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01 "Best I can" 00:00 02 "The thin line" 05:29 03 "Jet city woman" 11:11 04 "Della Brown" 16:30 05 "Another rainy night (without you)" 23:36 06 "Empire" 28:04 07 "Resistance" 33:28 08 "Silent lucidity" 38:16 09 "Hand on heart" 44:04 10 "One and only" 49:35 11 "Anybody listening?" 55:28
3 Jun 2018
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Since breaking into the 80s rock scene with The Replacements (at just eleven years of age) bassist and vocalist Tommy Stinson’s impressive band credits also include Guns N' Roses, Perfect, Soul Asylum and his own BASH & POP. Now he joins friend and writing partner of eleven years, Chip Roberts in Cowboys in the Campfire. We sat down with the duo (who are also family by marriage) at New Jersey's independent community radio station, WFMU in Jersey City to hear all about what they deem " a mix of country, a little bit of Rock'n Roll and family love."
25 May 2018
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JULIAN OUTLAW smokes the “P-Funk” pipe. Made from PARLIAMENT-FUNKADELIC bassist LIGE CURRY’s custom-made bass. Bass (and pipe) custom-crafted by TONY WALTERS at MAN BASSO CUSTOM BASS in Eugene OREGON
12 Feb 2018
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Bootsy Collins James Brown's bassist Stretchin out Live HD270 m2 Basscover Bob Roha
16 Sep 2017
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In September 1982, Peter Coyle and Jeremy "Jem" Kelly met for the first time. Kelly had been guitarist in the Dance Party with Michael Head and co-founded the Wild Swans in 1980.[2] Coyle had previously been in the Jass Babies, who had recorded a session for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show in 1981.[3] After an invitation to record a Peel session, a number of new songs were created. Joined on keyboards by Kelly's fellow ex-Wild Swans member Ged Quinn, drummer Alan Wills and bassist Phil Lucking,[4] the session was recorded in October 1982 and included "The First Picture of You".[5] This led to the band being signed by Arista Records. Produced by Nigel Gray, "The First Picture of You" became an iconic song for The Lotus Eaters in 1983, giving them a UK hit single before the band had even played a live gig. The band recorded a second session for Peel in October 1983.[6] The band's debut studio album, No Sense of Sin, was released in 1984 on Arista subsidiary Sylvan Records, preceded by two further singles, "You Don't Need Someone New" and "Out on Your Own". Both of these songs hit the top 100 of the UK Singles Chart, but owing to difficulties with producers and marketing, the impact of "The First Picture of You" was not repeated in the UK.
15 Apr 2017
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Performed for a birthday party with a pianist and bassist and vocal by Mario Lupato 9300621 09173520410 www.augustinemusic****
1 Jul 2013
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SHOWREEL Website: Booking: Die Fabrizio Levita Band begeistert von der Gala, Firmenfeier bis hin zur Hochzeit mit Weltklasse-Musikern! Pop und Rock mit tanzbaren Hits aus den 70ern/80ern/90ern bis heute & einige erlesene ital. Klassiker haben auf zahlreichen Feiern, Firmenevents & Hochzeiten (u.a. von Fußballer Andi Möller, AUDI RS8 Präsentation uvm.) die Zuschauer immer restlos begeistert. Auf Wunsch auch als Solo-Sänger, Akustik-Trio (genau so tanzbar) bis zur Big Band buchbar. Hochwertige PA-Sound-Anlage & Lichttechnik bringen wir auf Wunsch mit. Die Fabrizio Levita Band mit Gitarrist, Bassist, Drummer, Keyboarder und Sänger können Sie buchen in folgenden Städten: Frankfurt/Main, Kronberg, Rosbach, Friedrichsdorf, Oberursel, Karben, Königstein, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Rheingau, Eschborn, Bad Homburg, Giessen, Marburg, Mannheim, Stuttgart, München, Berlin, Hamburg, Hannover, Köln,Düsseldorf,uvm.
11 Mar 2013
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30 Dec 2012
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Paulo, un jeune pianiste, rencontre Ilir, un bassiste d'origine albanaise. Aussitôt, c'est le coup de foudre. Du jour au lendemain, Paulo quitte sa fiancée pour s'installer chez Ilir. Le jour où ils se promettent de s'aimer pour la vie, Ilir quitte la ville et ne revient plus.
5 Dec 2012
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*******makecrazybeats**** How to make beats on your computer and produce great music As a professional ‘roadie’ and tour manager you gain experience of dragging kit and equipment into rehearsal and sound studios just to enable the base and drum tracks to be laid down in a really professional manner. Yet, the process is often flawed because it doesn’t enable you to mix just that right rhythm for the right occasion.We’ve found a piece of ‘out of the box’ software that lets you do it all without those expensive multi-channel mixers, the pro-drum kit (and a drummer) and a bassist – its called Dr.Drum, yes that is ‘Doctor Drum, and it is a really inexpensive way of laying down a beat that will captivate the clubber and get those limbs moving to the beat. *******makecrazybeats****
6 Jul 2012
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Http://www.soulcircuscowboys**** - After years of being a local crowd-pleasing favorite, Soul Circus Cowboys are offering their flavor of bold southern rock to audiences everywhere. Lead singer and songwriter Billy McKnight is no stranger to the music industry, having had national success as an independent artist. In search of a new project, he teamed up with producer Henry Paul, best known for his roles in southern rock bands Blackhawk and The Outlaws. McKnight made frequent trips to Nashville from his home in the Tampa Bay area for songwriting sessions with Paul. Armed with new material from these sessions, McKnight brought together the best musicians Florida had to offer: lead guitarist Johnny Chromatic, bassist Jason Gaines, and drummer Jason Alfano. "I love the camaraderie I've got working with this band," McKnight says, "Their varied influences and years of experience create a sound and energy all their own." The band's debut album, "Love's Like A Rodeo," is a larger-than-life country-rock compilation that demonstrates the band's energy and dynamic range perfectly. But SCC also connects with their audience on a deeper level. "We are a musical band with real stories," McKnight states, "Those experiences are reflected in every lyric, from their up-tempo songs to deeply personal ballads." Soul Circus Cowboys will be releasing their debut Single "Lay it Down", produced by Henry Paul and Dale Oliver, in the first quarter of 2012. Along with the audio release, the band has also shot their first official video produced by Chuck Jones and Keech Rainwater. In the meantime, they have a jam-packed tour schedule. McKnight and the band look forward to bringing their music to fans all over the country. "What I'm most excited about is knowing SCC will bring the masses together," says McKnight. Their electrifying performances and onstage charisma and are sure to do just that. Facebook: ********www.facebook****/#!/soulcircuscowboys MySpace: *******www.myspace****/soulcircuscowboys Twitter: *******www.twitter****/soulcircustweet ReverbNation: *******www. *******www.reverbnation****/#!/soulcircuscowboys
20 May 2012
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HitFix's Katit Hasty talked with All-American Rejects lead vocalist and bassist Tyson Ritter at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. The artist explains more about their new album 'Kids in the Street' and their variety of fans.
25 Mar 2012
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HitFix's Katie Hasty talked with guitarist Billy McCarthy, bassist Eric Sanderson and drummer Rob Allen.after their performance at the Sundance Film Festival. The band talks about life after their former band 'Pela', the new style and inspirations.
28 Feb 2012
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This is a cover of Mr Big by Free and was one of a number of songs dedicated to the late Phil Baker. Performed by a small selection of reprobates who were friends of and played in bands with Phil over the years, it took place in The Nalgo Club, Alder Road on 23rd Dec 2011. The idea to honour Phil with a special day (Baker Day) in memory of him and also to raise money for charity was born on the day of his funeral at the beginning of this year and a roof-raising was fully expected, which was a far cry from the reality of the night as so many of his friends didn't show. However, those who did had a good time and can always say that they were at the very first one. The music on the night was great considering the lack of proper preparation and rehearsals, Mr Big having its first real full band outing on the night itself. The overall show was great considering the handful of rehearsals in Phil's old trailer home so the next one should be brilliant. The night started with Roadhog performing some of their top sounds followed by us lot and finished with us all jamming a version of Alright now by Free with Roadhog drummer, Pete having a little adventure on guitar. Phil was a great guy and top bassist; he will be truly missed. Let's hope the next Baker day turnout will be a little fuller. You can check out my dedication page to him on my website at: *******www.jobopooks******/pooksfiles/bakerday.htm There's also a dedication to Phil on his page at: *******phil.baker.gonetoosoon**** Sorry about the audio quality as it was recorded on a crappy little camcorder; the live sound was pretty good. Watch out for more clips.
31 Jan 2012
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This filthy-sounding industrial acid-dub track was written in response to a gauntlet thrown down by Ministry bassist Paul Barker, and the team behind "FIX: The Ministry Movie". The film was created by award-winning music video director Douglas Freel. Voltergeist was announced at the beginning of 2011 as one of two successful artists (along with Canadian industrial superbeasts, Deadly Apples) to secure a place on the "FIX" movie soundtrack album. An exclusive collaborative version between Paul Barker and Voltergeist is featured on the accompanying soundtrack album to the movie. This is the original track, inspired by (and using samples from) Ministry's "Psalm 69". The bass guitar is performed by Paul Barker. Review by Shallowrave Blog "Ever-evolving and mutating, Shallowrave favourite Voltergeist applies his acid-dub stylings to Ministry classic Psalm 69, reinventing the mental-industrial thrash-fest as a brooding, half-time dub stomper. Whilst the original contained some of the Al Jourgensen's most polemical screaming (see above) Voltergeist exorcises the majority of Al's presence from the track, focusing more on the groove and doom, peppering a deep, head-nodding riddim with bass flourishes and spoken word samples. "Opening with a simple kick pattern and a rolling bassline, Voltergeist introduces layers of noise and static, along with wailing choral riff, creating an tense ominous atmosphere, before a simple snare pattern drags the monster to life. All bubbling subs, dark atmospherics and whispered vocal snatches, it's definitely one of Voltergeist's darkest pieces to date, despite the solid, grinding rhythm. "Be very afraid." released 27 December 2010 WRITTEN AND PRODUCED BY SHAUN PAUL DOWSE. SLEEVE PHOTOGRAPHY BY DES HUGHES THE COPYRIGHT IN THIS SOUND RECORDING IS OWNED EXCLUSIVELY BY MICRORAVE RECORDS 2010. *******bazaar.voltergeist**** *******www.facebook****/voltergeist *******www.fixtheministrymovie****/ *******www.facebook****/FIXministry
12 Nov 2011
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