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Forget the movies and the comics, now Batman can be seen in the streets riding his trike-bat-pod and sailing ahead in absolute awesomeness.
7 Sep 2017
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Mohammad Nabi Amazing batting in CPL tournament
24 Aug 2017
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Great Batting of Shahid Afridi
24 Aug 2017
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It’s time for our 7th educational video! The differences between BAT, BAT, & BAT. Stay tuned! Check out our YouTube & Vidme channels for weekly shenanigans. Become a Patron for exclusive content.
31 Aug 2017
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India vs Pakistan - Hardik Pandya's 76 runs inning - ICC Champions Trophy 2017, Final Match Pandya slammed his half-century in just 32 balls surpassing Australian great Adam Gilchrist's previous record in 33 balls which he slated at ICC Cricket World Cup 1999. After losing 6 wickets for 72 runs, Pandya put up some fight against the Pakistani. He scored 76 off 43 balls.
22 Aug 2017
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This trick shot that was so hard and this was one Really Unfortunate Miss, the trick shot took awhile and this miss added to the frustration.
5 Sep 2017
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24 Aug 2017
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As India was eight runs away from a win, some late drama off-the field led to a stoppage of play for nearly half an hour. Bottles were thrown on the field by angry Sri Lankan fans, who were seemingly incensed seeing yet another the lackluster performance by the home team. Making maximum use of this time, Dhoni decided to recharge himself by taking a short nap on the field. Meanwhile, after a span of fifteen minutes, India came out to bat and chased down the runs. P.S. I don't own copyright to this video. And I ensure i haven't monetized this video. If any complain arise for what so ever reason, please feel free to contact me in person.
28 Aug 2017
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Look at this bat hanging on a cord at home.
14 Sep 2006
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A guy gets hit with a baseball bat on the head!
25 Sep 2006
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The bat slips from his hand while trying to hit Six.
11 Oct 2006
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How to avoid Bat Rabies
26 Dec 2006
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Kid gets his face bashed in, when a metal bat bounces off a shed into his face!
4 Dec 2006
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Reid Cooner and Cody March from the TC Yankees kept the team loose at pre-game warm ups during the Super Series Summer Nationals by playing a baseball bat duet of Mary Had A Little Lamb. The TC Yankees went on to defeat their opponent that evening in a very close hard fought game. Both players contributed to the team's win. Maybe we should do this before evry game. The tournament was played at the Ball Fields at Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas.
11 Dec 2006
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Amazing footage of bats flying in the night with interesting info.
24 Dec 2006
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