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Dentist Maria Ryan gives tips on how to prevent bad breath.
5 Apr 2011
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BY CHRISTY LEWIS You're watching multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Apparently he wasn’t kidding when he said, “I’ll be back.” After seven years in the California governor’s office... Arnold Schwarzenegger is ready to get back to the big screen. Sacramento’s KCRA has his announcement. “California’s former governor tweeted quote, ‘Exciting news. My friends at CAA (that’s a talent agency) have been asking me for seven years when they can take offers seriously. Gave them the green light today.’” Well, he may be back, but is he back to battling bad guys and fast-paced fight scenes? E! News says - probably not. “At 63, Schwarzenegger admits he may have to tone down his kick ass persona reportedly telling an Austrian paper, ‘I have to adapt my roles to my age,’ adding, ‘extreme fighting or shooting is not possible anymore.’” After hearing Schwarzenegger’s new roles may not be as action-packed as Terminator or Predator - a Mercury News reporter worries... “This raises the frightening prospect that he may have to act.” After the announcement of Schwarzenegger’s return, blogs are buzzing with possible project predictions. An LA Times blog says Hollywood is obsessed with sequels and remakes, so why not expect it from Schwarzenegger? He suggests some potential screenplays. Here’s one: “‘The King’s Speech II’: The newly elected president of Austria (Schwarzenegger) is forced to appear on television to calm the nation after a terrorist attack. Unfortunately ... and the populace can’t understand his heavily accented English. The president’s wife (Jennifer Aniston) summons an unorthodox speech therapist...” The Atlantic Wire also put together a list of suggested first roles. Reporter Erik Hayden sees Schwarzenegger more successfully as a CGI Hummer in a third installment of Pixar’s Cars. “Pixar's Cars and Cars II were decent, but what they needed was Arnold Schwarzenegger as a hulking, yellow sport utility vehicle to balance out the Owen Wilson humor." And finally an MTV blogger says “The Expendables 2” or “Predator 4” are ready for Schwarzenegger... but another Terminator is not. At least not right now. “Yes, the clock is ticking ... but would you really prefer a rushed and poorly-conceived Schwarzenegger-led ‘Terminator’ sequel to a far-off but thoughtfully considered one? … We want you back, big guy, but only if you're pumping out the high quality iron we remember you best for.” Schwarzenegger says he is currently reading three scripts. One of which he’s had his eye since before becoming governor. So, what’s your guess? Another Terminator, Predator, or something brand new? Get more multisource entertainment video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.
15 Feb 2011
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Bad Girls All Star Battle Season: 1 Episode: 5 Julie and Judi are up to no good around the house.
14 Jun 2013
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9 Mar 2009
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Best Park In the Universe - Regular Show by Cartoon Network Ready for the BIGGEST BEATDOWN in the cosmos? Help Mordecai and Rigby battle aliens, monsters and deranged park employees in Best Park in the Universe! A BRAND-NEW ADVENTURE! When Mordecai and Rigby agree to an offer to make the park the "Best Park in the Universe," they end up in the far reaches of outer space! Now they need your help to fight their way free and return the park to normal before Benson gets back. A BIG BEAT 'EM UP THAT KEEPS GETTING BIGGER! Enjoy hours and hours of gameplay as you fight your way through 15 levels across 3 different worlds. And the game will just keep growing, with new levels, new enemies and new characters coming soon in FREE updates! A BRAWLER WITH CHARACTER! Play as Mordecai or Rigby, with unique attacks and combos for each of them. Grab XP and level up your character to get stronger, fight better and unlock sweet new moves! OUT OF THIS WORLD ENEMIES! Use innovative swipe controls to take down a whole mess of bizarre bad guys. Clash with mutant insects, undead accountants, rampaging gorillas, killer robots and more. Test your skills in titanic boss battles at the end of each world. FREE UPDATES COMING SOON! Here are just a few of the added features you can look forward to: • Two more playable characters, each with their own unique attacks and skills! • A brand-new world with 5 levels full of new bad guys! • Endless Enemies Mode—How many enemy waves can you survive? • Speed Search Mode—Find all the baby ducks as fast as you can! • Boss Rush Mode—Take on all the bosses in back-to-back battles! • Epic Destruction Mode—Smash as much as you can before time runs out! • All at no extra charge! Battle bad guys from across the galaxy in the BEST PARK IN THE UNIVERSE! ********************************** Terms of Use: *******www.cartoonnetwork****/legal/termsofuse.html Privacy Policy: *******www.cartoonnetwork****/legal/privacy/mobile.html ********************************** Available for iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s, and 5; iPad; iPad mini; and iPod touch 4 and 5. If you're having any problems with this app, feel free to contact us at advanced.platformsturner****. Tell us about the issues you're running into as well as what device and OS version you're using. iTunes Store Page: ************/us/app/best-park-in-universe-regular/id633488924 Homepage: *******www.cartoonnetwork****
6 Jan 2014
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