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Drum battle with Louie Bellson, Lionel Hampton and Don Lamond *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Louie_Bellson/ *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Lionel_Hampton/ *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Don_Lamond/
9 Dec 2011
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Awesome cover of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody done by only one man.
28 Jan 2012
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Check the song out on soundcloud *******soundcloud****/madbuda/the-crazy-zone My Website *******www.madbuda**** for the latest news and tracks Facebook *******www.facebook****/madbuda
26 Feb 2012
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*******www.DocDrum**** Learn music production, audio recording & music producer techniques.DrDrum is what you need to get started making music with your computer *******www.DocDrum****
9 Apr 2012
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*******tinyurl****/7wrv3nr The best drum maker with a great price Well, get ready to grab that dream and really make it happen. Dr. Drum is a powerful 3 element program that will turn you into a real producer. It comes with an intricate drum program that has dozens of kits to choose from to create the perfect sound. Each kit has a 12-pad set and is easy to use, and you can import your own beats to the program too. *******tinyurl****/7wrv3nr
16 May 2012
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BASS UNION EXCLUSIVE Taken from the upcoming release on Rottun Recordings. Check out Rottun Recordings on Beatport - ******* Become a fan of Liquid Stranger - *******www.facebook****/liquidstranger Follow Liquid Stranger on Twitter - *******twitter****/liquidstrangler -- *******www.facebook****/bassunionarmy *******www.twitter****/bassunionarmy
14 Sep 2012
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FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW AT: ******* -- Become a fan of Subshock - ********www.facebook****/subshockmusic Follow Subshock on Twitter - *******www.twitter****/subshockmusic -- *******www.facebook****/bassunionarmy *******www.twitter****/bassunionarmy
14 Sep 2012
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On this episode of Abstract Empire, Jink Mree interview the Southern California hardcore band Set Your Anchor.
22 Jan 2013
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Footloose Refuge is an original blues tune by Dave Red Boy Schildt. Here he performs it with members of the Los Angeles Blues Society as a jam!
2 Jan 2014
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This is the greatest single drummer i have ever seen he plays 2 bass drums and like 4 snares 17 different cymbols he is Joey from Slipknot
5 Apr 2006
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the bass drums are tuned down so low. this is awesome. please rate and commen if you watch
18 Dec 2006
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this was our cadence at the santa clause parade in canada. the bass drums were tuned down real low and thay sound awesome. 4 people in the line were in different spots than usuall so this is pretty amazing
22 Dec 2006
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"In the Meat of the Lamb" is funny new wave song made at the end of 2006 by Marie-Claire, in association with Dimbra, which consists in a tribute to the eighties German band SANDRA's hit: "In the Heat of the Night". This amazing promotional video, featuring Marie-Claire (lead vocal) & Dimbra (backing vocal & keyboard) as well as Cain (guitar) & the R. brothers (bass & drums respectively), brilliantly leads the viewer into the crazy universe of that parody: lust, sweat, steak and ostriches! That music video was recorded on February 2007, under the direction of Dimbra, who also shot most parts. The heavy montage work was performed by Choplair from the Choplair-network, which also handled most technical stuffs. The song in itself is a creation of the Marie-Claire Records label, and is not intended for commercial purpose, by respect towards SANDRA's business. Indeed the song as the video are released under the Free Art License.
19 Mar 2007
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This is an excerpt from a full length DVD available at www.ProAudioDVDs****. Host David Wills has toured with major artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Chicago and Diana Ross and provides you with a professional's perspective but always demonstrated in an informal, easy to understand way. Here's a complete listing of the subjects that are covered... 0:01:00 INTRODUCTION 0:04:23 Front Panel 0:07:20 Rear Panel 0:09:12 Selecting Songs 0:10:52 Moving around a song 0:11:45 Using Markers 0:13:51 YOUR FIRST RECORDING 0:14:03 Creating a song 0:15:11 Setting levels 0:16:31 Using the tuner 0:17:16 Adding COSM effects 0:18:31 Insert vs. Loop effects 0:19:36 Arming Tracks 0:20:01 Setting up a click track 0:22:33 Recording our 1st track 0:23:32 Overdubbing 0:24:26 Punching In 0:26:03 Repeat AB 0:27:21 Using V Tracks 0:30:13 Setting up Phantom power 0:30:48 Storing your song 0:31:26 USING RHYTHM 0:32:22 Selectin Bass/Drum patterns 0:33:15 Creating Arrangements 0:37:06 Using the Chord Map 0:39:01 Setting tempo/time sig changes 0:39:41 Creating drum patterns 0:40:01 ...Realtime 0:42:54 ...Step 0:47:21 Recording Bass lines... 0:49:43 Microscope 0:50:43 TRACK EDITING/MIXDOWN AND MASTERING 0:51:08 Track Copy 0:51:26 Track Copy + Insert 0:51:36 Track Move 0:51:46 Track Move + Insert 0:52:00 Setting up for edits 0:57:43 Normalize 0:58:51 Cut 0:59:22 Erase 1:00:13 Mixing 1:00:43 ...using Pan 1:01:56 ...Using compression 1:04:08 ...using EQ 1:06:47 ...using loop effects 1:09:33 Bouncing/Mixing down tracks 1:13:03 Mastering 1:17:06 CD FUNCTIONS 1:17:31 Burning Audio CDs 1:21:20 Burning Data CDs 1:23:18 Using SMF files 1:24:49 Import/Export options 1:26:21 WORKING WITH LOOP PHRASES 1:26:50 Importing loops 1:28:41 Assigning loop phrases to buttons 1:29:33 Dropping in loop phrases 1:33:18 Creating loop phrases from tracks 1:34:30 EFFECTS EDITING 1:35:39 Rec Dry 1:37:30 Vocal tool box 1:39:00 Speaker modeling 1:40:22 ADDITONAL SCREENS/SETTINGS 1:40:36 LCD contrast 1:41:04 Song optimization 1:41:47 USB functions 1:43:12 System settings 1:46:09 Sync settings 1:47:35 MIDI settings 1:49:20 Fader display 1:50:03 Scrub/Preview 1:51:22 HDD options 1:51:29 Initialize settings 1:52:37 GRADUATION
21 Nov 2007
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Hey. My electric guitar was feeling lonely, so I wrote a rock song! You see me here doing the lead vocal and guitar parts - I tracked the keyboard, bass, drums, harmony and other guitar parts beforehand. Lyrics: Come out, come out, to the crashing sounds, telltale signs 'round your tangled mind, where all the ghosts unwind. Oh you, get out, get out, while you still can, oh my head is filled tonight with: "what if..." I can see it now, our lives forever, no time for dreaming now, just rise and leave here, shall I then see you out? It's now or never. Come out, come out, from where all the ghosts unwind. Let's light it all tonight. Can I leave here, and live without her? Or is this dream worth everything?
4 Jan 2008
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ellis stompbox and new mini ellis stompbox The Ellis Stomp Box is a hand crafted amplified solid timber box which you tap with your foot to provide a rhythm to accompany your stringed instrument playing both in the Studio and in a live situation. Stomp Boxes are popular with multi-instrumentalists such as John Butler Trio, Xavier Rudd and Harry Manx. "A small wooden structure with a pick up inside, so guitarists can tap their feet to produce a booming percussion sound ellis guitars has made instruments for some of the worlds leading players, such as Tommy Emmanuel, Steve Morse (Deep Purple), Jamie Cullum (UK) Jeff Martin (x Canadian band The Tea Party), Canadians Harry Manx and Don Alder, Andy Mckee Bill Dutcher and Stephen Bennett - USA, Aussies Sarah McLeod, Ash grunwald, Josh Pyke, Dave Mann, Nathan Gaunt, Andrew Winton, Michael Thompson, Craig Sinclair, Khin Myint and Nathan Kaye. Ellis Guitars has been written about in some of the best music publications in the world such as Guitarist Australia and Australian Guitar magazine (AUS) Guitar Buyer and Guitar and Bass magazine (UK), Akustik Gitarre magazine (Germany), Guitar One magazine (USA) Blues Art Studio (Austria). Ellis Guitars has over 60 music stores selling their instruments and international dealers in Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, UK, Singapore and Scandinavia. Ellis Guitars have sold instruments direct to Canada, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, New Zealand and Sweden.acoustic stompboxes, one as a bass drum sound board stomp boxes stomp box foot acoustic instrument guitar foot percussion stomp box pedals, drum triggers, electronic drums and base drummers, foot drum stompbox, stompboxes, cajon drum, cajon drum wood ,wooden drum, wood drum djembe, stomp boxes guitarists, stomp boxes pedals, percussion instruments, innovative percussion, percussion tools, bass drum triggers, electronic drums drum triggers midi, electronic drums, kinds of percussion instruments, list of percussion instruments, base drum pedal, base drum pedals guitar stompbox, stompbox effects, stompbox sound, guitar stomp box, stompbox music, stompbox net, the stompbox, stompbox band acoustic stomp box, bass stompbox, stompbox media, stomp box net, wooden stomp box, stomp box music, stompbox mods, stompbox com stomp box reviews, acoustic stompbox, blues stomp box, stompbox creative, bass stomp box stomp box order, stompbox music, wood stompbox, stomp box effects, best stomp box loop stomp box, stompbox reviews, stomp box pedal, stompbox order, wood stomp box, what is a stompbox, effects pedals, pedal board the stomp box, guitar rig, best stompbox, how to build a box, guitar stomp boxes, guitar, stomp box guitar, stomp boxes, stomp board, stomp board boxesbase drum, djembe, djembe drum, djembe drums, remo djembe, african djembe, african djembe drum, base drum pedal, base drum pedals, base drums, djembe drumming, djembe how to play, djembe music, djembe patterns, djembe percussion, djembe rhythm, djembe rhythms, djembe sale, djembe sound, double base drum, drum & base, drum and base, drum n base, base drum sound, base drum technique, bongo djembe, conga djembe, custom base drum, djembe cajon, djembe hand, djembe playing, djembe wood, drum and base dj, drum and base djs, drum and base events, drum and base music ,drum army basee, drums and base, fort drum army base, fort drum base, fort drum military base, free drum and base, instrument djembe, stompbox gallery, stomp percussion, stomp boxes
10 Jan 2008
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