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George Barris the creator of the Batmobile and a ton of other star cars tells you how he got into the business of cars
20 Nov 2007
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this is my 1/6 scale batmobile it is an rc car im also going to put a esc on it
25 Nov 2008
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I'll keep it short; The Dark Knight: Batmobile for iPhone stinks.
17 Dec 2008
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*******www.BatmanBatmobile**** Stealth Launch Batmobile review
21 Jan 2009
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In Gta Vice City i have Batmobile and other Cars i upload the cars with vcmm u can upload cars go to**** then sarch download vcmm then download vcmm then save vcmm in program files then go to www.thegtaplace**** the downloads then gta vice city then cars then download batmobile (vcm) then open then save the batmobile.vcm to dekstop then go to program files then open vcmm close vcmm then oren file mods then vcm then copy the file batmobile.vcm to vcm then open vcmm then djmagic install and then batmobile install and enjoy
30 Apr 2009
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*******www.BatmanReview****. What a Hot toy! Why drop $500 on the Hot Toys version of the 1/6 scale Batmobile when you can get this for MUCH Less. Very Hard to find! Click on our link to read our review.
21 Aug 2009
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Get what you want faster from mobile search, dictate your email through Bluetooth, and check out the world's only turbine-powered Batmobile!
19 Jul 2011
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From FANTASTIC FORUM episode #30. The most well known comic book vehicle of all time is Batman's Batmobile. Faster than a racing car and more well equipped than a tank numerous versions of the Batmobile have served the caped crusader for over seventy years. The most iconic of all those versions was created by George Barris for the 1966 ABC-TV series starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Now you can own your very own Batmobile courtesy of Mark Racop and his talented team at Fiberglass Freaks who have the official license from DC Comics to reproduce this classic vehicle. Fantastic Forum visited Mark at his Logansport, Indiana shop to find out what it takes to build a Batmobile!
17 Oct 2011
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Justin Bieber takes his batmobile for a spin around Beverly Hills.
16 Dec 2011
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Have you ever seen a parade this cool before? It features all of the Batmobiles ever made!
8 Apr 2012
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The story behind the design and building of the batmobiles from every Batman movie.
11 Jul 2012
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Take a quick tour through Batmobile history with Metacafe's Talia Chriqui and Batmobile expert & wrangler Tony Wood.
15 Jul 2012
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Batmobile: The Complete History review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Classic Game Room reviews BATMOBILE: THE COMPLETE HISTORY which chronicles the history of the awesome Batmobile from the Batman comic books, TV show and movies!
15 Aug 2012
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13 Jan 2013
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Driving Tracker in 2014 & 1966 Batmobile on the Auction Block: Automotive News from The Car Pro, Jerry Reynolds. For more straight talk & honest answers about everything automotive and to find out when the Car Pro Show airs in your area, visit www.carprousa****
23 Jan 2013
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6 Apr 2013
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