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Every year around the late spring or earlier summer Mexican Freetail Bats nest under the South Congress Bridge in Austin, Texas. This short film is an artsy rendition of our visit to view the bats under the bridge in 2006. Copyright 2006 One Eye Open Productions Vicki Trusselli & Mike Greene and Music by my son, Lionel Wilder in Hollywood, California.
9 Feb 2009
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9 Dec 2009
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Angle the sides of a bat house to slant the roof for protection from weather. Learn how to build a bat house with an angled roof in this free bat conservation video.......... please rate and comment my videos!!!
27 Jun 2008
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Sibling rivalry is all well and good until someone is handed a bat.
3 Aug 2008
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Ryan Howard geeks out! The Techno-Gurus of technology makeover show My Home 2.0 created a 2.0 Bat for the MVP slugger to try. It's got an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a wireless transmitter, all synched up to a computer that tracks a batter's swing. Check out the step-by-step instructions and more great projects from the Techno-Gurus at *******www.2pointhome****
30 Mar 2009
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This bat enters a fast food place and terrifies the workers. Funny Video.
9 Dec 2008
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The movie Ghost Rider edited to Meatloaf's song Bat out of Hell. *******rexred**** *******amiestreet****/rexred
13 Nov 2008
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A girl spins around on a whiffle ball bat (incorrectly) and gets a little too dizzy.
23 Jul 2008
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This kid agrees to let his friend wind up and take a full swing to the head with a wiffle ball bat. I think he regrets the decision.
9 Feb 2009
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See what happens when a metal baseball bat and a computer monitorgo head to head.
18 Apr 2009
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A Couple of kids go wild at a Bat Mitzvah Party
22 Mar 2011
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Empty-handed divides the human who breaks the brick bat
19 Aug 2008
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This karate instructor has his students hold two bats and then attempts to break them with a kick. He fails on the first attempt which has got to hurt like hell.
24 Aug 2008
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Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes) talks with ourstage**** about recording, collaborating, and staying true to her style. *******blog.ourstage**** *******www.ourstage****
7 Oct 2008
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The AS V3 is the top of the line bat from AS Sports, it uses only the best Grade 1 English Willow and is hand crafted by the master batmaker. The bat in this video is a ripper, it weighs 2 Lb 10 Oz, has 30mm Edges, 60mm Spine, 12 Grains and a touch of redwood. *******www.NitroCricket****.au/
14 Mar 2009
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A quick peak at one of the very popular mid range cricket bats, the BDM Master Blaster. This bat is hand crafted from grade 2 english willow to the same shape as the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. *******www.NitroCricket****.au/
28 Aug 2008
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