rather than reducing, would increase the risk of osteoporosis; and today's research informs us that plant-based foods provide the perfect amount of balanced protein for human needs,naturally, without the side effects, like cholesterol or sickness or bacteria stuff. Instead of subsidizing the meat and dairy industries, the government should pass along the real cost of producing meat, which would help people think twice about their purchases. If the government subsidizes not the meat industry anymore, then the meat price will go sky high, and if the government subsidizes organic farming, then all the healthy fruit and vegetables will be,like,almost free for the people. So,they can compare the price; they buy what's healthy for them and it tastes good as well. If the environmental clean-up needed for all the pollution from livestock's waste is factored in as well, then the economic cost alone would be too high. All the tax money is also leaking there as well. Ultimately, Madam Horton,your government policies must promote and subsidize organic vegan farming and stop subsidies for animal industry,you see. Subsidize life and health, not disease and death. Subsidize organic vegan diet means life, life and health. Organic farming, life and health. Subsidize life and health. And ideally,Madam, governments should ban all animal products, just like they ban tobacco and smoking,yes!The people rely on the government to lead them. That's why we call them leaders. Yes? And if the leaders spoke, people will listen. That's why you are leaders. Leaders must lead correctly and righteously. If you know what is right for people, you are the leaders, you lead. You tell them. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) or China,we even call the government or the government leaders 『parents of the people.』 As parents, you have the right to ban whatever not good for your children, just like at home, you ban violent video, sex video for your children. You have the right to do that,and people will thank you for it. So,why don't we strive to ban all harmful poisonous lethal products? Alcohol,cigarette,drugs, including meat and other animal products. All the information about vegan benefits and animal products' harmful effects should be posted everywhere: on billboards, on government's internet website, make a billboard outside, advertisement-size, everywhere,on website, in all possible media and possible corners of the world, and obligatory posting in all markets, food stores etc.,etc. We have to do something, not just wishy-washy. As parents of the whole nation, the government is responsible for the health of their subjects,like parents to the children. As an official yourself, Madam,I thank you, and commend you for always thinking of the best interests of the people. You are the real example of a mother of the nation. Michelle Obama is a real example of 『mother of the nation.』 We call them 『mother of the nation』 in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) or China, 『mẫu nghi thiên hạ,』 meaning the mother under Heaven. That great title is bestowed upon the Queen of a nation, or the First Lady of the nation. It's the same; she's the 『Queen』 of America right now. You see,the government, we call them parents of the citizens. Now, you are taking people's best interests at heart, whether in making a new policy or maintaining an efficient budget, and I wish that the leaders in charge of food and health will likewise make righteous policies and use of the tax dollars wisely,for the benefit of the people. Now, in your work assisting the disempowered people, you have proved that with a little help, even the most helpless can become self-sufficient and develop themselves; and you,one person, make such a big difference for thousands of people. Imagine if the other leaders, the whole nation's leaders are doing something with the real people's interest at heart, and not care about their supporting… finance money for the next election or whatever. I am sorry to be so blunt. Now,similarly, with just a little jumpstart from the government, people will be empowered to lead longer, healthier lifestyles, and morally fit lifestyles. I don't think any nation would dare to eye your country, if your whole country's people are healthy,virtuous, morally fit,and know what's right from wrong, thanks to the leaders of the government, the leading role of the government,you see? Leaders have to lead and have to lead righteously. In China or Vietnam, we call the king,you know, now president,yes? - we don't have many kings anymore, so the president is like king - we call them 『son of Heaven.』 『Tian zi,』 『thiên tử』- means son of Heaven, means you represent the Father in Heaven to take care of your subjects, to take care of God's children on Earth. So,we call them son of Heaven,yes. They liken the king or the president of the country,as the Son of Heaven. So,the son of Heaven has to rule, excuse me,『must.』 I wouldn't say 『should』 or 『please,』 I say,『has to』 rule as the son of Heaven, as the best leader for the people,always with people's interest at heart, no matter what it costs - and it won't cost much: it won't cost as much as war; it won't cost as much as conflict within the countries. Yes. And in the long run, it will save a lot of money because the health benefit will be no longer necessary, the people will be more educated, and behave and be grateful to the government. Then you don't need to have army even. People will just love you. But,you see, I also thank the US First Lady and government profoundly. for the veg diet promotion. They're doing their best. I mean, they are the first,even. The first government, first leaders of the nation ever do this openly, so actively. (Commissioner Horton (f): That's right.) Yes? And the US government is the first government to openly support and declare it. I salute their courage and wisdom and goodwill. Nevertheless, more should be done. Stronger measures should be implemented. Thank you. Commissioner Horton (f): Thank you, Supreme Master Ching Hai. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. Even lawmakers, you know, should consider passing a vegan diet bill as soon as possible,to save lives and the planet, and save your financial crisis. Commissioner Horton (f): That's right. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Be Veg, Go Green, Do Good. That's all I ask. Three things. Be Veg, Go Green, Do Good. Do I ask too much? No. Commissioner Horton (f): I love you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I love you too, Commissioner Horton. And I ask that, for your own good even. Be Veg, Go Green, Do Good. That's all we have to do. And okay, if you become enlightened, good for you. If you don't,that's enough for Heaven already; Heaven will bless you forever. Commissioner Horton (f): But we must do right for the planet. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I don't mean you, I mean the planet people. Yes,we must,we must, Madam. We must. There's no other choice. There are only two ways to do things: the correct way and the incorrect way. There are only two ways. Simple. I am a simple person. Okay. Thank you. Any more questions? Commissioner Avila (m): Yes. Our last question. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,I got all excited and passionate about these things. Commissioner Avila (m): You just finished talking about the government. (Yes.) Now, I have this last question. (Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes,sir.) You know, it's really simple. The Supreme Master, the organic diet is the answer! Our planet and fellow beings will be benefit so much from it if we all change right now to a more compassionate and loving diet, (Supreme Master Ching Hai: That's right,sir.) the plant-based vegan diet. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Right,sir. Commissioner Avila (m): Supreme Master Ching Hai, the last question of the interview session: Religion shapes the hopes,dreams, morals and values of an estimated 85% of the world's population. How can we promote partnerships between religious groups by putting aside ideological differences and combining their voices to create the greatest influence on political leaders for them to address environmental issues? Supreme Master Ching Hai, can you help bring the leaders of all major religions together for this purpose, for the good of the planet? Supreme Master Ching Hai: How am I going to do that? Commissioner Avila (m): I've been trying to think for a long time and I just don't know how. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Good question,sir. I don't know,sir. You are very,very kind. I'm only passionate about the humans' lives and the value of our planet and the people, but I'm not sure if, I could do what you ask. I'm only doing what I can,yes? But this is a good question,sir. Yes, I try my best all the time, and I know you do your best as well,such as, through your work, you have organized an interfaith discussion last year,about the role that different religions can play to promote environmental stewardship. You see,you have more power than I do, secular power. I'm just a meditation teacher. This care for the Earth and our fellow inhabitants can be expressed in terms of the Golden Rules that we mentioned earlier, the five principles of peace, universal principles, that are logical, harmonious principles for everybody. It doesn't have to be religious. Everyone,be they Buddhist, Muslim or even atheist, if they follow the five Golden Rules, universal peace principles, then life would be paradise on Earth. Now,the first principle of Ahimsa,meaning non-violence, which is to avoid harm to any other beings, be they human and animal. So now,we try to remind everyone, regardless of their faith, to return to this timeless ideal. That is why I have called upon the world's spiritual and religious people to meditate and pray together for World Vegan,World Peace. If we have world vegan, then we will have world peace as well, as outcome. When we don't kill animals anymore,then we don't kill each other. Thank you. Now I'm glad to see, that it was helping. You see,in our television, they call it Supreme Master Television, I have tried to arrange that all the religious scriptures' main points are aired together - Commissioner Avila (m): (Yes.) then you can see that, (Commissioner Avila (m): (Yes.) and that's the best I can do- so people can see that it's ridiculous to fight with each other. My religion, your religion say the same thing. Commissioner Avila (m): Yes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Yes. So,if anyone, after reading all this common ground of different religious orders still want to fight, in the name of Muslim, or in the name of Christian, I think they just want to benefit themselves. There's no excuse to do that anymore,yes? Commissioner Avila (m): Yes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: I also agree that religious and spiritual leaders should work together and let people know that it's time to change, that the planet is in urgent danger now, and we must be more loving in our actions, whatever religion we belong to; and be vegan to save it, whatever religion we belong to, or non-religion we belong to. There are quite a few other leaders,like,His Holiness the Pope, (who) also tried to gather some different faiths, Muslim people to come to him,discussing things, and I'm glad that it has worked out in some areas,yes? But all religions belong to God. We all say we worship God. Then why fight,for God? This is ridiculous,really. We have to grow up, that's it. We have to grow up as adults and talk together, instead of using bullets. Everybody can do that. What heroic action in that? Go out and blow people up in the market,everybody blown into pieces, including children and harmless women - what heroic action I can see in that? I don't see it. I'm sorry,I don't see any hero in these kinds of actions,for example. I don't see anybody heroic in pulling the trigger and terminating another person's life. He's not born to die like that. Whenever God wants him to die,he dies, but it's not by such a violent means like that. So,religious and spiritual leaders should recognize that this is not a request for them to compromise their ideology or to glorify the other faith,but it is because the principles of being loving and kind are really central to every religion. Don't you think? Commissioner Avila (m): Oh yes. Yes. Mrs. Sherry Avila (f): Oh,Yes,yes. Supreme Master Ching Hai: Then why do we act contrary? (Commissioner Horton (f): Yes.) Yes. There's another thing. You see,also, the religious leaders must personally change, Commissioner Avila (m): (Yes,I agree.) be our compassionate vegan role models and thereby demonstrate the most powerful way to love all and protect all on this planet. Thank you, Commissioner Avila. Supreme Master Ching Hai: And thank you,all of you. Thank you,all of you,for your supportive applause. I feel I have friends sitting there. Thank you so much. Commissioner Avila (m): Thank you very much for all your answers to our questions. Supreme Master Ching Hai: You're welcome,sir. Commissioner Avila (m): Supreme Master Ching Hai, it has been an amazing experience to meet and converse with you. It's quite a privilege for Patricia,Sherry, and myself to have been given the opportunity to ask questions and exchange ideas with you. Supreme Master Ching Hai: The privilege is mine,sir; the honor is all mine. I'm so grateful that you honor me this way. Thank you so much. I have tried my best. Since I knew of your invitation, I have been thinking, day and night until now, to think of the answers that would really benefit you and your people. I'm not just trying to talk or convert you or people into my way of life or anything. I was sincerely,honestly, genuinely concerned that any word I have spoken, through the grace of Heaven, should benefit people, your people or any people who are listening. I was really deep into prayer and meditation, to try,so that the words will sincerely make an impact in the souls of the world's people and your country.
2 Dec 2011
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