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Motivational business speaker John Bell is recognised throughout the world as an authority on people behaviour. He has been speaking professionally for over 25 years. John works full-time as an author and a conference, seminar and convention presenter. In addition to motivating delegates, he teaches people how to harness the power of positive thought to succeed in both their personal and professional lives. John is also extremely popular as an after dinner-speaker and has a unique style of delivery in that he often allows the audience to chose the topics of his talks. Only the most experienced of speakers, at the top of their profession, would have the courage, confidence and capability to adopt such a style. He is the author of over 25 books including How to Hypnotise, How to Acquire a Remarkable Memory, and, for those involved in sales, the best seller How to Negotiate. John holds a Master's degree in Education. John is also a former stage hypnotist and stand-up comedian and fascinates delegates as he shares amazing secrets on the workings of the human mind.
Way too much bass. But thats one way to shake a car if you cant shake it the right way.
30 Apr 2006
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TVee Model 2 ensures your sound quality matches your video quality with a soundbar and wireless bass speaker that work together to deliver a dramatically better TV experience. One cable connects it all, and you control it with the remote you’re already using. TVee Model 2 is to audio what HDTV is to video. And it couldn’t be simpler to set up and use.
23 Sep 2008
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My Z-2300 in a 70% volume excursion
19 Jan 2008
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See these girls stand in front of these huge bass speakers and endure the high magnitude bass sound coming out from those beasts.
20 Aug 2017
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